Itute Trading Company

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This is a shipping company based out of the Western Kingdom which has offices in Seagate as well as many other ports across the Western Kingdom and some beyond.

This company is owned by Zigmund Nordburg, Kysarn von Liebstrau and Erich Grisham and was formed in 804wk.

Trading company vessels

There are close to 80 vessels sailing under the trading company name or its associated companies.
Some of the known ships are;
The Golden Dawn, The Silver Shark, The Sea Hawk, The Black Swan, The White Stag, The Grey Storm, The Duchess Moon, The Duchess Chariot, The Wandering Bane, The Duke Glory, The White Fate, The Secret Mead, The Duchess Shark, The Dukes Scythe, The Duchess Shield, The Serene Sorcerer, The Radiant Challenger, The White Glory, The Radiant Knight, The Angels Mead, The Fighting Sea, The Champion Trader, The Chaste Shark, The Ocean Sigil, The Buccaneer's Saber, The Dragon's Coral, The Dragon's Dream, The Cursed Wolf, The Fearful Eel, The Angel of the West, The Steady Trident and The Pride of the Deep .

Known Investments

These are known and declared ownership and investments made by the company. Transportation is a major part of the portfolio. As new declarations are made or acquisitions completed this list will no doubt be updated.