Crystal Spring

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Population: 300 Humans, 2480 Halflings, 300 Giants, 10 others.
Languages: Common 100%, Halfling 90%
This small town has recently (Winter 820) had an influx of about 2400 Halflings. The town was built near an abandoned mine. A few people have disappeared in the mines over the years so people generally stay clear of them these days.

Notes: A guild party helped settle the Halflings into their new home at Crystal Spring. Rumor has it there are more Halflings living in town than first reported.


Village life


In addition to the Sunnynook settlement, there are three groups of Halflings in Crystal Spring:

a) A group of Loyalist Halflings (loyal to King Sigismund). They support the Kings Rapiers secretly. They have lived here a long time (as long times go in this part of the world).

b) A group of Halflings that came here from the Five Sisters 8 years ago. They left because they were pushed out for political reasons. They have an arabic look, and may speak Lunar in addition to hobbitish and common.

c) A group of Halflings that came here through a magical pool from no-one knows quite where 5 years ago. They came because their area was being overrun by orcs and goblins. A guild party suspects from NW Drakenberg, or Eltrandor. They tend to only speak hobbitish, and now common.


Some Hill Giant families live in the settlements of Little Giant and Single Giant. For the most part these families keep to themselves trading with outsiders from time to time. They have not paid any tax to Duchy for over five years.


Carzala Area

Villages and Hamlets

Crystal Spring area

Villages and Hamlets in the local area that report to the market town of Crystal Spring are:

Finger Bottom
Single Giant
Little Giant
Tall Hobbits
Small Hill
A hamlet of 120~ Halflings that appeared out of nowhere in 794 as a fully formed settlement a day west of Crystal Springs.


807 wk

Pond people
Tall fellows with a northern Kingdom accent settling around Stonecast & Underhill.

802 wk

Many Hobbits start arriving from the Five Sisters.

797 wk

Special Reminder
It should also be noted that the Halflings from the small village south of Crystal Springs will be spending most of spring in Seagate. This is because of increased danger from the Fastness of Girwyllan.

- SGT Issue 18: Ice 30 797wk

1994 AP (795WK)

Hobbit Village Moves to Carzala
The hobbit village of Sunnynook has recently relocated to a valley a couple a days south of the Carzalan village of Crystal Springs. The villagers are negotiating with our Duke to extend his protection to them. These skilled artisans may well be adding a new style to our textiles and ceramics.

- SGT Issue 7: 31st March 1994