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Population; 120 Humans, 20 others. A small village, that grows turnips all year.

North West of Carzala


Amber village is the western most settlement of Carzala. The village is just north of the Fastness of Girwyllan outside of the high mana area by only a couple of miles. It supports the mines to its south. They know a large amount about the hills to the south and the creatures that live there. A house is supported by the village for Seagate Guild members when they visit see number 4. The Village is more prosperour than most manorial villages, and holds 125 acres of land of which 25 acres are good for farming. The land is blessed.

Sir Richard

Most of the cottages consist of three or four rooms, and often and deck, and outhouse; A large living room and a smaller bedroom, kitchen and attached animal stable. Most of the cottages have wooden floors in the main part and dirt-packed floors in the stable area. Inbetween the main room and the kitchen is normally a double sided fire place. Smoke exits through a chimney in the roof and through any unshuttered windows, none of wich are glazed (but have shutters).
The kitchen is has basic implements for the peasant which include a trestle table and a few stools/benches. Cooking is accomplished in an iron caldron suspended over the fire, and the main meal of the day (at noon) generally consists of some sort of soup/stew, served with bread. Often a homemade chest or two in the corner which will contain wooden plates and spoons. Sometimes their is pewter plates for special occasions, and will have grain stored in earthen vessels stored in the kitchen.
The attached stable contain livestock only in inclement weather. It will also contain a variety of agricultural tools; spades, hoes, wodden stakes, axes, and the like. Most stables also have a loft for storing a wariety of grains in wicker baskets. This poorly lit area is guarded with homemade rat-traps (intruders, beware).
In the bedrooms, is often a chest with a few wool blankets, and an assortment of personal effects of sentimental value. Beds and bunks with strew mattresses are the norm but around 50% of the village now has feather mattress' from and are prised possessions.
All of the villages have several chickens, and all have at least three cows and several pigs. The village is very prosperous. Another highly prized animal are the local sheep, which grow to a larger size more quickly than other parts of Carzala. Their are well over no horses, and 5 teams of oxen for plowing roughly 540 acres a year.

Amber Village close up

Manor House

Amber Manor Ground Floor
Amber Manor First Floor

Sir Richard of Amber is a small human man in his late 40s with a large liking for a drink or ten, starting at around mid-day and not stopping until he falls asleep at night. The locals hold him in contempt for the lack of action over anything at all other than drinking.

His wife and only child went missing in the hills to the south some years ago and he has never recovered. These days he keeps to himself and only will be seen in town in the late evenings, the rest of the time he keeps to himself. His house keeper Susan of Amber runs the place and spends most of her time covering for his drunkenness.

Wisha of Seacroft

Wisha is a human woman in her late 60's and lives alone except for her 6 cats. She has a small vegetable patch. She is a wise woman and has some abilities with minor magic's and is responsible for Wicca Hay dolls found protecting most homes around town.

Duncan the mad

Duncan is mad in he thinks he can see the dead. He also smells bad. Although good looking and kind and friendly he is looked down on by the other villages. He is independantly wealthy and is looked after by his family in Seagate.

Villein (Clementine of Seagate)

No Acres, Livestock: nill
Clementine of Seagate Guild of Adventurers lives here some of the time. It is protected by straw dolls, and copper leaves beaten into it. The cottage has four large rooms with a wooden floor and has a stone basement. It is reported that the Muffin Monster looks after the place.

Half-Villein (Gournay of Sundar)

Acres:16, Livestock 2 cows, 6 pigs.

Metalsmith (Ulder of Lindel)

Rank 3, Prices: average
Ulder's workshop lies within the manor walls, for which he pays Sir Richard an annual rent of 120sp.

Woodcrafter (Girard of Osyn)

Rank 2, Prices: average
Acres: 12, Livestock: 2 cows, 8 sheep, 8 pigs.
Girard and his wife are refugess from Western Kingdom wars.

Villein (Drogo of Mered)

Acres: 36, Livestock: 2 Oxen, 2 cows, 4 sheep, 7 pigs.
Drogo is the village bee-keeper.

Villein (Garader of Sanctury)

Acres: 25, Livestock: 2 Oxen, 1 cow, 5 sheep, 9 pigs.
Garager has had a bad year. His elderst son recently disappeared, an apparent murder victim. His second son, Lir, ran away this spring and Hesdin was fined 100sp by Lord Richard. His young daughter, Igrot, has disgraced her family by becoming pregnant.

Villein (Everard of Mered)

Acres: 25, Livestock: 2 Oxen, 2 cows, 8 pigs.
Sir Richards chief farmer and tennent, Everard is the one that orginised for the farmlands to be blessed. His attractive 17 year-old daughter, Alison, recently married the miller, Maros of Huindar.

Villein (Dudo of Kolay)

Acres: 28, Livestock: 6 cows, 8 pigs.
Dudo's wide was a victim of murder some years ago.

Villein (Peyrins of Kolay)

Acres: 33, Livestock: 2 cows, 8 sheep, 8 pigs.

Half-Villein (Hesdin of Seagate)

Acres:18, Livestock 2 cows, 6 pigs.

Half-Villein (Ketil of Seagate)

Acres:14, Livestock 2 cows, 3 pigs.

Cottar (Orsin of Mered)

Acres:2, Livestock 1 cow, 3 pigs.
Orsin is a younger brother of the village head tennent Everard of Mered.

The Warrior Inn (Valdaen of Seagate)

The Warrior Inn

Valdaen runs this establishment along with his young brother Dundar who is the ostler. The inn guests others than locals are mainly miners. Most of the locals are here until 10pm or later, and stories are often told into the late evening.

Villein (Hakon of Ersat)

Acres:26 Livestock: 3 cows, 4 sheep, 8 pigs.
Hakon's fenced yard contains the village bulls. He has been a victem of the Harpies, and hates them greatly. His eldest son, Vuner, will likely inherit.

Amber village map full size

Amber Village

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