Into the Sky Rock

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Scribe Notes


GM: Bernard
Season: Autumn 820 WK
Night: Wednesday
Location: Massey
Level: High

  1. Jaycey - Halfling Illusionist Played by Anne
  2. Pierre the Halfling - Illusionist Played by Ian A
  3. Rowan - Elvish Binder Played by Helen
  4. Rayne - Human Air Mage played by Annuskha
  5. Brigetta McLeod - Human Bard Played by Jacqui
  6. Phaeton - Human Celestial Played by Keith
Supplement in an expedition to a citadel to recover an artifact

Scribe Notes

An Unknown Journey

After guild meeting, we congregated in a room. The guild members in the room consisted of Pierre, master cook, Rayne, dragon obsessed, Phaeton, master assassin, Brigetta, Caladonian Loud mouth, Rowan and her small army and myself Jaycey. We were told to get our guild paperwork done and then meet our Employer, Lexine at a drinking house.

After brief decisions that Rowan was our Mil Sci, Brigetta was to blame if everything went wrong as Party Leader, and I was recounting our adventure of unknown reason or end, we picked up a few things, like a kitten, and headed to meet our employer.

Down at the drinking house it was obvious to those of us who were well trained courtiers or of not so savory professions that the occupants of the drinking house were a little hostile to our employer. Lexine filled us in on what we had been hired for. We were filling the role of landing party aboard his ship, The Blade, in his search for a citadel to recover an old Elven artifact. We have been promised 50% of the loot that we find in whatever items we wish to take as our cut. We then meet Lexine at his ship in the morning and were introduced to His first mate, the Bosuns and Quatermaster. We were told that our space would be the rear castle during the day for our watches and otherwise to keep out the way of the crew doing their jobs.
Sorting out watches got the comment of:

GM - "Are you letting the Halflings be on the same watch?
Phaeton - "I see no problem with that"
Jaycey - "That's a first"

The journey started and we made our way after 4 days of travel to the northern edge of the Isles of Adventure. The boat slowed and I started to see why it was called the Isles of Adventure. With Moving Islands and Giant Sea turtles, Flocks of Manticores, or is it herds of Manticores. That is one for Philosophers.

In the morning, a fog rolled in. After a couple of hours, it started to fade. With the fog there was some antics with an illusionary seagull in which thought people's hands were fish. The boat pulls along side an island and they send us on shore. Rowan makes the ship row itself to shore and we start exploring. The trees started talking to Pierre which is weird. When DAed the trees came back at Necromantic, which was even weirder. As we walked along the beach we were attacked by Giant Ants.
Phaeton - "It's not an Ant, it's a giANT"
Brigetta - "These ants are starting to bug me"

After the fight Rayne talks to the wind and we learn we are in what it calls Bhagza's Domain and offers Rayne power we tell her not to take. We go back to Lexine and get told of Bhagza, who was an elf who turned Lych who conquered this island after crashing into it. We also talked to Rayne Dragon statue to see what they knew about Bhagza's Dragon boat.

Rowan then made us some pigeons to scout the ship out which meant they sent shadow bats to attack us. We then created our battle plan. Eventually settling on riding a flying 'door' through what we think is a rune warding countering a hole as we came through and hitting them effectively unprepared.

With the plan sorted we got our rafts pulled together and magicked up we flew and crashed into his ship and immediately fell into a fight with lots of mages and magic damage. We brought down solar flares and fire balls. And Pierre disappeared beneath deck and lots of explosions happened at the far end of the ship where Rayne let a fire ball go. Sadly we lost Bronze Golem Growl to some white fire. Phaeton fell over after taking quite a few crossbow bolts, some white fire and necromancer stuff. So, I landed on some pottery to save him after Rayne could not give him enough points. After this and noticing the Dragon breaking free of the ship after the fire balls big explosions, we decided it was time to leave. We watched Pierre come out the side of the ship and narrowly avoid the dragon's breath weapon which it held for a couple of minutes. The ship and Bhagza follow the party out to the ship and a thirty minute ship battle ensues which leaves us victorious but the ship fairly beaten up. We loot 2 chests, armour and weapons and Rayne claims the dragons skull which the ships Binders shrink a little. With which we retired for the evening

Into the Void

During the evening we divinated some of the items to learn their properties. In the morning we go on deck to do our watch and see the void and Alusia as a blue marble off the side of the ship. One of the Bosuns, Isadora explains that we are on our way to Highrock for repairs and it'll take us a week to get there. There is a debate on whether the moon is made of cheese or not. After the debate we go to our watches and are told to look out for something described as Acid Squid Barnacles related to Krakens. We pass through what they called Alusia Cloud. There are shipwrecks in this cloud with what I think they would class as the kraken relatives. Lexine relaxes our restrictions on where we can go on the ship and we get to explore and Phaeton recognizes it as a space jammer ship.

I was starting to get a feeling these Elves were not from Alusia.

After 6 and a half days later we make it to a floating rock with a 2 mile arm holding a 5 mile axe and a nice water fall that looped back up to the island. Another ship pulled in horribly damaged but still sailable. According to Isadora who is around to talk to this is a Scrow ship. What we on Alusia would recognize as and call orcs. When we see them Phaeton compares them to Samalkan Elite Orcs. Whatever that means.

Lexine then informs us that we will be spending a week here for repairs and we have permission to leave the ship and do as we please for a week. With this the first thing we did was visit the tavern, which had our standard dwarves, elves, humans along with these Scrow and some lizard people. At some stage while we were in here some Minotaur's wandered in. We made sure we knew what was acceptable here and got a very Sanctuary feel from the place because as long as we didn't damage the plants or the waterfall and murder people in the main street we could basically do as we please. Rowan well listening in to some stuff in the bar heard about a Neogi hanging out with a human from a group of humans who she got the feeling from they were worried about it or it was a bad thing. It meant nothing to us so we made a mental note of it and decided to ask people when we got back on ship later. Finishing our tavern excursion we went back to the ship and had a quite night.

In the morning we asked Isadora about these Neogi and she went white. Apparently they are slavers and bring destruction where they go. She described them as spider/snakes. A bit like the dryder but replace the human torso and head with a snake. A bit of mind mage affinity there as well. Isadora warned us to stay away or kill them. I vote kill with a large squashy thing.

Today we went shopping. Sold all the cold iron gear we picked up off Bhagza's men. Rowan bought some bronze to replace Growl. Also bought a replacement weapon for Growl. Pierre bought a clockwork tube and chest from a nice man who sent us five doors down and across the street to purchase ammo for the clockwork stuff. So, we bought some Boom Goo and some Melty Goo. He also gave us some Non-Melty Goo to put on the tube, so it didn't melt when we used it. Told Pierre to come back later for some other Boom Goo stuffs. Who I later had to apologize to because Pierre could no longer make it today and would have to come see him later in the week. While in the market Rayne found a sentient Insect man.... woman.... person who said they were selling a large pearl and a shield from a Radiant Dragon. Phaeton detected no aura on the shield and called the insect out on it who got greatly offended. But there was Knowledge magic in the pearl. Rayne bought both after the insect swore his honor on the legitimacy of both the items.

Back on the ship we deviated and did some bardy story history thing on both the objects and asked Raynes dragon friend a few questions and learnt that they come from some Radiant Dragon called Qodar the Taker of Life. And the pearl holds magic knowledge from him and the shield is one of his scales formed from void dust which was lost in a battle between Qodar and another radiant dragon and the Elvish Armada. Learning all this Rayne swallowed the Pearl after we lubed it up with butter. Upon successfully swallowing it, thanks to a lucky rabbits foot and Pierre's interference with the reality off the world, lightning hit Rayne and Pierre sending Rayne into unconsciousness and causing Pierre to curl up next to her not long afterwards.

 Rayne and Pierre's Dream Adventure
Rayne woke in a stormy, cloudy, lightning landscape. Pierre appeared there with her not long afterwards. Pierre feeling degrees of control over what was happening sent them forward on their way. Traveling on a cloud through whispering winds which whispered things of darkness, light, shadows, and stars. With no interest in these whispers they continued their journey through this landscape. A large dragon of lightning swopped down from the sky and tried to swallow them whole. But Rayne and Pierre travelled straight through thanks to the sacrifice of items from their bodies they had given earlier.
Next, they encountered winds whispering of spell storing and investment which they stayed to listen to for a while before moving on. Encountering whispers on the wind of life and death, Rayne asked to stay and listen. Pierre watched as dark wisps with crackling lightning flowed of Rayne. Pierre tried to grab it and return it to Rayne but there was suddenly a sent of cream buns and he swallowed the wisps. With this their cloud moved on upwards encountering lightning crashing in the distance. They both reached out to grab it and were left with forks of lightning stuck in them, which they chose to leave there. Pierre spent some more worldly possessions on healing their dream bodies. Their cloud moved on to a hailstorm which Pierre ushered them through quite quickly.
Then they encountered bright lights falling which they both agreed was not a safe place to be and kept moving. With this they stared to fall from the sky, they fell past booming thunder like Drakonic voices which Rayne desperately tried to listen to. They fell through complete darkness and out into large falling rain drops. Pierre went for a swim and Rayne drank an entire rain drop. As they continued to fall, they fell through the cloud layer. Rayne reacting to the ground coming up cast feather fall, and Pierre continued to fall and hit the ground. Pierre landed in the middle of a large group of pine trees which loomed above him. He got the feeling of dragons looking for a meal from them. With this he tried to run out through them and was beaten back by the trees. Reacting to this Rayne willed them to die, and unexpectedly the shriveled and died as if hit by necromancy.
Pierre lying there feeling his journey coming to an end grabbed a handful of pine needles as he faded from the dream world. Rayne now alone in the dream scape landed on the ground ran across the ground and grabbed some hail from the ground as she left the dream scape as well.

We spent the morning of the next day shopping in the market. Then we went on a pub crawl for the afternoon. We heard lasts of stories and we picked up a group of men following us from tavern to tavern. They were kept an eye on but not approached by the party. When we get back to the ship Rayne and Pierre are still asleep.

The next day Phaeton has some philosophical discussion with someone in the street about stars and we go on pub crawl number two of the week. By the time we get back to the ship Rayne and Pierre have woken. They tell us the story of their shared dream. When we DAed Rayne and asked for college of magic, we got back Necromancer.

The next day we followed up with the Alchemist about buying poison. We end up buying him out of stock of Kragen poison which expires at the end of the season. That day we decided to go wandering through the tunnels that lead behind the city. We come across a stream with mud in the bottom which has a boot print of what looks to be a 6-7' humanoid. We continued along in the direction of the boot print and Pierre stopped us when he heard someone speaking down the tunnel. I was called forward, but I couldn't make out what they were speaking. Sneaking back to discuss our plan we figured we would let Brigetta see if she could identify it and understand using magic, so she cast a couple spells. When the ear reached a point where Brigetta could hear and memorise the words her ear suddenly stopped existing and Brigetta was a little stunned. When we heard casting from unknown sources, we threw up a wall and wandered at speed back the way we had come.

By now it was lunchtime, so we followed Raynes nose toward some really nice smelling bread. Coming across a large wood establishment that appeared to be fine dining. Going inside we are treated to an arrangement of food. We end up spending quite a lot of money but have the meal of a lifetime from what Pierre can work out is a Daemon level cook.

And then there was fire

After taking an after-Lunch nap we went for a walk round what we assumed was the high end part of town cause Brigetta wanted to see if we could find something like theatre to be entertained by. When approached by some men in chain who assumingly where the guards we were pointed off in the direction of a colosseum.

At the colosseum we were greeted by some spider people so I promptly stood behind Rowan. They explained there was two ways we could get in either to watch the entertainment and then we would be escorted out for the buying of things, or we put down a proof of wealth that would be used to buy things or given back to us at the end if we chose not to buy anything. Understanding this we put down 25k deposit and were shown to our seats.

The entertainment started with 30 minutes of display fighting followed by some Scro (the almost orc not orcs) fighting 3 30ft purple worm manticore things. When the fight was over Rayne questioned her ability to resurrect the worms, which was answered by a note from Lord Fabian who owned the worms about having dinner at his and discussing it and a acidy spike that the worms shoot as 'down payment'.

It was at about this point when the Bidding on things started and things like Vampire Goblins and Thunder Lizards came on. There were also an invisible Demon that we told Rayne she wasn't allowed to have, some Fire dwarf smiths of demonic ranks.

When these Items had been seen and passed on a Neogi came out with a large wooden box and said something the announcer and Calamar looked concerned about. The announcer only translated into a very few small languages. None of which we understood. By the time we managed to find a language we spoke that our Insect translator spoke we had about 10 second warning that unless the Neogi was given slaves he would release the boxed Salamanders on us all.

Out of the box came a lot of standard size salamanders which for purposes of explaining are going to be called small, a few medium sized, a couple of large salamanders, a huge and a gigantic salamander.

The fight opened with rainclouds and walls and bolt spells and a bunch of stuff I am not sure where it came from. The last standing lizard folk cast Stream of corruption over the salamanders either killing them or taking large chunks from their ablative before the Salamanders slew him where he stood. When the fight became obvious that it was not going our way and starting to get a bit dicey we decided to do what everyone else had started a spell or two ago and retreat. I fled down the ground first and was meet by the Salamanders. I readied myself for a fight that would really hurt when suddenly I was pushed back by a wall that separated us from the Salamanders, so we all took the chance to retreat down the tunnel. Sadly, we lost Bark and Buster doing this as they caught Salamander fire when one of the walls fell.

When we got outside Pierre and I got far enough around to start looking at what was going on and we didn't like what we saw. There were more Neogi out one of the other entrances to the colosseum and Neogi ships out around Highrock. Pierre took a moment as everyone else caught up to work out what was going on. It was a slaving run.

The time to think didn't last long as explosions from the ships started landing. On landed on top of Phaeton and the shrapnel took his head clean off. Other explosions left other people minorly injured or with bleeders. It was at this point the order from Rowan changed. We were to either get in range of her instill flight or invis others in Pierres case so we could fly onto our ship flying towards us which we had noticed. Successfully carrying Phaetons body and head back to our ship where we could res him later we were perused by the smaller Neogi ships which latched onto The Blade and we had to fight them off. I fell over defending Rayne from a group of spiders as the golem on the ship kills one and the Neogi who boarded our ship backfired paralyzing himself and being left behind as the ship continued on its path.

Once we pulled far enough away from the fight to be in a position to resurrect Phaeton we started on the process. Once we got to a point to do so a creature bearing a sun and a sword came down introducing themselves as the Right Hand of Asmodaus Deancat.How informed us we had to prove Phaeton was brave and therefore worthy of resurrection. Once we had proven Phaetons bravery a miniature sun floats toward Rayne allowing her to finish Pheatons reserection.

We then spent 4 weeks traveling home to Alusia. Once we got back to Alusia Lexien informed us that the Void Ship would not be able to reenter and exit Alusia so we would have to drop from the ship. We debated the viability of dropping in a bubble of force but eventually decided on taking potions of Airal Affinity and flying with Wings down. Aiming for a river beneath us we ended up landing in a grassy plain near the Great Menkren Mountains with the nearest settlement being north eventually we found someone we could speak to rather then just recognising the regional dialects.
We learned that we had found ourselves in Falagosin, where picked up some supplies and Rayne got an iridescent moon dragon tattoo. In the morning we clouded our way to Tycho and took the Portal back to the Guild


Daily pattern

Travel Magics

Watch Order

Day Watch
First - Pierre, Rayne
Second - Brigetta, Phateon
Third - Rowan, Jaycey

Night watch
First - Pierre, Rayne
Second - Rowan, Jaycey
Third - Brigetta, Phateon

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File Single File


General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? # Day ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? # Hours Y N Y Y Y ? ?
Name (??) ## ???? ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur JC Pi Ro Ra Br Ph Go1 Go2
Ithans Armour 11 120 points of Ablative Armour # Mins Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Modify Aura 7 1-2 level decrease in Aura Strength # Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
War Band 6 Rank 3 Warrior Bonuses # Mins Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mind Cloak 7 ???? ? Mins Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
Stalwartness 6 +11 resist fear and awe ? Mins ? Sit ? Y ? Y ? ?
Dance of Swords 12 +26 Def +4 Init ? Mins ? Y ? ? ? ? ? ?
Heroism 14 +15 vs fear ? Mins Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Witchsight ? Mins ? N ? ? ? ? ? ?
Vapour Breathing 9 Can breath vapours with no ill effects ? Mins ? Y ? ? ? ? ? ?
Resistance to light 20 42 MR vs Magical Light ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Coruscade 12 +26 Def (+13 in close) ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Strength of Light 6 +7 PS ? Mins ? Y ? ? ? ? ? ?
Create Light Sword 6 +7SC +2DM (+3DM to opposite alignments) ? Mins ? N ? ? ? ? ? ?
Arrow Flight 6 +7SC +2DM ? Mins ? Y ? ? ? ? ? ?
Herbal Tea N/A +1 spell rank +5FT ? Mins ? Y ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name ??? ?? ???? ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Loot and Expenses

SP & other cash value loot

  • Plate armour & weapons from some of Bhagza's skeletal knights. Sold in High Rock for 55,000sp

Significant Items


  • Flexible Leather of Durability. Sizing Flexible, 4 Pt leather, +3/+2 from perm durability. vulnerable to spec grev damage.
  • Silken Under-armour padding. Adds +2/+2, vulnerable to spec grev damage.
  • 1 * Potion Undistinguished Stature.
  • 3 * Potions of Heroic Potential (Human, Orc, Elf, slightly different effects for each).
  • Spell Storing True Silver Rapier. Stores 1 Weapon spell, 0 Ft Free action trigger.
  • Giant Dragon Skull. Itemised by crew of 'The Blade' for Rayne. No intrinsic value.



High Rock

  • Pierre. Magical Trap Chest. Stores large amount of alchemical stuff, triggers it all in a single go, clockwork timer. Must be Rank 5 Mechanician to use. + 1 filling of boom goo. 7,500sp cost.
  • Pierre. Alchemical projector. Takes 1 grenadoe worth of stuff, fires it in a cone. Must be Rank 5 Mechanician to use. + 1 filling of melty goo. +3,500sp cost.
  • Rowan. Silvered Battle Axe, Ranked, & large amount of Bronze for Golem. 2,000sp cost
  • Rayne. Radiant Dragonscale Shield. Effects unknown, has no aura. 20,000sp cost.
  • Rayne. Radiant Dragon Pearl of Knowledge. Consumed along with significant number of other items by Rayne & Pierre. Various effects. 25,000sp cost + other items used.

Minor Items

  • 7 * Healing Potions, 20 Pt.
  • 4 * Restorative, 10/20.


Autumn 818wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 Left Seagate 3 4 5 6 Isle's of Adventure
7 Bhagza's Island 8 Left For Highrock 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 Arrived in Highrock 16 17 18 Pierre and Rayne wake up 19 Tunnels and Fine Dinning 20 Neogi Raid
21 22 Expected Departure 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Autumn 818wk: Harvest (5)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18 Reach Alusian Orbit
19 Harvest Moon .. 20 Tycho 21 Back At the Guild 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn 818wk: Vintage (6)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest