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The College of Necromantic Conjurations is concerned with death, decay and especially with the Undead. Practitioners of the College of Necromantic Conjurations are commonly known as Necromancers, or Necros for short.
Many necromancers will tend to neutrality in their appearance and / or secrecy in their work, modified by their arrogance and / or sense of style. Others try to maintain a level of cleanliness and hygiene not normally associated with a college whose close ties with decay and corruption can make things very grubby and the stench often involved is very hard to erase.
The College's traditional symbol is the Grinning Skull. Other common symbols include any easily recognisable bone shape. Because of the sometime secretive nature of Necromancers, given the fear and loathing commonly shown them by the general populace, they will tend not to openly tout their symbols and will quite possibly use symbols which do not directly link them to their profession.

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