Earth Elemental

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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Earth elementals appear as humanoids with dirt-coloured skin and gravely eyes. They will be as tall, in feet, as their Endurance.
All earth elementals have a Rank, usually that of their summoners rank in the summoning spell.
Earth elementals can sink into any substance made of rock or dirt, and remain hidden with only 5% chance of detection.
They have a chance equal to their Endurance of knowing the location of any intelligent creature standing on earth or rock.
They can move through the earth (without creating a tunnel or disturbing it in any way) earth elementals can destroy stone stuctures by boring through stone at the rate of two cubic feet per Round for each point of Physical Strength available to the Elemental. Rock bored through in this way will be turned to dust incapable of supporting anything.
Movement Rates
Running: 200; Tunneling: 100
PS: 30 (+5/Rk) MD: 10-15 AG: 12-17 MA: None EN: 5-50 FT: 10-85
WP: 14-18 PC: 16-20 PB: 5-8 TMR: 4/2 NA: 8 DP
Earth elementals can strike with both fists without penalty.
Fist: BC 50%, [D + 6 (+ 1 / Rank)], Melee & Close.