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Tulip was born and raised on a farm, but her family did not approve her interest in animal slaughter, and her shirking of duties at birthing time. As her distasteful interests became more prominant, the other elves advised her (at pitch-fork tip) to leave the farm, and so she entered the Guild ...

General information

As a practicing Druidic Earth Mage Tulip has an affinity to the wilds and is also a ranger of some skill. Although un-pacted its rumoured she has had dealings with the darker side of things and has a belief in the supremacy of Elves over other races. Often seen with various animals in tow, currently several war dogs and a black lioness of Dharijor, she tends to prefer those magics linked with plants and animals. Tulip has an estabilishment in Seagate, which hosts her menagerie of animals, and is where her son Alexander and his nurse reside while she is on adventure.


A tall and good-looking elf, but of a somewhat grim demeanour. She wears ornate red leather armour, and a billowing red cloak, the ensemble however, is ruined by a particularly ugly looking neck collar. She has superbly crafted weapons and shield.


Tulip has been observed to cast a variety of Earth magics, notably Hands of Earth, Strength of Stones, Armour of Earth, Earth Healing and a specialist spell; Entangle. She also has some skill with a number of weapons, primarily Tulwar and Battle Axe.


Uzi: Ok for a wussy elf. Should hide less, fight more.

Scab: Tulip can heal my furry animal any time. Oh, yeah... I mean animals.

This character is played by Tricia Hunt