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Belladonna comes from an established merchant family, and as the youngest, has been rather spoiled. Her parents offered to arrange any career she desired, and were distressed when their favourite, Belladonna chose to become a member of the Guild. Belladonna entered the guild looking for excitement, and a way of getting away from her loving but enveloping family.

General information

Belladonna spends most of her time in a workshop, library or learning from those more skilled than she in any one of her many artisan skills. She is city bred and finds travelling arduous.


Belladonna is a slim, pretty young woman, with long black tresses, and stunning blue eyes. She wears silk clothing, and will defend herself with a main gauche, but much prefers to talk, or flirt, her way out of difficult situations.


Belladonna prefers occupations involving delicacy and precision, she has shown some skill as a mechanician, preferring small complex devices, including time pieces, complex locks and traps. She knows some magics, but has neglected her studies in favour of learning more interesting artisan skills such as casting and silver smithing. Her merchant heritage has given her knowledge of a number of languages, and an ability to get along with almost anyone (especially if they have something she wants).


Ty - I fear Belladona is on a path to darkness, hopefully her recent upheavals will settle her into a more solid Guild member.

This character is played by Tricia Hunt