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Liessa is a tall, pale human woman in her early thirties. The life and demands spent as a warrior-mage have subdued her beauty and so perhaps 'striking' is a better term to describe her. Her red hair is marred by a silver lock or 'witchmark' and her stern expression and brilliant blue eyes do little to improve matters. Because of an often imperious manner and height, she is regularly mistaken for an elf.

She has an extremely casual and unconcerned air. It's as if she has seen and suffered ultimate horror and has come through while not unchanged, with a disquieting perspective. It seems the worst has already happened. Very little can faze or shock her. The exception seems to be other peoples tendency to waste their lives for foolish or vain reasons. She has a tendency to lose her temper in such instances.

In battle she is a fearsome opponent. Fully clad in heavy plate (in the family arms of Redwood), while a capable warrior, she prefers to strike down foes with magic. Uncanny senses seek out both the enemy and his stratagems while telepathic powers ferret out an enemy's own fears and send them against them. Like all mind mages, she can heal her allies by transferring their wounds to herself which are then quickly healed. Beings that attempt to grapple with her have had their heads literally ripped apart and there are dark whispers about what lies beneath her visor.

Such power has not come without price. Liessa can only dimly remember her childhood and what a normal life is like. She finds normal beings very difficult to relate to and appears unable to make connections with them. This is especially apparent in her role as headmistress of a school for young ladies (Southhaven Academy for Girls). Instead of ensuring that they learn embroidery, falconry and some liberal arts, she has them studying advanced siegecraft, hydra taming and dimensional gate assaults.

Countess Liessa of Newhaven
in light plate armour.

Parts of the Western Church has declared Liessa to be a heretical and pagan sorceress who uses her devilish and feminine wiles to seduce true sons of the church into apostasy. But they say that about a lot of guild members and the reality that she is clearly on the side of good, plus her status and tendency to be found in very dangerous places, means the church does little but rant. The fact that she doesn't match the description from the pulpit also helps.

Liessa has been happily married to Engalton for a number of years. Really. She is supportive of her husband's ambitions. She seems to like the title of Countess, since Goddess-Empress is unavailable.

She destroyed Rashak in 805 WK. In 806 she stormed Masada as an Unknown persons. She is the holder of the Alusian Cross.
The forces routed and the great evil over, she has returned to reality and intends to settle down.

Unsuprisingly, that never happened. Battling and defeating immortals caused her powers to expand almost unchecked. On the 1st of Frost in 808 WK she ascended as nascent Lesser Power of Light after kindly inscribing her own name on the Guild Roll of Honour.

Liessa was a Human Mind Mage played by William.