Water Elemental

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Natural Habitat
Other Planes
Very Rare
Water elementals appear as waves, although the water does take on a basically humanoid form. The waves will be one-half as tall, in feet, as the elemental's endurance.
All water elementals have a Rank, usually that of their summoners rank in the summoning ritual.
Water elementals can disappear into any body of water and become completely undetectable.
They can increase the size of waves and swells as per Wave Making at their Rank + 4, and produce a Maelstrom at their Rank, as talents, but only one can be maintained at a time.
Movement Rates
Swimming: 500 + (25 x Summoner's Rank)
PS: 25 (+5/Rk) MD: 17-23 AG: 16-20 MA: None EN: 5-50 FT: 10-85
WP: 14-18 PC: 14-17 PB: 6-8 TMR: 10 + (Adept's Rank/2) NA: 4 DP
Water elementals form huge fists out of the waves, and strike twice without penalty.
Fist: BC 50%, [D + 4 (+ 1 / Rank)], Melee & Close.