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Parts of the district of Seagate City; Seagate, Old Seagate, New Seagate, Castle Chilton.

Seagate City 818WK: Click to zoom

The original town is where most of the industry is for Seagate and Carzala as a whole. As such it is a bustling town heavy with the smells from blacksmiths, tallow renderers and the fish markets, and the bulk of the town is given over to these manufacturers and cheap housing for workers and the shops that supply them. The southern end of the town near the river is one of the two exceptions to this as it has grown into a very high class suburb where the wealthy merchants live close to the source of their wealth. The other exception is to the north where Dedication Road forms a temple district. This well tended area is populated with a number of temples, mostly to the Gods that used to be worshipped in Seagate before the rise of the Church of Light. Since the arrival of Church Knights in Seagate around 798WK, many temples closed but the buildings are still in good condition and their grounds well cared for.


Respectable Folk

  • Mr John Cameron, Chief Clerk and Archivist for the Old Seagate Town Council
  • Oran Savage a wealthy merchant and philanthropist, well travelled and with an excellant reputation. He helped with the building of the Abbatior, new cattle pier and theatre. He has been in Old Seagate for 5 years and is not on the Town Council.
  • Silas - Bounty Hunter Human, tall, often wears a black pointed hat and dark cloak. His manner is smarmy and has a reputation as a coward. He is an E&E with Wizards Eye ranked high, and frequents the Grey Swan on Broad Street. He accepts commissions from the watch and civilians to locate and had people over. In the case of civilian commissions he doesn't ask why they are wanted.
  • Milo - Army Healer
  • Elder Gumfudgeon - Justice of the Peace (in the area near the Diamond Spider Tavern).
  • Mr Smiley - undertaker used by the Watch.
  • Rebecca Moreson - Barmaid at the Dukes Arms. She lives with her mother and two young siblings.

Not So Respectable Folk

  • Mr Charmichael - Alchemist. Dodgy reputatation, he will sell to anyone with out question.
  • Victor Simmons - criminal, convicted of murder in Harvest 809 intelligent excitable psychopath
  • Crusher, Lefty, Killer Clarkwell and Chedder George - thugs for hire
  • Zek and Ged Cawley - brothers who ran a carting business. Left town in late 809 after selling out a mate who was subsequently murdered. Middle-aged tough looking men.
  • Harry Kale - a knwown petty thief. a local lad, seems rather lazy & shiftless

Rumoured Criminal Bosses

  • Mr Ketch runs thievery & general thuggery.
  • Mad Abby runs the brothels
  • Mr Slocum runs crime on the docks and smuggling


Locations are numbered by the Map reference on the Seagate map. To add new locations please use numbers starting at 40 for New Seagate, 60 for Old Seagate and 80 for the Hovels. This will avoid duplication.


  • 33 Jaren Stonemason - A Rk 3 Stonemason and Carver

Inns Taverns and Brothels

  • 15 Devil's Eye Hotel
  • 5 Mother Gird's Hotel and Tavern
  • 35 The Diamond Spider Tavern
  • 36 The Soiled Dove - A seedy establishment down by the Old Seagate Docks.
  • 37 The Hogs End - large inn on the road opposite the Abattior
  • 38 Dukes Arms - large poular inn. They have musicians and dancing in the stableyard. A couple of blocks north of the Fort on Bule Street.
  • 39 Gray Swan - a good quality coaching tavern. The bar has elaborate woodwork and a mezzanine. The drinks are good quality and the meals are lavish. On Broad Street near the Tax House.
  • 40 Mother's Lament - odd little place that only serves wine and light meals. It has dinky little tables with tablecloths and candles. (Changed hands in 807). On Blue Lane near Blue Gate


41 The Ebolan Trading Company
This well maintained, 2 storey stone building is the home to [Artimis] who is the main trader for the Ebolan Trading Company in Carzala and who operates sometimes as a de-facto ambassador when required.
At the end of Winter 809 a woman arrived at the Trading company and has been given refuge there, her name is Ninon de l'Enclos, she hails from Borderlay and is rumoured to be sick.
Ninon is fantastically beautiful but appears cold and calculating. Ninon is a high ranked herbalist - a fact she keeps well hidden beneath her skills as a Healer (7). She is 6'1" and has long raven hair down to the middle of her back.

27 Styx merchant trade guild.

The office of the trade guild is a busy hive of commercial activity, it is clean, well lit, open late, with people coming and going at odd hours.
It has an optimistic feel to the place where things could get done, and coin and fair trade can help to advance anyone honestly.

26 Smart port office - run by Amedia Windspine, a dwarf

Religious Buildings

  • 11 Churches of the Powers of Light.
  • 18 Temple of Truth.
  • 42 A modest building next door to the Temple of the One Horned God in Dedication Road in Old Seagate. Built of stone, the building is used by the Reformed Spiteful Sisters of Perpetual Dissonance. Used to be a temple to Sier but now dedicated to Liessa, the Devourer of Souls, bad ones only, special rates for old beaus and Guild members in good standing. Services are somewhat erratic in nature.
  • 17 Temple of The One Horned God - A garishly decorated building on Dedication Road in Old Seagate, next door to the Temple of Seir. Services (emphasizing 'fertility') are held daily, often continuing well into the night. Due to enthusiastic attempts to gain converts by the Temple followers, the immediate area is generally avoided by the prudish.
  • 43 Church of Uriel - This is the main Church of Uriel in Seagate. It currently is home to Holy Standard of Saint Jeremiah. The Church is run by Catherine of Seagate. She is a Judge and advisor to Duke Leto, and is also used as a base of operations by Jocelyn, the Urielite Bishop of Carzala as plans for her Catherdral have been put on hold indefinitely due to Dark Circle events.


44 Seagate Abattoir
Situated just north of Old Seagate, the new (804wk) abattoir represents the latest in efficient design, processing over 3 times as many cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and other beasts as the three slaughter houses it replaced. Working in two shifts the workers are able to process over 100 beasts per day, with onsite cool storage for over 60 carcases buyers can be assured that their meat is fresh.
The main building is 100 feet long and up to 60 feet wide, holding pens and ramps are at the northern end of the facility, a cool room (maintained by Seagate Ice Mages) is next to the sales room at the southern end, and barracks for the workers are to the east.
45 Relles Park's Fertiliser and Pet Food
Situated just north of Old Seagate, Relles runs a small store supplying Seagate citizens with petfood and local gardeners with a pungent but highly effective fertiliser for their gardens.
46 Master Ji's Fighting Arts School
Located in a former warehouse on the Old Seagate Docks, Master Ji's Fighting Arts School teaches armed and unarmed combat to a variety of students. Master Ji is a slightly built male human in his 60's, a retired sailor and merchant who claims to have come originally from Saktekorum in the Five Sisters, but his dark complexion and odd accent suggest that there may be more to this story.
Most of the school's students are local artisans and merchants, and the school mostly teaches unarmed combat, weapons that can be carried legally and openly by commoners (such as daggers and staves), and emphasises non-lethal combat (teaching trips, knockouts, and disarms). Guild members are unlikely to find the school's training useful (the Guild generally has better trainers available), but Master Ji has picked up a number of odd eastern weapons over the years and will teach these to Guild members at the standard rates. The unusual weapons (and maximum rank he can teach) are: Sai (5), Katana (7), Tonfa (6), Manriki-kusari (5).
47 Scrags Tattoo Parlour
This orcish dive run by mad Scrag the Tattooist and her crazy brother Spak is a cesspit of villainy. A warren of back rooms and side exits provide many of the vices that corrupt the weak-minded. Among the quasi-legal services offered are money-lending, protection, arranged weddings and funerals, midwifery, healing, psychotropic beer, tattoos, and gambling for live stakes. More details here.
25 Seagate office of the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency