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One of a number of Planes linked to the Mithrian Portal system, 4 of the systems portals (5, 11, 14, & 20) are known to be on this plane. Mana levels are normal.


Portal 5 in the Mithrian system is on a grassy hill surrounded by rough rocky, grass and scrub covered hills with some true forest in places and patches of swamp on low ground.
A Wagon trail leads north to the Paradise Valley and human settlement.

The Guild has been employed a number of times by the Paradise Settlers, a community of humans who fled to Sol fearing persecution by the Government on the plane of Relam if it was discovered they were Mages.
Most of these Mages learned their colleges from a family member, some of these families magical traditions go back many generations.
The settlers are ruled by a council of elders. Known members of this council are Cornelius Livingston, Samuel Kirby, and Ronan Travers.
They speak and write in accented common and but a very different calendar to that used on Alusia.
Their main settlement, the village of Paradise, is about 80 miles NNE of the 'Paradise' portal, in a wide river valley at the junction of the main 'Paradise' river and a tributary.
By employing rangers and cartographers from the Guild the lands around the village have mapped and explored for some 100 plus miles.

Other creatures known to live within this area are Centaurs, Dryads, Brownies, Leprechauns and Fauns. A Dragon, a Roc and Unicorns have also been sighted.

Nomad Plains

Human Nomads are known to erect their summer trading camp beside another of the Mithrian portals. This Portal (14) was damaged by the Nomads Ancestors at some point in the past and only a few other portals can be accessed from it. The area of the portal is currently controlled by the Horse Clan.
Clans of Nomads live in large felt tents and carry all they own in ox drawn wagons. Most of the time, they wander the grassy plains that surround the portal tending herds of small shaggy horses and woolly looking horned cattle.
In the summer, a tent city grows beside the Portal as the Nomads gather to trade for metals items etc with the Dwarves who come though the portal from their home which is also on Sol.
The Nomads are known to have Witches and Mind mages, their native tongue is unknown but some have learned to speak the Dwarven language for trade purposes.

In the Mountains to the northwest of the Nomads plains, a portal in a cave leads to the plane of Thar. (not part of the Mithrian network)

The Great Desert

In the summer of 807 the settlers of Paradise hired a guild party to investigate the possibility of opening direct trade with the Sol Dwarves and hiring some dwarven mining consultants.
Little was known of the Sol Dwarves at that time other than they came from somewhere west of portal 11 and spoke a similar language to the Dwarven taught by the Guild, accented but understandable.

The portal 11 is sighted on a hill on the western most side of a large oasis. The surrounding desert stretches for around 4-500 miles in any direction.
Some dangerous creatures found in this desert are wild dogs, large Poisonous Lizards, Giant Scorpions and Goblins.
The Sol Dwarves where found to live in clans in and under the mountain range on the deserts western edge. The clan the party contacted dwell in a terraced city built into the side of a great cavern under a mountain some 600 plus miles southwest of the portal.
At the base of the Mountain range, around the shores of a lake and along the two large rivers that feed into it dwell halflings. Most of the halflings live in widely scattered villages although they do have one true city where the rivers enter the lake.
They generally only speak their own tongue but some halflings have learned to speak Dwarven to better trade with the Dwarves
The desert goblins regularly raid the halfling settlements, so the halflings have put a bounty on their heads, along with the claws of the Giant Scorpions, which are also a problem for them.

There are rumoured to be humans living on the far eastern side of the desert and to the south.

The Jungle

Portal 20.
The following is in the library in a loose collection of notes submitted by Sooty.
The area
Portal 20 is in Sol's southern hemisphere.
The portal itself is the standard square open sided building with four pillars with the destination glyphs carved onto them.
It is located up the slope of a large mountain, with other mountains east, south and west, northeastish a valley is visible through the jungle mists between the two ranges that seem to meet here.
Around the building is the standard 100 foot clearing, which is hacked back it seems seasonally by the creatures living in the area, with a cleared trail leading north to a large rocky ledge about 500 yards north.
The Ledge is similarly cleared seasonally and is a grey/black type of rock, covering about 5 acres with carvings and rock patterns over it all.
Water can be found to the west edge of the ledge from a stream that continues on into the valley.

Upstream a bit from the ledge near the clearing, there are pillars that would have once formed the basis for a bridge over the stream, with a low N/S cliff about a mile west of it. Stone steps lead up the cliff face for easy access to the top indicating that someone once lived and built here, but no further signs were easily evident of any civilization.

The Wildlife of the area is fairly normal for a jungle, great cats, snakes of all sorts, birds and so forth. Of note for travelers to the area are the presence of scorpions which have a debilitating poison, so some kind of anti poison should be carried. If foraging, a number of roots are available, as well as the constrictor snakes & birds of the area making for fairly good eating.
The tree frogs like most such creatures have powerful narcotics secreted from glands on their backs, and would be popular for dream shamans I imagine.

Tree Creatures
A sentient arboreal creature, some three to three and a half feet tall, these share many similarities with apes, however appear to have a complex language and use simple tools. Their ears seem to move independent of their heads, like a cats, but even better with a large size to them, swiveling to hear all noise near them. They are also naturally camouflaged, almost to the extent of a blending spell, and have a body temperature that of the jungle, thus are almost impossible to see on infra vision unless working.
Large numbers of them are potentially present in the area with over a hundred having been observed at a ritual cleaning of the rock carvings.