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Commonly referred to as the Demons, several of this large faction of 70-80 powers (depending on the source) are known to have once been potent and dire Drow mages, or a "chimera" of several lesser mages, (whose life essences were fused together), and who sacrificed the souls of many thousands in order to gain power. Speculation surrounds the origins of others.

Many Demons have retained the titles of their temporal power: Duke, Prince, etc., so whilst they appear to have a hierarchy, it is largely a convention dating from their time as mortals.

The Powers of Darkness (PoD) are all generally chaotic in outlook and, by mortal standards, unethical in nature. Many appear manifestly evil beings who have no regard for life, some utterly insane, and others even appear quite urbane and outwardly friendly. All have a well developed sense of self interest.

The motives of Demons are often inscrutable to mortals, and while their plans often involve bloodshed and the suffering of sentient beings, the methods of some demons are more subtle than others. The ultimate reasons for their deep down inimical nature is not well understood, but all of their bargains should be looked into carefully.

Whilst the Agents of these powers are individuals with their own motivations, it is generally true that their personalities either reflect, or are influenced by their demonic masters, and they are seldom the most pleasant or trustworthy of people.

The minions of the Demons are well known to mortals, and include: Succubi/Incubi, Devils, Imps and Hellhounds. The Powers of Darkness pursue their various goals in the material world through the use of mortal Agents and cultists, although it is not unknown for them interfere directly.

Demons by Rank

Demonic Emperors

Oldest and most powerful of the demons, all were originally elder dragons, the most powerful mortals to have ever existed on Alusia. Some scholars feel that the name Demon Emperor is something of a misnomer, and that they should not be considered demons at all. Their natures (and particularly their tie to the Alusian mortal realm) makes them quite distinct from the other known demons, and until recently at least one of the them (Leviathan) was still alive. It may be that they should be considered and treated as special case undead rather than demons at all.

  • Baal: The High One, aka The First Demon, aka The First Mortal.
  • Apollyon: Lord of Light aka Abaddon - Lord of the Abyss
  • Ahriman: Lord of the Dark City
  • Istu: Lord of the Deep Earth
  • Leviathan: Lord of the Waters



  • Gaap: The Servant Prince
  • Ipos: The Prince of Fools
  • Orobas: The Equine Prince
  • Seir: The Willing Prince
  • Sitri: The Beautiful Prince
  • Stolas: The Raven Prince
  • Vassago: Prince of Prophecy
  • Balor: Prince of Darkness


  • Avnas: President of Fire
  • Buer: The Star President
  • Camio: The Thrush President
  • Foras: President and Lord of Seekers
  • Haagenti: The Winged President
  • Labolas: President and Master of Murderers
  • Malphas: President of Deceivers
  • Marbas: President and Master of the Seal
  • Volac: The Dragon President
  • Voso: The Leopard President





Alphabetical Listing of Demons

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