New Seagate

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Parts of the district of Seagate City; Seagate, Old Seagate, New Seagate, Castle Chilton.

Seagate City 818WK: Click to zoom

New Seagate is a modern well-planned Town. With most of the industry a couple of miles away in Old Seagate there are few of the odours and grime that many other towns have. New Seagate is a prosperous town with a large number of well cared for taverns and merchants catering to the wealthy. These merchants and the relative prosperity in turn make Seagate one of the most popular markets in the West of Alusia. The large number of people who arrive in Seagate to seek their fortunes keeps the main roads swept and free of horse manure. The churches in New Seagate are almost exclusively dedicated to the Church of Light as the building of the town coincided with the growth in popularity of the Church.



Locations are numbered by the Map reference on the Seagate map. To add new locations please use numbers starting at 40 for New Seagate, 60 for Old Seagate and 80 for the Hovels. This will avoid duplication.


  • 1 Mortimers Emporium - Run by Mortimer Graves.
  • 2 Alphonses - High quality dining establishment, very popular with guild members and wealthy halflings.
  • 8 Seagate Alchemists Guild.
  • 34 Lady Katherine Blackened - High rank seamstress, appointments by introduction only. (GM:Jono)

Inns Taverns and Brothels


Religious Buildings

  • 11 Various churches dedicated to the powers of Light.
  • 20 Phaeton's Clinic/Soup Kitchen/Church of Diancecht - A converted warehouse on the Docks in Seagate, a small hospital/Soup Kitchen dedicated to Diancecht has been set up by brother Phaeton. Anyone is welcome and payment is by donation or by volunteering service. Since there is no Healers Guild in Seagate, an arrangement has been made with the Adventurers Guild for the training of new converts, although basic health classes are taught at the temple. A small shrine to Diancecht is also located in the building. Phaeton usually stays here when in Seagate.

Guild Members Homes


  • 21 A Clock Tower - New Market
  • 19 Customs House
  • 7 Gloranthan Trade Embassy - GM: Scott Whitaker
  • 12 Silverfoot's Gallery - Run by Sabastian Silverfoot and financed by Logan
  • 10 Butlers Hideout - GM:Mandos
  • 58 Seagate office of the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
  • The Seagate Shipyard, an enterprise taken over by by the Itute Trading Company. Provides shipyard facilities for the repair of all types of shipping.
  • 6 - The Seagate Orphanage

Yazmo's Orphanage (6)

A converted warehouse on the fringe of the Docks Quarter near Old Seagate it was set up by a retiring adventurer called Yazmo in 784WK after generous donations by Von Kroft and an anonymous benefactor. Yazmo occasionally solicits for donations and volunteer workers at Guild Meetings. Wilkinson has worked at the orphanage since 786WK. Rahne has been a major sponsor since 816wk. Mortimer donated an enormous magical cooking pot in 822wk.

Yazmo, an earth mage, has concentrated on three aims:

  1. Provide to all children: food, healing, and a clean comfortable bed. (No meat is served apart from eggs and fish)
  2. Attempt to find gainful employment for older children (10 to 15 years), eventually leading to an apprenticeship. The orphanage also supplies 'runners' for the delivery of messages around the town. (Certain establishments are no longer delivered to.)
  3. Take small groups on wilderness trips to a forest camp northeast of Stonesboro, in order to give the children knowledge and respect for nature.