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Male spirits of this Type are Incubus and the female Succubus.

Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Succubi/Incubi are lesser spirits of the seventh plane. They always appear in the form of tall, beautiful women/men with flowing hair that hides their small horns. They also possess membranous wings shaped like bat's wings that fold down so as to be all but invisible when not in use. They have retractable fangs, which they can use to open the veins of those individuals whose blood they drink.
Succubi/Incubi will, at the behest of their summoner, attempt to meet, seduce, and then murder any individual of the summoner's choice. They will pursue their victim until returned to their own plane or until they succeed in killing them. Their speciality is to gain the confidence of a victim of the opposite sex and then murder them in their bed. They cannot be harmed except by magic or by the touch of the Book of Toth, which immediately banishes them.
Succubi/Incubi possess Rank 10 in all spells and talents of the College of the Mind. In addition they possess the following skills: Assassin, Courtesan/Courtier, Spy, Thief and Troubadour, typically at Rank 10. Succubi/Incubi possess the following characteristics:
Movement Rates
Running 350; Flying 400
PS: 16-21 MD: 24-28 AG: 28-32 MA: 26-30 EN: 12-16 FT: 24-28
WP: 26-30 PC: 24-28 PB: 26-34 TMR: 7/8 NA: 2 DP
Succubi/Incubi bite & suck. They do not wear armour and carry only small weapons that are easily concealed. Their weapons will be envenomed.
Once their bite succeeds, they will automatically inflict damage each pulse by drinking blood, and will cease only when they are destroyed or their victim is dead. The bite never inflicts specific Grievous Injuries.
Bite: BC 40%, [D + 2], Close, Rank 1-10.