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Mages Armour Robe

  • Plane of Origin: Cecrotis
  • Nature of Magic: Defense
  • Physical Appearance: These long grey robes are open front, designed to be worn over other gear. The back ends just before the ankles and the sleeves stop just before the wrists.
  • Weight: Weight factor 4
  • Effect: This set of robes is padded out to give the wearer an additional 5 Ft and 3 En. Given the nature of the armour it can be worn over up to Partial Plate and still give a bonus. If worn over any heavier armour or already layered armour it maxes the protection at 12 Ft and 6 En. Along with this the robes can hold an additional counterspell for the wearer.
  • Cost:25000

Armoured Tunic of Natural Armour

  • Plane of Origin: Cecrotis
  • Nature of Magic: Armour
  • Physical Appearance: This tunic is dyed grey.
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Effect: This tunic grants the wearer 5 points of Natural Armour that protects against Fatigue and endurance blows. This applies after worn Armour and before on damage effects. This tunic may be worn under other armour.
  • Cost: 25,000

Drow Mage Robes

(destroyed Autumn 820)
This set of cloth armour provides two points of protection versus normal and endurance blows and 5+wearers free MA protection versus magical damage (currently 31). While worn, the wearers MA and WP are increased by three and may use a store of spell FT equal to their total skills in Philosopher, Alchemist, and Astrologer (19 as at Autumn 20). Repair will take 2,000sp and an armourer of rank 9+ per armour point

  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Protection: 2/2/30
  • Value: 10,000sp

Robes of Winter

(destroyed Spring 821)

  • Plane of Origin: Stygia
  • Nature of Magic: Ice
  • Physical Appearance: These plain white robes are woven from fine white wool, yet are always cold to the touch. Symbols of winter are embroidered in white on the fabric.
  • Dimensions: The robes will fit any normal sized humanoid, from 5' to 7' tall.
  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Effects: The robes act as rank 8 Ice Armour, except as above described. This normally amounts to 7 points of armour, and does not stack with armour worn under or over the robes (higher armour value applies). In addition, they provide 2 points of damage reduction verses EN blows and magical cold, and protect the wearer against the effects of natural cold. These robes have been cleansed of their association with the Cailleach, by the High Priest of Diancecht in Caledonia, so that Phaeton can wear them safely.
  • Value: 16000sp

Chimera Hide Armour

  • Eight point leather armour.
  • Value 40,000sp

Wyvern skin armour

This armour is made from green wyvern skin and gives the following benefits:

  • Protection: 6
  • AG penalty: -1
  • Weight: 20lb
  • Has cost 2000sp for the skin and 1000sp to be constructed


Crystal Rainbow Dagger

A clear crystal flawless dagger, six inches long, with a reflective surface in the middle. Will reflect light from the surface if desired. Will break if a 95% or above is rolled on a strike chance, 60% of the time due to their hardness.

Selenium Bladed Dagger

This weapon has a hardened obsidian haft and an iron blade "silvered" with selenium. This metal has three effects:

  1. The weapon may be treated as a silvered weapon for purposes of magic
  2. Should an endurance blow be dealt with this weapon, two extra points of damage is dealt due to metallic poisoning.
  3. The blade absorbs light so that it glows softly in the dark for the same duration it was exposed to sunlight.

This weapon was made by a Rank 6 weaponsmith to deliver +1 damage and add 1% to strike chance.

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Lunar
  • Value: 600sp


Diamond Ring of Enhanced Casting

Increases all the wearer's base chances for casting any spell by 2

  • Weight: 1/10th ounce
  • Value: 10,000sp
  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Enchantment
  • College: Shaper

Ring of Resist Cold

  • Plane of Origin: Cecrotis
  • Nature of Magic: Ice
  • Physical Appearance: This simple silver band has an opal sunk into the metal.
  • Weight: Negligible
  • Effect: While worn the wearer gains the benefits of a Resist Cold Spell at rank 20. This protects the wearer from the effects of cold temperature by increasing the gauge by 6 to a maximum of 7
  • Cost: 20,000

Ring of Scry Shielding

  • Plane of Origin: Cecrotis
  • Nature of Magic:Naming Incantations
  • Physical Appearance:This simple silver band has a diamond sunk into the metal
  • Weight:Negligible
  • Effect: While worn the wearer is protected against divinatory magics as if they were in a scry shielded area of Rk 15. In addition to this while worn the wearer can not be Located.
  • Cost: 45,000

Ring of Ice Traversal

  • Plane of Origin: Cecrotis
  • Nature of Magic: Ice
  • Physical Appearance: This simple silver band has a white topaz sunk into the metal
  • Weight: Negligible
  • Effect: While worn the wearer can trigger as a pass action for 1ft, a Rk 15 Ice Traversal for 5 hours.
  • Cost:18700

Ring of Defending

This gold ring, set with a small onyx, will provide the following benefits to the wearer:

  1. +10% to defense
  2. +10% to magic resistance

The bonuses are cumulative with other magic so long as that bonus is not +10 or higher. If the other magic gives a bonus of +10 or higher the ring stops working. Each function is treated separately for this test.

Value: 10,000sp


Sorcerous Wand

If wielded, this wand will increase MA by 2+1 per eight full ranks in the wielders total of Philosopher, Alchemist, Herbalist, and Astrologer (currently +4). It increases the wielder's defense by the total of these skills (20 - not compatible with shield defense) and increases FT by twice their rank in healer (+22). May be used in melee as a dagger. If enchanted, the bonuses apply to any spell cast when applicable, (eg usually increased BC but damaging spells will do more damage.

  • Value: 20,000sp

Dalran Crystal of Vision

This cut piece of Rose Quartz is a half-sphere some 10cm in size with one side of the sphere being cut flat to provide a viewing surface of 10cm by 10cm in area. The crystal weighs 1lb and has an innate value of 400sp.

When activated successfully, the crystal will display the view from a vantage point selected by the user, over a location within range of the crystal's 'vision'. The viewer may also hear as at the point of vision.

This crystal may be used once per day for up to 36 minutes. You may use up to the duration but may not save it for user 'later on'.

The crystal is enchanted to enable 3 extra jumps. This entails shifting the crystal's point of vision to anywhere within sight (but still within the ritual's range)

This may also be used to view visions (usually precognitive in nature) as concocted by the GM These are mystical devices, not telescopes or x-ray machines. It is not possible to use detection talents (such as Detect Aura) through a Crystal of Vision.

  • Effective Rank: 13
  • Range: Max 200 miles
  • BC: Auto
  • Number of jumps: 4 (This includes the first viewpoint)
  • Value: 4000sp

Medal of Valor

Presented by Duke Leto of Carzala for valourous actions in the Brastor Breakout of Frost 805 which resulted of over one thousand Dark Circle troops and the rescue of four thousand Alliance troops and civilian refugees.

The medal is made of gilded bronze, has little intrinsic value, and is non-magical. It does however convey the following two benefits:

  1. The rightful holder will receive a more favorable reaction (+5%) from members of the Carzalan and Eltrandorian military.
  2. The rightful owner is likely to be offered a glass of ale or other common local beverage at inns and public houses in Carzala or Eltrandor; the drink being purchased by members of the military, or relatives of military or refugees who were saved etc. Extra drinks may be able to be gained if the holder is willing (and able) to recount tales from the battle. (This benefit will operate providing it is not abused: GM discretion).

Moonsilver Circlet

This 1/2" wide headband, made of a silvery metal similar to mithril, has a white moonstone gem. It has two effects on the wearer:

  1. It reduces the wearer's awe table rolls by five.
  2. It adds 5 to all awe table rolls made by entities perceiving the wearer

This item's abilities are stackable with other items such as amulets. The circlet binds itself to the wearer's forehead so that it cannot be removed accidentally and would be almost impossible to steal.

Value 5000sp

Set of surgical blades

This set of six surgeon's knives are magically preserved, unbreakable, and self-sharpening after use so that, after an hour, they are restored to full sharpness. They were found in a metal case which is also magically preserved.

Value 1400sp

Powerstone - 4 point

A fatigue store that may be used for spell casting only. The fatigue from this may not be combined with fatigue from any other source. Will recharge at one fatigue point per day.

Value: 9000sp

Utility Pouch

This will hold up to 2 pounds of gear, just like a normal large pouch, It has two magical effects:

  1. The pouch will move an asked-for item to the opening so that anything in the pouch can be retrieved in one action
  2. If anyone other than the owner takes an item out, the pouch will cry something loudly in a strange tongue (The 'owner' is defined as the last person who put an item in the pouch)

The pouch is stronger and more resilient than normal leather but is not indestructible. Any hole or rip bigger than half an inch will cause the pouch to lose enchantment.

Value: 1500sp

The large pouch is made of sewn pieces of light grey leather. The drawstrings are made of braided metal wire and leather. Stamped on the side is an image of a large rat carrying a cesti. Underneath it is some sort of indecipherable writing. Around the opening is more indecipherable writing. All the writing is picked out in purple dye.

The aura is magical. nature of magic is utility, college of magic is N/A, plane of origin is Australia.

This was made for a money-changer and is particularly useful when dealing with lots of different coins. A skilled user can change money with dazzling speed. This is not an extra-dimensional item. The first enchantment is simply a form of telekinesis.

Pearl of Waterbreathing

This object looks like an ordinary pearl, but instead is a receptable for a waterbreathing spell. The pearl has to be placed near the wearer's skin in order to function. When a water mage holds the pearl and casts a waterbreathing, the spell is immediately absorbed by the pearl and split into a number of charges equal to the number of hours that the spell would normally run. Each charge lasts for an hour and has a base chance of 45%+3/rank of the spell initially installed. The pearl can only be recharged when it is empty. If a backfire occurs when charging, there is a 5% * spellrank chance that the pearl will crack and be rendered useless. As a safety feature, if the current charge runs out while the user is underwater then the next charge, if present, automatically activates. The user will be aware that this occurs.

Value: 4000sp

Phaeton's Personal Planetarium

This object is a glassy black solid hemisphere, composed primary of obsidian. When examined, specks of light can be seen in the interior.

The planetarium is placed on a solid surface in front of the user. It can then be triggered at a cost of two fatigue to the user. At this point, an illusionary hemisphere, fifteen feet in diameter appears, surrounding the user and showing the current view of the sky as if the sun, and other obstructions such as clouds and ceilings were not present. This view can be used for Reading the Night Sky rituals, for Astrology readings and as a navigation aid. Lighting modifiers are not affected by this illusion and the illusion is not seen by anyone outside the hemisphere. Should the user wish to locate a particular celestial object, the user must name the object, which will then glow brightly and flash five times. This function costs one fatigue point.

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Illusion
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Value: 3000sp

Animator Paintbrush

  • Plane of Origin: Golarion
  • Nature of Magic: Binding
  • Physical Appearance: This is a wooden paintbrush with a steel ferrule and camel hair bristles
  • Dimensions: This paintbrush is 9 inches long and the bristles are half an inch wide
  • Weight: Half a pound
  • Cost: 6000sp
  • Effects: The paintbrush is a magical storage device for the spell "Animate Objects". It looks like an ordinary paintbrush but instead, is a receptacle for an "Animate Objects" spell. The paintbrush has to be held in the hand and touched to the target object in order to function. Currently the paintbrush is empty. When a Binder holds the paintbrush and casts an "Animate Objects" spell on it, the spell is immediately absorbed by the paintbrush and then may be triggered as if it was invested. The paintbrush can only be discharged when it is empty. If a backfire occurs when charging, there is a 1% per spell rank chance that the paintbrush will crack and be rendered useless.

Magical Palette

  • Plane of Origin: Golarion
  • Nature of Magic: Binding
  • Physical Appearance: This is a wooden artists palette with nine pots containing different colours of oil paint set into it. (Black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange). It has a thumb-hold allowing it to be held in one had while painting with the other.
  • Dimensions: The palette is a foot across. The pots are an inch across and an inch deep.
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Cost: 4500sp
  • Effects: The paint pots in this palette are enchanted so that the oil paint within does not run out, does not harden, and remains pure in colour. Paint removed is magically replaced as it is removed with a brush or other implement (or finger) - it is viscous enough that it will not normally flow from the little pots. Once removed from the pot, the paint is no longer magical and may be mixed on the palette to create other colours. On command, the palette will clense itself. Should the pots ever be completely emptied (by immersion in a suitable solvent for example), or be removed from the palette, they will cease to function.

Pad of Many Sketches

  • Plane of Origin: Golarion
  • Nature of Magic: Binding
  • Physical Appearance: This is an artist's sketchpad containing twenty sheets of cartridge paper.
  • Dimensions: The pad is 9 inch by 12 inch and is half an inch thick.
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Cost: 5,000sp
  • Effects: The pad is magical in that it cleanses itself and regenerates once a day at dawn, so as to have twenty clean sheets of paper available. Sheets that have been torn out are replaced and sheets that have been drawn on will be cleared. Thus, if the artist wishes to keep any work, it needs to be torn out. Torn out sheets are no longer magical. At least one sheet must remain in the pad for it to retain it's magic. Please note the pad is neither waterproof or fireproof.

Giant Eye Lens

The eye lens of Garithos the Sorcerer. It is a disc about one foot across and rather flexible. If built into an ocular device, it increases the chance of doing astrology or like divination by 25. A user knowledgeable on its use may decrease the range penalties for DA by a factor equal to the product of their Philosopher and Astrologer Ranks. It may even allow the user to examine other worlds.

Wing Pin

  • Plane of Origin: Cecrotis
  • Nature of Magic: Defense
  • Physical Appearance: This small gold plated pin is molded to be a pair of wings folded in.
  • Weight: Negligible
  • Effect: When worn if the wearer is under the effect of a wings spell they become solid wings. This stops them cutting out in smaller spaces, instead the flyer suffers a penalty of -2 per foot the space is too small to their flying checks. Along with this they can use the solid wings as a subclass of shield. They are required to be ranked separately from shield but will apply to front and rear hexes and can be ranked to 10. The wings provide 2+2/Rk defense that does not stack with other shield/main gauche defense. The ep cost for Wings is: 25, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000,
  • Cost: 40,000