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Scab is now more Sasquatch than Orc
Scab is now more Sasquatch than Orc


Scab grew up as part of an extended and heavily interbred tribe of orcs in the Ffenargh swamp. They were so poor and waterlogged their weapons would rot or rust between raids (mostly being raided by stronger and dryer sub-human races). He would like to boast that he was the seven times seventh son but by then most orcs have lost count.

He wrangled his way out of his nearly fatal family life by becoming "apprenticed" to a particularly corpulent orc witch. She was (or possibly still is) famous throughout the Ffenargh for her size and ugliness. Scab managed to pick up the rudiments of the college whilst having his body savagely used and abused. Whilst not being the most well endowed or skillful lover, Scab was kept because he had considerable endurance and a strong stomach. On both counts that was better than his home life.

During a convocation of witches at Slippery Rock (why Scab's mentor was there is only known to greater powers) he slipped away and joined the guild. Promptly hiding out by going on adventures, which was of course less dangerous than being found by his mistress.

The Leeches call to him ....

Adventuring history

In an attempt to get rich and have an independent lifestyle he once spent all his money on a run down tenement in Calder. To rid the place of squatters he set fire to bits of it to chase them out. Needless to say he is no longer of the propertied classes.

For quite some time he lived with Kathrine the Witch as her "apprentice." A practice he perfected and has made a reasonable living being "apprenticed" to other witches, crones and other wealthy female monsters.

He spent 18 years living with a tribe of sasquatches as their witch doctor. They respect and put up with him because he blesses their children and foraging grounds and can amuse semi-intelligent creatures. They also are impressed that he doesn't live in a tree and can talk to (or argue with) animals. Sasquatches are shy, retiring and easily bemused creatures.

Since the retreat of the Dark Circle powers Scab has been involved in the restoration of Brastor. He has been blessing children, livestock and crops as well as helping organise hunting in the region.

General information

Scab has never been the party leader, instead he prefers to be a party toady. Having always been at the bottom of the heap he has no delusions of grandeur, he merely wants to be one above the bottom so he has someone to pick on as well. He will more than happily take a beating from someone stronger than him, fighting back usually gets you hurt more.

On many adventures Scab has been the secret brains behind a party. This says more about the adventurers he associates with than Scab himself. Scab is played by Dan Dixon.


Currently Scab is under the effects of a Sasquatch skin change. He looks like an average Sasquatch, a seven foot tall hairy humanoid. He is covered in ragged leather and has many charms and amulets tied into his fur. At times he jauntily wears a gypsy bandana around his neck, or a big floppy hat when he needs to keep a low profile.

He lives in a small, rickety, moss covered gypsy caravan with a goat on the roof. He often dresses like a gypsy, whether as an orc or a sasquatch.

Till recently his familiar has been a small duck that goes by the name of Pancake. The duck still spends a lot of time in a confused state perched on Scab's head, or on the hat when Scab is trying to keep a low profile.

He has recruited a fruit bat as his newest familiar. It remains unnamed.


A capable fighter, Scab, like any other orc, favours Glaives and Battle axes. He is proficient with many other weapons because he has had a lot of time to kill and plenty of time to kill things.

He can cast, though not very well, most of the blessing and curse spells of the wiccan college and has managed to curse other people more often than himself.

Having spent many years living with quite harmless forest creatures Scab has become an accomplished ranger and hunter.

Uniquely he can also make a trollskin like dust from the ashes of trolls.


Sabastian: Scab is the most reliable sasquatch Ive ever adventured with. However he smells worse than an Orc, wet fur is just nasty.

Uzi: he's like a big rug, ready for a hug. But with bugs.

Blitzkrieg: He's smelly and obnoxious but can be relied on in a fight.

Uzi: You mad Blitzy? I heard he runs like an elf from the first troll he sees; still huggable though.