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As of Winter 807WK

The large barony of Stonesboro is the seat of Baron Richard DeWinter who is uncle to Duke Leto. Richard also inherited some lands in Bowcourt, but prefers the weather in Carzala. Richard married Abigail DeWinter from the Five Sisters in 773WK. Both of them openly practise magic, and in particular, the blessing arts of Wicca magic. They have also managed to foster a chapter of Raphaelites in Stonesboro. The leader of the chapter, Abbot Eric Lindsey, likes and respects the DeWinter family.

Both Richard and Abigail are well spoken, educated and polite. They prefer a relaxed social environment. They seldom attend court but do spend time with Leto and Elisabeth. They are childless but have adopted several children over the years.

The small shell keep and manor house was built in 755Wk. This town is known both for its odd Dwarven ruins to the north and the hot springs around which the town is built. Some of the houses are heated by the springs. Normally the town is an agrarian community which exports tulips, daffodils, and goat cheeses to Seagate.

The local villages and hamlets that report Stonesboro are: Schizton, Sea Cove, Chilton Manor, West Mill, Tallwood, Tyoun, Goldwist, Hues Farm, Good Mill, Willow, Hylo, East Mine, Mock's End, Dagger, and Springfield, North Wicca.

Guild members from Stonesboro

Bozo Cranbelly, Dawn