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As of Winter 807WK

Castle Chilton is the seat of the power for the DeWinter family. It is also the Crown court for the Duchy of Carzala and is located in Seagate City. At court on any given day around 50 courtiers will be present.

Within 50 feet of Castle Chilton walls, people are not able to draw mana or trigger items, unless they have a special magical amulet. Some of the Castle Guards have amulets when on duty. When not in use the amulets are carefully accounted for and locked away. There are also multiple rooms with Scry Guards on them (at ranks 10, 15 and rumoured 20).

The Castle is also home to over 700 staff and servants. Lord Leto DeWinter directly holds the lands and estates of: Castle Chilton, New Seagate, Regar's Keep, Northfield, Arn's Ferry, Stonesboro, Slippery Rock, and South Gate.

Chamberlain: Lord Martin Danlaw from Brandenburg is the Chamberlain of Castle Chilton. This tall middle-aged human is well spoken and a learned scholar, speaking over a dozen languages. He is a skilled diplomat, courtier and administrator. He is also a mind mage of great skill. He is a trusted and loyal advisor to the Duke. He runs the Duke's household and the Crown court of Carzala. He is said to have contacts in every corner of Seagate. It is widely known that he is personal friends with members of the Seagate Adventurers' Guild, having studied magic there.

Namer and Wizard: Duncan the Bold is the Duke's trusted Court Namer and Wizard. It is said that he is able to see accurately events in the future, but others have denied this rumour. He and his four apprentices live at Castle Chilton. He is known to be a friend and loyal retainer of the DeWinter family.

Rangers: Since the death of William Tallow in 799WK at the hands of Harpies in the West of Carzala, the Crown's office of the Carzala High Ranger has been held by three Elven brothers from Alfheim called Silver Wind, Blackened Crow, Bollinger. The Elves spend much of their time in the west of Carzala.

Healer: Heiram Algeirs was appointed as Court Healer in recognition of his service to Carzala during the Dark Circle conflict. Heiram's skill in healing is eclipsed only by his mastery of diplomacy and bureaucracy, he also seems to have natural talent in logistics and an eye for opportunity. While Heiram is a master healer able to diagnose most issues and even preserve the dead, he delegates more time consuming ailments to other healers.

Castle Chilton

Parts of the district of Seagate City; Seagate, Old Seagate, New Seagate, Castle Chilton.

Home and primary seat of the Leto family. It is a large and well kept castle just on the west of New Seagate and just south of Old Seagate city. The Castle is the largest fortification is Carzala proper, other than Regar's Keep It is also the home of the Carzalan Noble Guards.

Castle Chilton's outer defences start with the large ditch/moat that is dug between 'Old Seagate' and 'New Seagate'. On the south western side of the ditch is open fields which is known as West Common. It is often used for grassing of horses and castle associated with the castle when events are on. The buildings directly outside the Castle are well kept and made of stone to reduce fire risk. Between the castle and the supporting buildings is a deep and large stone covered moat.

The Castle has the largest ball room in Seagate, and is very well appointed for receiving guests. It is also a place of work and home to around 900 people who keeping the castle running on a daily bases. It is widely known that the castle has a number of basement levels.

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