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Location Capital of the Duchy of Kinloch in Eltrandor
Government Ducal Seat
Population ~15500






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Visitor Tax:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month


Kinloch is one of Eltrandor's main port cities and the seat of the Duchy of Kinloch with a population of mostly humans (85%) but with a mixture of Elves, Dwarves and Halflings and a smattering of others.

The 50ft high stone wall encases a large city with extensive fortifications and it has a fortified breakwater encompassing the large natural harbour of a square mile in area.

It handles a lot of the commerce travelling to and from Eltran and the northern cities along the Eltran River and is the primary port for some 35% of Eltrandors sea trade. It's home to several fishing fleets and a booming ship building / supply industry. Close by is the fertile Pawron Plain, which has been extensively farmed for it's grain crops and has a number of rich fiefs. The nearby Kinloch Marshes are a rich source of rare and unusual herbs as well as numerous special animal and aquatic species.


Places of Interest


People of Note/Importance

  • Leon Schneider, the harbour-master





Kinloch is home to the 1st Escort Squadron & 2nd Escort Squadron and the 1st Naval Squadron of the Eltrandorian Navy and Kinloch is the home port for the Royal Eltrandorian Squadron. The experienced 4th Legion (Kinloch) is stationed in this Duchy and it's personnel are deployed county wide in various roles ranging from customs duty to swamp patrol and town watch.

The Naval ships patrol the area around the Duchy and ensure that shipping traffic in the area is kept free from Pirates or other impediments to their passage. They are often at sea for long periods and anchor at remote inlets when needed and they usually patrol in groups when possible.

The Legion is housed and based around the Duchy and in the spring months assists the farmers with the plantings when possible and in the summer months help with the harvest. There are some Barracks in each town of more than 500 individuals and the usual barracks size caters up to 30 Soldiers and 4 senior officers and NCO's (Non Commissioned Officers) but each barracks usually has capacity to hold around 300 men .

Crime and Punishment

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