Braemar Mercantile Cartel

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The Braemar consortium is a group of merchants based in Northeastern Brandenburg. The Consortium has 13 member merchants who operate with some degree of cooperation. The main meeting place for the Merchants is in Lakestead Village on the shore of Lake Cumbria. In Lakestead Village the Notable pub is the 'The Horn and Haunch Inn' or the 'The Jolly Fishers Inn' both of which are owned by Lorenz Blair.


  • Lorenz Belair
  • Narok Mayer
  • Zemar Bambach
  • Bartok Lagrange
  • Fasna Darkhan, The widow of Charles Darkhan who died in 803 and who took over Charles place on the consortium
  • Gadar Foster
  • Khas Generaux
  • Artur Rossignol. Aka as Captain Artur Rossignol - Captain of the 'Lakestead Lover', a 80' Cog out of Brandenburg. He is known to be a fair and honest trader, who only drinks a little bit, and likes the ladies.
  • Ellos Paradis
  • Rael Vincent
  • T'var Swanton
  • Viktor Laforge
  • Wazari Dupont