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Caledonia is a mostly mountainous country to the north of Artzdorf, south of the Western Marches, and east of Destiny. The main route from Seagate to Caledonia is by sea to Port Artz, coastal cutter to Westport, and by land to Berinar.

The population of Caledonia consists mainly of humans and dwarves, with small enclaves of gnomes in the mountains and a single village of elves in the Elden forest. The Caledonians follow the old gods of the Celts, and their druids are as much priests as mages. Earth College is the most common, then the other elementalist colleges, Bards, Namers, and the occasional Wiccan. Favoured among their deities are; The Dadga, Lord of the Earth; Lugh, Lord of the Sun; Brigit of the Hearth; the War Goddess aka The Morrigan; Nuada the Smith; and Mannannan Lir, Lord of the Waters.

The Caledonians are formed into a feudal society of clans with no overall king. The major clans are:

  • Stuart - Hold lowland territory to the southwest including Lorn Wood and Lorn Vale, seated at Castle Stalker. The Stuarts once held all of Caledonia under the King of the West, but with the fall of the Kingdom, they lost much of their power, and for centuries have been just one clan among many. Not that they don't retain pretensions to royalty. Symbol: Oak. Tartan: White background, fine white stripe centre, then thin red, fine black, thin red, wider green, fine white, green, yellow, wide green. Laird: James Stuart
  • MacLoed - The northermost clan, holding the mountains around Loch Dunvegan and the Northern Highlands. They are centred at Dunvegan Castle, on an peninsula opposite Halph. Symbol: Bulls head between two flags. Tartan: Broad overlapping blue and green stripes, with a yellow on black stripe crossing the blue, and a red on black stripe crossing the green. Laird: Malcolm MacLoed
  • MacDonald - Ancient rivals of the MacLoeds, the MacDonald's territory borders on theirs to the south-east. Their clan seat is Dundonald Castle. They mainly farm sheep in the Glengarry Hills - and are notorious for their poor culinary skills (There are exceptions though For instance, the Lady MacDonald is a Masterchef). Symbol: Fist on Crown. Laird: Angus MacDonald. Tartan: Broad overlapping blue and green stripes, with pairs of thin red stripes crossing both.
  • MacIntyre - The MacIntyres are among the farmers and foresters of Caledonia, holding as they do, Halph Vale and parts of Glen Noe - their name for the Darkwood. Their Clan seat is Orchardton Tower, at the confluence of the Halph and rivers. Beyond the tower is Orchardton itself, which takes its name from the many orchards thereabouts. Symbol: A hand holding a dirk upright. Tartan: Green background with two pairs of blue stripes, with thin red stripes in between, and a fine white stripe in the middle of the green. Laird: Macarill MacIntyre
  • MacDougall - The MacDougalls are the southermost clan, occupying the highlands to the west of the Halph river, north of Berinar, and south of Ben Cruachan. Their Clan seat is Dunolly Keep on the north shore of Lake Berinar. Symbol: Armoured fist holding oak leaf. Tartan: Red background with two broad green stripes, a fine white stripe between, a fine green stripe outside, then a thin blue stripe, then two thin green stripe, and a fine yellow stripe with white stripes either side in the centre of the red. Laird: Ewen MacDougal
  • MacKintosh - Based at Eltris Castle (Caerlaverock) north of Lake Eltris, the MacIntoshes are mainly foresters working Glen Elden to the east. From the trees there they collect two kinds of sap - one sticky and used for water-proofing fabrics, and one sweet, used for making toffees. The recipes are a closely-guarded clan secret. Symbol: A leaping cat. Tartan: Red background with two broad green stripes, a fine blue stripe between, and blue stripes either side. Laird: Sean MacKintosh
  • Kincaid - Clan Kincaid is a lowland clan, with holdings around Solway Bay and Loch Gorm. They are noted fisherfolk, and have their seat at Craighouse Keep on Loch Gorm. Symbol: Castle with an arm waving a sword. Tartan: Green background with a wide green stripe and a narrow red stripe. Laird: Allan Kincaid
  • Douglas - Clan Douglas occupies the fertile lowlands of Lanark Vale and have their seat at Threave Castle. Symbol: A salamander on a flaming hat. Tartan: Blue and Green bands with two white stripes on the green, one on the blue. Laird: William Douglas
  • Cameron - The Camerons, noted for their valour in battle, occupy the region called Lochaber, between the Douglas and the Stuart clans. They are centred at Torcastle House. Symbol: A sheaf of five arrows. Tartan: Red background with four green stripes, and a thin yellow stripe. Laird: Donald Cameron.