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An Orcish Necromancer like his (alleged) farver was. He is also known by his familial name of Gnashdar.


Gnashdar is the 1st son of 17 children from Orc "Greater Nobility". His mother said that she was wooed by a powerful orcish mage whose name escapes her (her memory is going you know at her age) and since only SAG allows Orc's he must be an adventurers from the guild.

Gnashdar spent the next few years making his way to Seagate and eventually joined the guild and found lodgings.

General information

He was born to the tribe in the Pagan Mountains bordering Brandenburg in 795WK.

Current Status

As of Summer 813WK Gnashdar is working in Erewhon at Baron Turf's place of power Castle Black doing stuff and enjoying the Barons largess in return for 'guard work and other special duties'. He is conscientious and works hard for the Baron. His free time is spent fighting/training and exploring the nice barony.

In Late 813wk Gnashdar was promoted to Corporal of the Guard and tasked with patrolling the ground during the night hours. Gnash has done well with his role and is being groomed for higher ranks although his Orcish ways are seen as an impediment to advancement and his superiors are working to 'round off' those 'rough edges'.

In Summer 814WK he is sent to get some help from the guild by getting some people to help with wedding preparations.

In Autumn 817wk he went looking for supplies of rare materials in Ranke and came across a guild party - see South Gate Rot. Late Autumn (7th Harvest 817wk) saw him return to the guild for the rest of the season whee he undertook further training and stayed away from Sanctuary. He met an open minded Abbess in Southgate whom he had so sessions of stern training with. A dozen orcish travellers were rescued and have become followers of Gnashdar's as they see him as a Liberator - these will be known as the Gnashguards

In Winter 817wk Gnashdar returned to Castle Black and was promoted to Sergeant of the Guard (also granted ownership of Gthazag Tower in Castle Hills by his father, the Baron) and was promptly whisked off on adventure with his father, Turf the Baron of Erewhon and his step-mother Ithilmor. The adventure involved travel to Terranova and work with a gigantic hippo in need of a bride as well as a swamp infested with all sorts of nasties.


Gnashdar is the founder of The Erewhon Distillery.


Gnashdar is an unusually tall Orc at 6ft 2inches tall and is considered a throwback to the great Orcs of ages ago, a view reinforced by his and martial bearing.
He typically wears a suit of Improved Plate-mail which covers all his skin and his helm has been modified to allow for his facial features. When not in armour he can be determined to have dark skin and is quite hairy, with a full beard and Dark Brown eyes.

Notable Spells

Necromantic Magic

Notable Skills

Warrior and Undertaker

  • Master Distiller and Winemaker as of Summer 824wk

Notable Abilities





Date Adventure Summary Other PC's on the adventure Notes
Summer 813 wk The things in Baron Turds 'Back-passage' Investigated the caverns beneath Castle Erehwon Prudence, Slaydar, Marco, Daisy and Lady Tien
Summer 814 wk Wedding Preparations Wedding prep for my parents nuptials Prudence, Elgar and Kaitlin Hill
Autumn 817 wk South_Gate_Rot Rotten things in Ranke Haedric, Raseri, Aloysious
Winter 817wk The Hippo's Helpers Hippo things Mum, Scab, Dad
A number of seasons Out of Game 6 sessions varied, usually Dad and his mates
Autumn 823 wk Wine and Cheese Investigating foul deeds in Remy Celeste, Haedric, Cassandra, Mavric, Solas
Autumn 824wk Grymeron_Out_of_Shape Dets With Notes
xxx wk Name Dets With Notes


In Winter 817wk, Gnashdar adventured with Scab and he was given some leeches.