Fire College

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The College of Fire Magics


General Knowledge Spells

Extinguish Fire Spell (G-2)

Range: 15 feet + 15 / Rank
Duration: Immediate
Experience Multiple: 100
Base Chance: 50%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment, Ward, Magical Trap
Target: Volume

Effects: When successfully cast, this spell will extinguish all fire in a 10 foot (+ 10 / Rank) sphere. All the volume affected must be within range of the spell. If the range doubled or tripled the volume may likewise be increased.

Fireproofing (G-5)

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour + 1 / Rank
Experience Multiple: 150
Base Chance: 30%
Resist: None
Storage: Potion, Investment
Target: Entity, Object

Effects: The spell protects the target from all non-magical fire and heat effects up to the heat equivalent of a bonfire. An entity or object is also protected against smoke effects (including smoke inhalation), hypothermia and sunstroke.

General Knowledge Rituals

Special Knowledge Spells

Special Knowledge Rituals