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Nastiness Rating 4/10
Nastiness Rating 4/10

Marquis of Corruption

Savnok appears as a great warrior with the head of a lion riding a pale horse.

Savnok possesses the power to raise high towers, castles, and cities from out of earth and stone and to shape for them furniture and armour. Any wounds he inflicts will automatically become infected and will not be cured except by magic.

Savnok may start horrible plagues which cause their victims to break out in rotten sores full of worms and which will ultimately lead to death unless cured by magic.

In recent years Savnok has been focused on recovering an Item into which he placed a portion of his power.

Known Agents and Followers

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

  • Autumn 808, Calif the red mage in Saktekorum, the 5 sisters. The Family Jewels GM: Chris C
  • Winter 823 Winter Mystery - Taking over / Corrupting a Merfolk city with further plans once successful.