The Family Jewels

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Scribe Notes
The adventure takes place in various places across Alusia


Adventure: The Family Jewels
GM: Chris C
Session: Autumn 808 wk
Night: Wednesday at chez Ellis
Level: Med/High
Style: Investigative / Recovery / Combat


Dramus (GM Info), A Fae Prince and Necromancer played by Mandos

Teeanna, A Fae Princess and Mind Mage played by Hannah


A servant of the 'de la Verain' family of Eltrandor on behalf of his master


A family heirloom has gone missing and is causing considerable financial distress. They'd like it found, recovered and returned. They have heard of the guild and its discretion, skill and ability in various matters and feel SAG is best able to recover the heirloom for them and restore it to its rightful place.


Approx 8,000sp plus rates of salvage and loot to be negotiated.

The Happenings

1st Day of Fruit

We meet Erasmus, a servant to the Family, who explains the Lord's problem to us. A family treasure has gone missing from the vaults, and they believe that Horace, a son of the head of the family Edvard, has taken it.

Some time ago, Horace took the item from the vaults to draw it, saying he wanted to try to collect other similar items. It was replaced. Three months ago the family started losing money. When the item was to be brought out for it's two yearly cleaning, it was discovered to be missing.

Non-family don't know about the item.

Horace is missing, as is his son Jake (by an unknown woman) but his servant and constant companion Giles was brought to the manor dead. He is buried in the family crypt. As the family don't do magic, they expect us to talk to the dead Giles, ascertain the whereabouts of Horace, and retrieve the item.

They had an astrology reading done (below). The Gem of Mercaz is the name of the missing item.

We will be paid 8000sp each, 10% of the value of family goods salvaged, 90% of the value of other goods salvaged, and 100% of "loot".

Some of the members of the party do about four hours research in the library on the unknown words in the astrology reading

  • Erevan Ilesere: Erevan Ilesere is the elven deity of Mischief, Change, and Rogues. Erevan is a fickle, utterly unpredictable god who can change his appearance at will. Erevan's clerics dress in black leather armor with leather caps, and never worship him in the same place twice. Erevan's holy days are on the eclipses, and his faithful sacrifice stolen treasures to him whenever they feel it is appropriate.
  • Amasd'os: bone-yard in an old drow language

At midnight we get 3 shadow wings from the Lord of the Bats, and take Dramus's tower to Eltran.

2nd Day of Fruit

the Verain Manor

We sleep 5 hours during the trip to Eltran in the tower. At dawn we fly towards Algain where the de la Verain manor is.

Some distance out of Algain, we are approached by flying guard out of the city. They are touchy because there are troubles on the nearby border. Erasmus smooths our way while avoiding telling them who we are working for.

We remove our wings and walk the rest of the way to the manor, arriving in the late afternoon. The guards are in green and gold livery

Our suite in the Verain Manor

We are assigned a servant boy Francis. Edvard, the head of the family, is visiting the mines, but will be there for dinner. A number of other members of the family will also be there and most do not know of the problem. We are shown to our suite of rooms, and to the bathhouse to freshen up.

We ascertain that the family crypt is in Karrinski Hill, a couple of miles away. There are house mages, but they are not here.

We visit the family portrait gallery, and have a look at Horace and Jake. We are also shown a painting of Marden, Edvard's older brother, with his wife Claudette who has been defaced, as they believe she murdered him by pushing him off the battlements, (about 20 years ago). She is no longer around.

We discover a "secret" servants' entrance to our lounge (which we lock before sleeping).

Drinks are around six, we are assigned a maid, Theresa and a valet, Valence, to help get ready and clothes are brought for those without suitable attire.

Over dinner we make small talk, and lots of DAs, as summarised below. Last magic to impact on most of the women is charm (presume Robert). On Fulk is sleep (ditto), on Bernard is silence (presume Aildred)

Janice is interested in men. Bernard is interested in Theo, Erica is interested in books.

Edvard has two burly footmen in particular in attendance, one a namer/disjunction, the other noncolleged/claymore. Cecily also has one, a noncolleged warrior, who is very protective of her aversion to being touched.

Meeting with Edvard

We meet with Edvard after dinner, no staff present.

  • We should save the Gem rather than Horace, even if he is innocent.
  • They have no reason, other than circumstantial to believe that Horace would turn betray them.
  • Edvards generation all know about the Gem, and Horace as the next in line.
  • No traps were set off when the item was removed.
  • Only Edvard and Erasmus were there when it was put back and the traps reactivated.
  • Edvard put it back, it was gone a couple of months later.
  • Horace is not a mage.
  • Jake's? mother died in childbirth.
  • The Gem is from a lesser dragon's horde found about 150 years ago after a battle (nothing to do with Lord Yo), in which the red dragon, Gargax, was slain. It is an ancient Elvish artifact pre War of Tears.
  • The family bond with the Gem every two years with their blood (it needs to be within 3 years), and it gives them good luck (5/6 success rate) in transactions over 250000sp. It needs to be done by the end of winter, or the luck will be "rebalanced".
  • Edvard did the bonding last time, before that it was Jonas.
  • Horace was away for 3 months, came back for 2 weeks when he drew the Gem, and has now been away for about two months. In early Heat orders stopped coming from Horace, one month after he left.
  • Giles was returned dead by wagon (Simon & Co., not directly from Horace's ship but passed on from another family, from Donier. He had been preserved and had been dead about 2 weeks of old age (he was 70). He is the son of old Giles, Jonas' servant. He died in mid Heat.
  • We are given a letter of permission to enter the crypt.

Ailred and Bernard are waiting for Verity and Theo when we come out, but they have no luck.

Our watches are badly kept.

3rd Day of Fruit

Next morning we sleep in but only till ten.

Elise the cook wants to get together with Kilroy about cooking.

Meeting with Jonas

We have arranged to see Jonas about 11am.

His room is in the roof with a glass tiled roof and a lot of windows. Jonas is old and frail.

We lash him with DAs

  • Last magic: healing
  • Last malignant magic: sleep
  • Nature of curse: none
  • Pacted: no
  • Controlled by outside agency: no

Our healers are able to bring him to his senses temporarily. He doesn't know anything pertinent to our current mission as he has been out of it for six years.

He is very happy that he no longer has to run the family, but Verity suggests that she can heal him and he can continue to fake incompetence and he takes the offer. He now seems much more well, and very interested in the ladies, but also has no luck.

To the Crypt

Before we leave Edvard has something to say to us. We'll need to talk to Mortimer, who runs the crypt. He is human, ancient, dead, some sort of revenant. Not all the dead in there are quiet. Usually only Cecil and Constantine go in there. We meet them and they seem very thick and about 70 years old. DA reveals that they are in fact only 35. They are human and the last magic to impact is draining.

We travel by cart, eating a picnic lunch on the way, about 15 minutes along a track to the Crypt Gate which guards the path up the cliff to the crypt. There are guards at the gate and a 40 foot long corridor with murder holes etc and a door and portcullis at the end. They tell us that this is because there was a raid on the crypt in 668 by bandits. They never came out but their stuff was found. Mortimer was killed in the raid. Two days later some people up north were wiped out by undead. Legend has it that the family anyone desecrating the crypt will punished through many generations. The guards don't expect us back.

The path goes up the cliff 2000 feet. At the top is a landing 80ft across, and then large double doors made of gold and silver with a crystal surface, with the arms of the family etched in them.

Detect undead shows eight greater (3 nyght gaunts, 3 wyghts, 2 vampyres) and 20 lesser undead within 125 ft, and a further 60 and 320 within 600 feet.

Tari pushes open the door. Behind the door is a 40x60 room with a curtain at the end. Everyone immediately has to make 3 resistances vs mind, necro and draining (yes, at range and resistable). Those who fail the drain are drained of small amounts of memory.

We talk to Mortimer, who is behind the curtain. He suggest that we move back out of range of the undead, come forward and shuts a door behind him.

Giles is on level 7, the servants level. He is restful. There are 7 levels down and 3 up for important people. As we won't be able to survive down there we will need to bring Giles' coffin up. It seems the draining is active, so if we can be unnoticed by the undead it won't happen and Mortimer can lead and protect.

We load Dramus and Kilroy up with undead protection items, including TDP's invisibility to undead item and Mortimer puts his arms around their shoulders, and they go down. They are advised to keep quiet. We keep tabs with Wizards Eye and Dramus/Teeanna marital mind speech. On the way down they meet a couple of greater undead, who make small talk about a party later. They meet a number of similar on the way down.

At the seventh level Mortimer calls some servant undead to carry the box up to a room near the entrance where it is put on some trestles. The room has effigies in alcoves who seem to be of a more militant family. The undead are sent off and absorbed by the walls. Mortimer seals a couple of doors so the rest of us can come in.

Giles tells us:

  • He died in Soulport on the 12th of Heat of a heart attack.
  • Horace was in port and sick on the ship, losing weight, pale.
  • The next expected port of call was Onress, Brandenburg to pick up wood.
  • Previous port was Artz
  • Jake was organising everything.
  • Horace had been off plane once, when he followed a ship in the mist near Calder and ended up in Legend. He had to pay the captain of the ship he had followed 400000sp (which he had in ingots on board and more) to help him get back.
  • Horace doesn't pay for companions but sometimes gives gifts.
  • Ladies are Valerie in Onress, Maya in Artz, Leanne, Treena and recently Brianna in Soulport.
  • He would never betray the family, doesn't need money.

We head back to the manor and have another family dinner. We check out Fulk's illness. He has been ill about a month. We can find nothing magical about his illness.

Verity asks Yolanda, the Astrologer, whether there are any eclipses coming up soon. She says that there is one in 15 days, ie the 18th of this month.

After dinner we meet with Edvard and tell him what we have found so far.

Verity takes Jonas his warm milk and is gone for a couple of hours.

4th Day of Fruit


During the night, Dramus does his ritual to bring his tower which takes five hours. Just as the door is about to appear completely it shifts 15'. Dramus is very disturbed by this and flies away a mile to try again. Another five hours later the same thing happens, so he tries the door anyway and it seems to be normal. Then when he gets back to ourr rooms he discovers that the door there is still there as well. He can now open both, and it seems that he can open any prervious doors as well, without the 5 hours.

We take our leave from the de la Verains, asking them to not disturb our room (as the door is still there).

We take the house to a previous site, near the coast, 250 miles from Soulport. The door appears 30' from where it should, and on the edge of a cliff. We take bone construction steps down the cliff. While TDP is getting out his ship we meet a ranger who lives round here with his mum. A previous party (including TDP, Dramus and Teeanna) in the area buried a slab of high mana demon tainted, (Leraje) rock. Game dropped on the area rots imediately.

We sail for Soulport. We are approached by the Eltrandor navy, but tell them we are visiting Count Logan.

At the Soulport docks we are immediately approached by a courtier named Gervaise who is squire to Logan. He invites us to the castle and we walk there. The stewards name is Arven, he is a Namer/expulsion.

  • There was a ball on the 12th Heat. Jake was here with Lucille de Vonge.
  • The Verain Flyer left on the morning tide of the 13th Heat, with Jake at the helm.
  • Thomas, who inspected the ship did see Horace. He had a raspy voice and the room smelled of sickness.
  • The Verain's have a good reputation and are not searched hard.
  • Karyna is looking rounder.

After dinner Dramus, Teanna & Theo have "friendly tea" with Thomas, while Verity, Kilroy, Tari & TDP go out carousing.

We come across Brianna. She is tall elegant, dark haired, 23ish, middle class.

  • She did visit Horace when the ship was in, but left again as she would need to be paid more, to stay with him in that state.
  • Jake has woman but no favourites.
  • Kilroy sees 50x as many dead people as he would expect.

In Brianna's guise, after she leaves, Verity finds an air mage, Cassandra (rk 16 whipering wind) who knows the air mage, Royce, on the Verain Flyer. She sends a whispering wind to Horace via Royce "she's sorry she walked out, misses him, where is he, when will he be back?". We ask that she leave a message at the bar, if she hears back from him, but not to mention it to Brianna, if she doesn't ask.

Count Logan turns up at the tavern lead and followed by a discrete team of bodyguards, then wanders off to the naked female barbarian wrestling contest at the tavern up the road.

A group of thugs try to mug us on the way home, but are discouraged by Verity/Brianna rising up into the air and berating them and by Kilroy turning into a bear.

Later, Verity goes for a wander around the manor.

5th and 6th of Fruit

Chasing the Ship

Kilroy puts a portal up at Dramus' new house in Soulport.

He then flies as a duck to outside Onress, with TPD as navigator and Theo as a rat, sets up a portal and we all go through to Onress.

We interrogate the local harbourmaster about the movements of the Verain Flyer.

With some guessing about likely routes we follow the ship in similar manner.

Port Arrived Left Cargo Horace Notes
Soulport, Eltrandor 13th Heat wood very sick
Onress, Brandenburg 15th Heat 16th Heat no cargo recovering
Freetaun 18th Heat 18th Heat sheep
Sanctuary wool fabric
Seagate 24th Heat 26th Heat stone well
Izmiraldi, Five Sisters
Shorapur, Five Sisters 7th Breeze 8th Breeze
Saktekorum, Five Sisters 10th Breeze 10th Breeze metal
Dimazcus, Azuria 15th Breeze 16th Breeze oils and silks

Also tried Tac (hadn't been there in six months)

Once they get to Azuria, we figure they must have gone west, or they would have got back round to Tac by now. We decide to try Delph, which is a long way west, but we can get there by Dramus' tower, whereas Dimazcus is 460 miles straight over the sea.

So we camp outside of Saktekorum, while Dramus does his ritual.

At about 9.30 we are disturbed by the approach of four 20ft long lizard creatures with 40 legs, ridden at speed by nine foot tall, 500lb, claws and teeth Lizards guys called Shirazes. Verity stops two, and the others stop about 75 feet away, and verbalise in some arabic/kravonian language. It appears to be some kind of challenge. Maybe "what are you doing here and what have you doone to our friends?". Verity lets the others go, and the Shirazes go around us warily, then continue on their way into the deeper desert. They stop about 5 minutes away, have a bit of a chat, then one comes back and drops off a tent about 100 ft out. Dramus starts the ritual again.

7th of Fruit

The Pacted Mage

Dramus backfires and runs out of myrhh.

At about 4am a wind starts to come up quickly. Looks like a sandstorm coming up, and probably the reason the lizards left us a tent (which we didn't use).

We fly back to town, and stay in an inn. The storm lasts about three hours.

The innkeeper tells us that as we are looking for myrrh and a high mana zone we should see Calif, the Red Mage at the tower by the wall.

When we knock at the tower, a servant Amut (last magic: some mind spell) lets us in and gives us tiny coffee.

Calif comes in. He is 6', with turban and a goatee, best spell: Whirlwind Vortex, pacted: yes; to Savnok Marquis of Corruptions, college: airish, counterspells against his magic: air, greater summoning, wiccan, last magic: dimensional portal, human, long-lived sentient. But he seems nice enough.

He can sell up to 3lb of myrrh, Dramus buys 1 lb, enough for two goes.

He can make a high mana zone available downstairs, but Dramus wants one out of town, so we all traipses out into the desert, to an oasis, and Calif casts and makes a large paved area 60ft square with three doorways out. The area is high mana and also linked to Savnok.

Unperturbed by this, Dramus does his ritual, (only a few minutes in a high mana zone). The blue door appears 10ft to the left again. Dramus takes us to Oz to hide out a while from Savnok. We see the termite nests and the high tower.

Lord Carzon of Oz turns up and hires Dramus for next season. He returns two hours later, dress for war, serviceable but opulent, and berates Dramus for letting Savnok get a hold on the tower. Dramus is to fix this too.

We get out of the tower at Soulport to check whether there has been a return message for Brianna, but unfortunately there has not. Verity collects a few other messages for Brianna, which she ignores. Brianna will miss a few appointments.

Over dinner (of high quality now that he Count and Countess frequent this particular sleazy dockside tavern) we decide that Delph may be too far out of the way, and that we should try Dimazcus, our last solid lead. Dramus goes upstairs and does a "Speak with Dead" ritual. Where is the Verain Flyer?

  • Sorrow upon the breeze, waves sweep the earth, she rests upon the shining stones.

Where is the Gem of Mercaz

  • The Stone rests in a sea of red

Where is Horace de la Verain

  • He keeps his room

Is Horace on the Verain Flyer

  • A love with another, is a love for life

Does Horace have the Gem

  • NA

Where is the Amos d'Os

  • The land of shining stone reflects the light, until the day ends. Hook line and sinker, see death all around. When you swim, use a snorkel. Land of Red.

We tower to an island near Palestrina, as the closest point available. Then we fly as far as we can (220 miles) eastward and TPD deploys his ship. That leaves us 800 miles to sail which should take about 34 hours including 8 hours rest for TDP.

Dramus gives Verity, Theo & Tari water-breathing hairnets.

8th of Fruit

10am: see a ship to port, 3 masts, 150ton. Wolf on mainsail, colours of Ranke. There are crates on deck the size of coffins. We change course to avoid. They change course and close to a mile and a half. Dramus runs up his flag and they move away.

Fog comes up (when it shouldn't). We avoid it. There are whales in it.

3pm: TPD begins to tire.

7pm: We drop anchor 6 miles from land.

9th of Fruit

1am: The watch sees five streaks of light from land, looks like fireflight, they come over the ship and head north-east.

2am: TPD wakes up, has breakfast and sets sail.


8am: We see Dimazcus, a large city, sun glinting off gold minarets. There is a wide river mouth to the east of the city. A berthing guide tells us that there will be no berths available till this evening and directs us to some mooring posts.

We go ashore (except Kilroy) to see the harbourmaster, Faziz. He is in a four story building full or bureaucracy, and pay another group to jump the queue.

The Verain Flyer was here 15th Breeze, departed 16th with scented oils and silks, for Hizraz, Arabie. (So they did go east and have not made it round to Tac. This fits with the reading that the ship is aground and Horace is still on board.)

We go shopping for maps and charts at Zugar's Charts in Lamp Street. We are served by Uzag, a goblin. We ask for maps of Azuria, high mana zones, and charts of the coast down to Arabie.

We get a map of Azuria covering 6000 sq miles for 5g and charts of the coast for 5g. An item of interest on the chart is the Crimson Rocks about 150 mile east. The map of high mana zones is mostly blank except for a rumoured one about 400 miles south-east on the coast. If we can add to the map or confirm rumours they will pay us.

Dramus shops for souvenirs. One of the many pieces of jewellery offered to the ladies while we wait is actually a magical ring of cleanliness. Dramus buys it for 1000sp.

Verity suggests that they may have a slave trade here, and Dramus decides to buy any elves he can find. He is offered four for 20 guineas each, but they turn out to be Drow or part Drow so he leaves them to their fate. They have others not as strong, so we troop over to the slave pens. There are seven elves here at 15 guineas each. Dramus buys them for 96 all up. They are sea elves and have no slave markings.

One of them speaks common. He tells us:

  • They were kidnapped from there village of fishermen and hunters to the east about 100 miles
  • The Crimson Rocks are a short cut but dangerous
  • The charts are about 80% accurate, he fills in a couple more dangers including a dark hole in the ocean
  • They don't know much about Erevan Ilisere, they worship a god of the sea.

We leave port about 11am. Three other ships leave at about the same time, but they don't bother us.

We sail east to the Elves village Adzan. It is on an island of about 2 acres. The locals hide but the slaves reassure them.

They tell us of a high mana zone 2 miles away, 500 fathoms down. On solstices things happen there. It is an ancient rift from the "Crying Days". It doesn't sound perfect for opening a tower door.

We give them the Seagate Guild flag and Dramus gives them his. We figure if they fly them anyone with sense will leave them alone.

We are feted at a party but none of the sea elves gets lucky.

Overnight, Dramus makes a tower door, but it doesn't work properly so he doesn't open it.

10th of Fruit

We go with Dramus to check out the door. When it is opened there are trees on the other side, probably Delph. Strangely, the door has a small copper key. Dramus looks the door and puts the key in his pocket.

We find the Flyer

We leave about 9am, and sail about 50 miles east to the Hart Channel which runs between the Crimson Rocks and the coast. Through the spyglass we can see a wooden platform at the Rocks which are pinkish. The rocks are 10-20 ft high, there are humans manning ballistae and catapults. There is a crane pulling stuff up from the water. THe people look local. The platform/barge has unnaturally calm water around it, looks about rk10. Up ahead past the rocks is a storm. There is ship debris on the barge. There is a water elemental working in the water. We wonder whether they are wreckers.

Kilroy as a seagull scouts the area. There are dead bodies on the beach, dead about the right length of time.

We run up a parley flag and sail in. (Teeanna does a precog to see what will happen if we just sail through. The answer is we'd just sail through.) A boat is rowed out to meet us by four rowers, two human, one orc, one hobgoblin and pushed by an elemental. There is a woman elf at the front and a male elf at the back. He is a swarthy, tall elf Namer, best spell Disjunction. Telepathy gives curiosity. The woman hails us. We tell them that we are looking for the Verain Flyer. She says that that is what they are salvaging. Telepathy: protective of there claim, not trusting but happy to talk. We go over to their boat in a dinghy, except Dramus. She is Captain Alyson Kentuck and is not local, best spell water spout, pacted: no.

She tells us that the ship is upside down on the bottom, and holed as if attacked from below. It is in 100ft of water. They agree that we can go and look for just Horace, Jake and the particular item. She will come with us.

TDP closes up his ship so that it will be safe.

While we wait for the ship to be shrunk, we investigate the salvage crew. OF the approximately 30 crew, there are another water mage, an air mage, an ice mage orc, an earth mage orc and an ogre who is 2ic. The last magic to take effect on most of them is Strength of Stone.

We get to the floating platform about an hour later. On the platform they are a prepared for trouble from us and make sure that we do not wander into certain areas eg our earth mage is unable to reach a rock. Many of them are quite bedecked with treasure.

The captain tells us that the ship was about 200 feet out when it sank. She surmises that the water mage must have been incapacitated or would have been able to avoid the creature. This leads us to wonder why they would have attempted the difficult passage without their water mage.

We go head down to the sunken ship after some preparation, with the captain, first mate and three of the crew. The water is clear and still. At the edge of the bound area a shark circles. From the look of the hole in the hull, the hole was made by a tentacled creature of about 150' long.

We find out later that Kilroy above can see that two of the crew are concentrating on something, and one is watching us through a crystal. Tari can tell that we are being scryed.

We are not so interested in what is in the hull, so we go to the back of the ship where the cabins would be. The Captains cabin windows are shuttered. Dramus warps open the shutters. There are glass windows inside: nature of magic - sealing. Through the windows the cabin is not flooded and there is a desiccated body of someone, with its neck at a strange angle and a lot of the furniture is scattered and smashed. It may be Horace.

The next room is Jakes, there is no body and it is flooded.

With bound water to keep the water out we open the window. As it turns out, the sealing works even with the window open and includes the door, but we can enter. We find the ship's journal and Horace's personal journal. Journal:

  • 1st Breeze: damn that lad etc. Jake has bunked off with Syrene to join the Circle of Blood in Kirkul. He's taken the Gem.
  • 6th Breeze: why did he have the Gem?
  • 10th Breeze: I can't remember touching the Gem.
  • There is no mention of the Gem before Jake leaves

There are a few other items around that we bring up for the salvagers. They did get a bit when Verity tried to pocket some gems, but Tari was able to talk to them and sort the situation out.

The dead body is Horace. He appears to have died of a broken neck, and to be in an expected state of desiccation and decay. Dramus is able to ask some questions of him.

  • Attacked by tentacled sea creature
  • Jake is not colleged as far as he knows
  • The water mage was injured in a fight in Dimazcus.
  • Jake met Syrene in Saktekorum and got off there.
  • The Circle of Blood is a demonic death cult, a remnant of the dark circle.

We waterproof Horace and take up the body and some personal items. We get to keep the body, the journals and the family ring and the painting. We leave on the small boat and head to the coast. Kilroy joins us once we are sailing away. We exchange information. It is decided that we need to go back to Seagate and start off from there again, and it is closer to the Five Sisters than we are now.

We Banish ourselves and end up in Seagate. The body is dropped off for later sending and we visit the library to find out about the Circle of Blood. They worship undead, there is no link to Erevan Ilesere, there are 4 or 5 leaders, one of whom is a female named Death Claw. This information was from a slave survivor. Kirkul was a city of 40000, it is ruined, was full of undead, but was cleaned out by church knights but not resettled.

We make preparations for our next stage. Except for Dramus, we all see some Michaelines and get blessed, (2 points of necrogeny equivalent that stacks) for we will be going to Kirkul. They tell us that there were 5000 undead which were annihilated in 807. The undead can walk in the day. The current legitimate ruler of Kirkul is in Saktekorum.

11th Fruit

Dramus towers us to Westgate and we fly to South Lending where we see the Raphaelite Mother Grey. We get 20 vials of holy water which can be used to anoint weapons for extra damage as well as the usual uses, and 4 vials of healing undead damage and spec grevs.

We then fly to a guild member owned inn in Griffin Pass in the Novadom area. Kilroy makes a portal in the stables. We fly to Shorapur and walk into town. We visit the Urielite nuns, and get some maps of the Kirkul area. They let us use the empty building next door to them, where we set up a portal.

There is an air mage here named Florence in a blue tower, but we decide that we can all fly without outside help.

There is a ruined tower about 10 miles north east of Kirkul, which we decide to use as our base. We set off at 3pm and arrive at about 5pm at the ruined watch tower, which is about 30' high and 60' diameter with another building beside it, all surrounded by sand.

Telepathy shows only hungry small creatures, the place has no connections to a power, Dramus cannot detect any undead, and the top of the tower has no aura so we land. The tower has three levels and a basement. TDP and Verity clear the rubble form the top stairs.

Kilroy and Dramus set up Rune Ward, Cemetary Gate (circle of protection from undead), and ventriloquism ward to warn us if anything lands on the roof.

Kilroy sets up a portal.

We can see Kirkul from here. We use crystal balls to check out the city. Some movement is visible near the centre, groups of 2-3 humanoid figures going out some business and, as Theo is able to DA at any range, we find out

  • Humans, elves, orcs
  • About one in four are mages, necro, fire, earth, E&E, wicca.
  • Last magic cast on one of them was "revival"

The castle wall is largely intact with some breaks in it.

We camp on the second level after Dramus fixes the broken front door, and as a precog shows a sandstorm during the night we close the shutters.

12th Fruit

During the night a Sand Storm hits the area. It lasts until about midday. During this time we use various crystals to find out about what is happening in the castle.

We find a great hall where there are twelve people chanting, in a Drowish language (a blessing ritual), and bleeding onto a black sphere with red flecks. It is about 3ft across. We move the crystal ball view to just above the sphere.

  • What does it do? Concentration

They change the chant and the sphere changes to yellow. DA the people. The leader is a Drow female, mind mage. There are also a necro and fire mage. Large magic: blessing, effect of blessing: production. They change to a third chant and an eyelid appears on the sphere and begins to open. GTN: "mind", effect: perception. We quickly cover the sphere with a cloth but all have to resist vs mid and Theo falls to a mental attack.

In the basement is just junk.

On the third level their is a sleeping area, containing two men and a women chained to the wall with long chains, mostly naked, unconscious, human, locals, with signs of torture. There is red dust on the floor which doesn't match the sand outside. They are huddled in a corner although they should be able to reach the bed.

Sneaking into the City

We find a sewer entrance at the docks for us to enter the city by. Kilroy binds some air to protect us from smells.

When the storm ends at midday, TDP views the gates of the town with his spy tube - the towers are manned. We decide to go to the sewers and come up into the town that way.

We all go invisible and travel underwater with TDP's mage current. We find an area of less clean water - another sewer entrance 150ft down, next to a small island, covered by a metal grate with a pipe leading towards the city. It has no magic so we opening it, lift it up and mage current along it. It comes up in the sewers near the entrance we were planning to use. Theo and Kilroy become, appropriately, rats, and Verity and Dramus refuse to touch the ground.

Detect undead show 1-5 greater undead above ground between 120 and 600 ft away. Teanna is able to feel 14 minds together, 6 of whom are sleeping.

The entrance to the sewers ahead of us is closed of by a built in iron grate of 1ft squares. We tunnel around it but don't remove it, as it would fall and make a lot of noise.

We head towards the minds as we want to capture someone to question. They are in a three story building which seems to be a tavern. On the ground floor are four people playing a game, and two sleeping. They are wearing red amulets, (effect of me touching amulet:no answer, what happens if non blood cultist touches it: nothing, if blood cultist wears it: identification), and have scarred cheeks. One the next level are two night gaunts and a vampire, plus some people, and on the top floor some more people.

While we discuss plans at length, a horde of rats comes through chased by giant larvae, 5ft long - GTN:death maggots, aura strength: magical, weakness: magic, so we get out of the sewer near the tavern. A couple of runewalls take care of most of them but those that escape consume the corpses and double in size. They leave a clean sewer behind them.

It is dim here like in the dark circle.

Stealing the Vampire

We quietly enter through the kitchen door. Using Wizard Eyes, TDP and Verity sleep the vampire, who is asleep in her coffin, and stasis the night gaunts. The vampire is pacted to Foras. The sleep duration is only 2 hours (it should be 12). TDP and Verity sleep and stasis the guards. We go upstairs and sleep the guards on that level.

The door to the vampire's room is alarmed but the namer fixes it. We loot the people and those that are static we release and sleep.

We find

  • 3 rings, invested witchsight, rk 10
  • 2 rings, invested quickness, rk 10
  • rings, invested slowness, rk 10
  • 4 weapons, warded with a weapon spell, triggered by drawing, 6 charges, rk 10
  • necklace, invested opening, rk 10
  • necklace, invested shadow wings, rk 10
  • bracelet of deflection, 30% time deflect any damage?, 95-00 triple damage
  • 6tg, 30gs, 700sp in mostly local coin

In the kitchen and basement are four barrels of blood - nature of magic: resolution, nature of resolution: empowerment, empowerment with: energy, effect on us of drinking it: sickness. The containers have preservation properties and the blood will last 12 hours outside of the vat We take a sample to Divinate later. TDP and Dramus curse the blood that is in the barrels with either being unlucky or making the person who drinks it vegetarian. Healer empathy on the baddies shows a permanent Strength of Stones.

We release and slay the Night Gaunts - the first exploeds as its death curse but the second gives Kilroy a Death curse of "Will become a night gaunt on next death under control of Silver Blade/Jiro", MA32. We get

  • Armour, magical, protection, formerly living, GTN various, 16 AP vs natural weapon, 8pt otherwise, *Armour, magical, protection, formerly living, GTN various, immunity to A class, 8pt
  • 2 sets of Twin tulwars, soul drinking, not safe to touch except scabbard, absorb soul of being killed and get better (currently +20 damage, +110 to hit), made of pure evil

Kilroy's make a portal but it does not look right, it is inky black with red in it. We DA it and find out that it has been corrupted. He tries to take it down but it will not deactivate. We are able to get it down to 3 inches in diameter, then we put a box over it to hide it.

We have to get back to the tower back the way we came. We take to the vampire in her coffin with us, there are no problems with us getting back to the tower and the tower does not seem to be disturbed. We portal to Shorapur to get out of the area so that the vampire cannot be located.

We get a visit from the sisters next door, it seems that they are watching the house. They remove Kilroy's curse, chaperoned by Verity and Tari. Their ritual involves nakedness and blood, adding 5 to removers MA and taking only 3.5 hrs instead of 18.

Interrogating the Vampire

Theo divinates the human prisoner we brought back . He is under the effect of a lot of Exsanguination College magic so she gets a Special Counter Spell for the College. Their wills are joined in a ritual which gives them awareness of the others around, strength and vitality. Other magics include Circle of Beliefs, Cult, Disciple.

The vampire is a 7ft tall female elf, PB 26. She is under the effect of binding greater undead. We remove that and replace it with Binding Greater Undead from Dramus, Binding Will from Kilroy and Mass Charm from Verity, then wake her up.

We ask her to give us all her magic items, so she removes them including yanking out a tooth, a fingernail and a toenail

  • hair clip, teleport, range 5 mile, minimum 1 mile, 3 charges
  • tooth, TK Rage, 2 charges, needs to be implanted
  • fingernail, curses with death when poked, 3 charges, needs to be grafted on
  • toenail, curses with death when poked, 3 charges, needs to be grafted on
  • belt, invested shadow walk, rk 15, 2 charges
  • one boot (we take the other as well), 5" stiletto, enhances kicking damage

The cult aim is "purification of this world". She is a religious fanatic, and believes that what they are doing is "good".

Her name is Lornae. She is not a leader of the cult.

  • The leaders are
    • Claw Death, very vicious, enforcer, dark hair, right handed, 24pb, 5'6", like porcelain, hand become claws, no usual location
    • Osric el Muerte, 6'4", dedicated military type, dark hair, dark eyes, based at castle
    • Bliss (the senior vampire and the one controlling Lornae), based at building 12
    • Silver Blade, based at building 13
    • Rufus the Red, is close to Claw Death, no usual location
    • Cauldron Mike, based near the centre, underground with the "mind"
  • There is a special purification ritual that they to go through, if they pass the tests, to join the cult, which increases their "life force" which can be detected by others if they are wearing the amulet. This means that we won't be able to use the amulets to pretend to be members.
  • There are hundreds in the cult.
  • The six leaders have various abodes in town, they worship in the castle and at various temples, they all worship the "red one" sphere, which is a created new life.
  • There are a number of hexate crystals around the city which she assumes are around the central area.
  • Death Claw and Osric have travelled.
  • She is currently out of range of the mind link.
  • She believes that if she is killed she will join the mind.
  • She hasn't heard of Jake or seen the Gem of Mercaz
  • Around central part of the city, underground, there are 10 large vats (5000 gallons) with blood in them.
  • The amulets that they have bind the mind and soul.
  • The more Cultists you have in the room, the more they enhance each other.
  • Other undead in the city: Mummies, Wraiths, Wights, Daddies.
  • They get money to pay for their food slaves by just finding it around the city. Food is sometimes given the chance to join. They pay more for food with more and better blood. They bleed them to fill up the vats while regenerating them. This happens near the "mind" in the centre.
  • They have a target amount which will allow them to expand into other cities. They expect to reach this target in about six months.
  • Powers are shared between the cultists. The amulet brightens the aura/force. The higher ups can limit access to their power.
  • We get her to mark, on our maps, likely places where the Gem of Mercaz might be stored ie vaults
    • 2: temple, was a mint
    • 16:temple: they (vampires?) avoid because of the silver
    • 50:basilica, commercial, may have vaults
    • 51:temple, was city treasury
    • 70: as a commercial premises
    • 50 and 51 are heavily guarded.
  • 47: has a large well inside
  • the "mind" is around the 13 area
  • They have agents in the other cities, but she can't detect any at the moment. We instruct her not to communicate with any.
  • She thinks that the cult will look for her.
  • The "mind" is in the sphere. It has powers of observation, sees the future, the void, the ethereal. It wants conversation and blood. It came into being by accident, about three months ago, created by experimentation with Wild Magics. It usually does no harm to touch it, but once someone touched it and was totally destroyed.
They were experimenting with melding colleges and extraplanar portals, looking for a suitable guardian for Rishan, who is a young girl, three years old, who will be the leader of the cult. She is the daughter of a very powerful being, her mother, who may be reborn into her. She stays near the mind. She is elven/human, with elven features but a human nose, 6' tall, long black hair, black/red eyes, and has grown about 2' in the last couple of years. Her birthright is to rule Alusia. She is one of six daughters, all three years old, two others are on Alusia and three are on other planes.
  • The Mind has some influence on permanent magic eg portals, some ritual magics. Portals come out near the mind over a vat of blood and they have now set up a cage to get anyone that portals in the city.
  • The drow leading the sphere ritual was an Arabique priestess, one of 25 members form Insel der Freiheit, who taught them the Exsanguination College.

We put Lornae in a cupboard and stasis her. The Sisters are made aware of this in case someone comes for her and we leave her items with them, in the coffin.

The Giant Ship

We are informed that there are four destinian docked in the harbour, and a huge nine masted ship called the Grey Wind, discretely belonging to Titans, anchored in the harbour. We get to go aboard and speak with Vorgon the Giant and warn them of what is happening and that they need to be careful as the Blood Cult might be after their blood as it most probably has the quality and the quantity that they need. They agree to tell Captain Bazcot of the town that the slave trade needs to be slowed down so that the cult can't get enough blood.

They offer us a couple of dozen lads to help out but we decline. We give them copies of our maps. They cast on us (on board ship!)

  • Strength of Stone rk20, PS, EN or AG, duration 4 days
  • Armour of Earth rk20, +42 def, 3Ap instead of 1,duration 4 days

Vorgon's 11' tall daughter leads us in a blessing ritualwhich give an additional -1 off dice rolls for a week

They 'sell' us (to be returned if not used for reimbursement)

  • 10 20pt healing potions in 1oz vials @500sp each
  • 6 40pt healing potions in 1oz vials @2500sp each
  • 1 healing potions cure all including spec grevs in 1oz vials @5000sp
  • acid that burns through iron at 1" per pulse, 14 drops @ 10000

We divide it up thusly: Dramus takes none, the rest get 1 40pt and 2 20 pt, but Kilroy and TPD just one 20pt

  • Dramus buys 5 lots of myrhh for 10000

And they give us one charge of whispering wind that only takes 10 minutes.

Kilroy offers us some Dwarven Battle Beer to help as well, and Dramus gives us each Waters of Strength.

Into the City Again

It will get dark at 8pm and it is now 2pm. We want to go after the Gem and get out before nightfall.

We Portal back to the tower (2.30pm) and make our way back into the city via the sewers. We get to the grate that we can't open(3.30pm). Kilroy binds elements to open a way past the gate that we can return through (4pm). We head towards 50/51. We travel and come to another unopenable grate. TDP does a wizard's eye above ground to see where we are - about half way - we use tunnelling to pass the grates at both ends of a cistern, leaving the way behind us blocked. Dramus is given the acid to carry.

This tunnel goes from 45 to 13, so we choose another. We go under 2 about 150' below. There are about 30 minds here, one of which suddenly disappears and five undead - 2 wights, a wraith, a mummy and a daddy. (So far none of the greater undead have come up on telepathy.) TDP checks out the basement. It is 80'x80', 2 entities with abacuses, a locked door in the floor, a bound 50'x150' area including the trapdoor. On the floors above are 10 entities, armed.

We carry on toward 9, round 9, to 51. There are at least 30 minds in 51. The closest point between 47&51 is about 60' from 51. The nearest exit is at the 43/9 corner, with no cover.

We try 50 as there is a more secluded exit nearby, but there are just mundane storage areas and no bound area.

Verity checks out 51. Four levels, bottom level is 80'x80', with a large 15'x8' desk, a large chair, 7' person sized. The desk has rollers and covers a set of stairs with an area bound so that wizards eye cannot pass. There are six suits of armour of which we are extremely suspicious.

The next floor up there are 14 people. Seven are chatting round a table, speaking lunar. One of them is a red haired 7' tall male human, 250lb, fitting the description of Rufus. Verity recognises him as her long-lost brother, and says nothing, but, freakily, Dramus sarcastically states 'We will probably find he is someone's long lost brother' inadvertently guessing the truth, though he promptly forgets his glib remarks.

There are six people on the floor above, and no one on the Temple level at ground level.

Area 51

Verity DA's the people on the level above the basement, through Wizard's Eye under the table.

  • Rufus: GTN LLS, Huumaan, Wicca, last magic aggressive perfector, best nasty spell hellfire, bone armour plus chainmail and various other stuff
  • 3 mummies: rank of binding 10, celestial, 2 mind
  • At the table: F Elf fire, M dwarf earth, M orc celestial, 3 M orc no college, all wearing bone armour fear and 7 prot.
  • 4 people in iron maidens, been bled and enjoying it, all human non-colleged, last magic regeneration
  • The suits of armour in the basement: magical, nature of magic protection, trigger to animate no answer, other magic agility, triggering condition damage (that will be the prot). She puts the eye inside and it appears to be empty, but there is red dust in the bottoms of the feet, formally living GTN various, effect enhancement.

Teeanna precogs going down the trapdoor in the basement and sees treasure and what seems to be the Gem in a box. She has all the baddies on telepathy except the four mages.

Tari summons an earth elemental and succeeds in her control but DA shows that it is not controlled so it gets banished.

We tunnel into the basement (2 casts long), and Theo expels the ward. We enter the room, put up walls over the stairs and around the statues.

Investigating the desk over the stair to the vault, it is found to be magically trapped, so a disjunction is put on it. There is a keyhole in the edge of the top which releases it to slide back. The trap on this is that it bites, so TDP casts opening on it, resulting in an audible click, and we push it back, revealing the stairs down.

The opening is covered by bound air but no ward, and Kilroy goes down, auraless and on the side wall checking for wards and magical traps.

At this point Teeanna notices the baddies upstairs preparing to get there stuff and go somewhere and they starat to move about.

Suddenly (but not surprisingly) the floor above us disappears and they drop down amongst us, and Rufus says "Ahh, here you are" in Reichspeil, as if he has been expecting us. Combat ensues.

Rufus reflects magic, and the others resist by damaging the "victims" in the iron maidens. They are also able to transfer damage to them.

We concentrate on the minions, and when they are nearly finished with Rufus suddenly focuses on Verity, coming through the giant dog (72EN 100FT) in 3 half pulses. When he realises he is not going to succeed he says "we'll be seeing you again soon" in Reichspeil and explodes his flesh while his energy wafts away like a red mist.

Things Seem Better but are Worse

There are many pieces of flesh to investigate so we find out

  • He is chaos warped.
  • He can teleport
  • He can reflect magic 70% of the time, or transfer it to others (eg the victims upstairs)
  • He has an ability called "Return to Mother" - Claw Death
  • He takes double damage from natural attacks
  • He can change into anything, from a 3 hex monster to a puddle of liquid.

Verity casts, turns white and decides that she needs to let the party in on a few things.

  • Rufus is her brother
  • Claw Death is her mother
  • As Rufus should not have been able to recognise her, Claw Death must have some maternal link, and be able to sense her.
  • She is angry, and incoming, eta about 24 pulses.
  • She was a mind mage but is now something more, a "Sorceress"

TDP, Kilroy and Teeanna go downstairs to find the "Gem" (must have no aura to pass through the bound air), while the rest of us fix spec grevs and begin the looting. Pulse 4 Rufus moves on from the flesh here. The vase is found and checked to see whether it is the real thing.

Verity can feel her mother getting closer, and her mothers rage begins to affect her breathing and vision.

TDP cast opening on the air door and we all go down to the vault, put lots of rune walls and walls of bone over the entrance, and start loading the stored crates onto the giant dog.

Teeanna picks up 60 minds coming towards us. TDP puts up a crystal of vision with feedback defences to view the area from above. We can see five leaders with ten troops each, and another five groups of ten on their way. Also visible is a giant glowing eye 300' across, and the crystal switches off.

By the time Claw Death is 100 yards away, Verity is taking 3EN per pulse, and can feel rage, curiousity and desire (for family). As they approach with 12 foot somethings, the magical walls disintegrate before them. We obviously cannot take them on at this stage so we bug out with the loot, by Kilroy's banishment. Death Claw arrives first and seems to be the main leader, and Kilroy begins to feel charm effects, as he banishes himself.

The party go, without Verity, to Shorapur to pick up the vampire, Lornae, and her loot.

They give back the unused holy water and potions to Mother Grey and the giants, and stash Lornae at the Guild as an information source.

Further information from Verity:

  • They lived in Norwmarch, Aladar before the war.
  • Her mother and brother have been missing since they got caught up in the chaos at Barretskine in 794. She assumed that they were dead. So they have been missing for 14 years but the cult only began about two years ago.
  • Verity left home in 792 and joined the guild in 794, and records are sketchy from that area over that period.
  • Rufus was one of triplets born in 788, the other two assumed dead in 792 (Symone) and 793 (Carlos).
  • There was also another younger sibling, Corinne, born 791, assumed dead in 793.
  • Claw Death has Verity's father in an amulet of amber around her neck, this is not Rufus' father.
  • Verity and her mother were on reasonable terms when she left, considering the stroppy teenage daughter dynamic.

13th Fruit

Complete the Mission

We portal to the de la Verain Manor. We find Miles waiting in our room and he takes us to breakfast. After the usual family breakfast we meet with Edvard.

We tell him that we've brought back the Gem and Horace's body, implying that we found the Gem on the ship, as Verity doesn't want everyone to know about her mother. We tell him that we couldn't find Jake, but that we didn't search the rest of the ship, implying that he is probably dead on the ship.

We tell him where the ship is, and he is going to negotiate with the salvagers.

He is impressed and will use the guild again. He gives us presents for our children, real and invented.

We try to remove the door in the suite. Banishment changes where it links to. Removing the section of wall results in a removed mundane door and a black door in nothing. So we rebuild the wall in front of the door.

We return to the guild via portal.

After we spend some time in the guild bar a note is delivered to Verity, having been dropped off at the gate by a town runner. Extreme paranoia is applied to said note. The parchment, envelope and ink are all made from an imp from the 64th plane, the ink magically "killed" to keep it on the paper. The envelope is cursed with a family bonding aimed to make it more likely that Verity will be willing to visit and talk. The note is doomed to self destruct if anyone but Verity opens or reads it. The note contains a magic similar to bound speech called soul speech. As it is read, the words are spoken out loud and everyone in the room has to make an awe check at +50 on the dice.

All this for a note that reads, in reichspiel:

Dear "Verity" 
We'd love to see you again.
Please arrange to come

Loose Ends

  • We never did find any link to Erevan Ilesere or the Amasd'os.
  • We didn't find Jake
  • We don't know how they got the Gem.
  • There's a big bad evil cult trying to take over the world!!


what we know of the de la Verain family
Name College Best Spell Best Skill PB Age Description
1 Jonas de la Verain 90 5'10, frail
5 Edvard de la Verain nc rapier 15 65 tall, dark, blue eyes
6 Marissa Mind Mol rec Genealogy 16 65
9 Horace 45 dark hair, blue eyes, slight smirk, looks like his father
20 Jake 28 dark hair, blue eyes, looks like his father
11 Edmund nc Courtier 19 42
12 Ethel nc Needlework 17
21 Janice nc Courtier 20 24 5' blonde, gray eyes
22 Erica nc Philosopher 15 21 5' red hair, blue eyes
7 Fulk de la Verain nc Merchant 16 47 5'8, dark, recently ill, gaunt and pale,weak
8 Astelle nc Courtier 16 47 5'10, blonde, blue eyes
13 Robert E&E Charm Thief 17 29 5' blonde, gray eyes, talks about wood
14 Yolanda nc precog Astrologer 14 4'11" blonde, blue eyes
15 Ailred Illusionist Heroism glaive 19 24
16 Bernard nc Merchant, dagger 17 24 6' dark
17 Claris nc Troubadour 15 21 5'10" blonde
18 Marjarie nc dagger 16 18
19 Cecily nc longbow 21 15 6'5", brown hair, aversion to being touched

Astrology Reading

Chorus: Down in the Amasd'os
Dum duh dum dum duh
Down in the Amasd'os
Dum duh dum dum duh

I'm deep underground as the Gem of Mercaz beckons me
I have dreams of noblity but there's no room in society
Erevan Ilesere have mercy on the boy that's down in the Amasd'os

Every night I drop by a smelly old crypt
There's inches of dust and water a drippin
What else is there for me to do, the dead have tons of gold
They creep around and it makes my blood run cold down here


I'm just a plodder trying to climb out of the city he was born in
I have dreams of nobility, but there's no room in society
Erevan Ilesere have mercy on the boy that's down in the Amasd'os


One fine day I'll find the way to move from my old city
I'll hold my head up like a lord and I'll never look back
Until that morning I'll run around and pillage every tomb
With screeds of the dead all around me trying to seal my doom


I'm just a plodder trying to climb out of the city he was born in
I have dreams of nobility, but there's no room in society
Erevan Ilesere have mercy on the boy that's down in the Amasd'os
Erevan Ilesere have mercy on the boy that's down in the Amasd'os
Erevan Ilesere have mercy on the boy that's down in the Amasd'os


Kil Karr Dra Tee Tar The Ver Boz Zme TDP
Enchant Armour +19def, 5/2armour
Rune Shield +25def, 5 armour, takes spec grev
Mind Cloak or equiv
Tari's Strength of Stone 9EN
Smite Spell
Spectral Weapon +14 SC / +5 Dam
Verity's dance +16FT +16MR at night
Giant's Armour of Earth +42 def, +3 AP
Giant's Strength of Stone +21 EN, PS or AG AG EN EN
Battle Beer +7EN, +3PC, Death Aspect,
15 vs charm, hypno, -10vs necro, +10vs illusion, no fear
Waters of Strength [d-2+14] PS

= yes please = not required A = always on

Watch Order

Double rotating with overhead foxtails.

Item Tally


From Mother Grey

  • 20 vials of Holy Water which can be used to anoint weapons for extra damage as well as the usual uses
  • 4 vials of Healing (draining damage, healing specs) (they want back if not used, as in short supply)

From the ruined tower

  • 1GP, 30 SP

From Lornae's inn

  • 3 rings, invested witchsight, rk 10
  • 2 rings, invested quickness, rk 10
  • rings, invested slowness, rk 10
  • 4 weapons, warded with a weapon spell, triggered by drawing, 6 charges, rk 10
  • necklace, invested opening, rk 10
  • necklace, invested shadow wings, rk 10
  • bracelet of deflection, 30% time deflect any damage?, 95-00 triple damage
  • 6tg, 30gs, 700sp in mostly local coin

From the Night Gaunts in Lornae's inn

  • Armour, magical, protection, formerly living, GTN various, 16 AP vs natural weapon, 8pt otherwise, *Armour, magical, protection, formerly living, GTN various, immunity to A class, 8pt
  • 2 sets of Twin tulwars, soul drinking, not safe to touch except scabbard, absorb soul of being killed and get better (currently +20 damage, +110 to hit), made of pure evil

From Lornae

  • hair clip, teleport, range 5 mile, minimum 1 mile, 3 charges
  • tooth, TK Rage, 2 charges, needs to be implanted
  • fingernail, curses with death when poked, 3 charges, needs to be grafted on
  • toenail, curses with death when poked, 3 charges, needs to be grafted on
  • belt, invested shadow walk, rk 15, 2 charges
  • one boot (we take the other as well), 5" stiletto, enhances kicking damage
  1. 3x Wings (600sp each) 1800sp
  2. 100sp for Whispering Wind
  3. 50sp for portal to Tac
  4. 10gp for 3 maps

Playing Nights

  • 12th March - cancelled due to sickness
  • 19th March - Start at the Ellis's
  • 26th March - see you there
  • 2nd April - Done
  • 9th April - see you there, bring your figures
  • 16th April - Bah humbug
  • 23rd April - Almost there
  • 30th April
  • 7th May - Fight night - Not quite
  • 14th May - Fight night - Didn't quite make it
  • 21st May - Fight night - Attempt number four.
  • 28th May
  • 4th June