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Mikhail Demitri Kalishnakov (M D K)


Dwarf Non-mage played by Michael Scott

Hgt 4'6" Wgt 120lbs PB 19. Eyes green. Hair Blond.

Coming from a desert environment MDK keeps his cheeks, throat and the sides of his head, shaved and plaits what hair and beard he does grow so as to foil anybodies attempts to use them as hand holds.

He wears hardened leather, armour-smithed (Rk 10), from the hide of a magically enhanced polar bear with the skull forming his helm.

Accused of being descended from an Elf after his prowess with a bow and his lack of knowledge about the existence of axe, (let alone how to use one), M.D.K is from a military background, but chose to become an assassin/pest control officer in the warrens under his home city of Salla'm'karr.

Following his mothers example (Katarina Sasha, Overseer at Portal Control) M.D.K swore loyalty to the city rather than the Bachran in whose house he was raised and to whom his father and brothers swore allegiance. This was considered a slap in the face and caused much friction, isolating M.D.K from most of his family.

His father, Alexei Pitor, was the Commander of the Guard for the House of Bachran D'tyhst and died along with M.D.K's two older brothers when the house fell in an attack by the Powers of Light, after being betrayed by rival houses who allowed the Angels to breach the cities defences.

As the sole surviving son MDK was targeted for assassination, but was saved by his allies in "City Hall" escaping into the Warrens beneath the city. With Sella'm'karr besieged and him marked for death by powerful enemies MDK used his mother's connections to smuggle himself out of the city and through the portal to Alusia where, on his mother's advice, he sought out employment at the Guild (803 WK).

M.D.Ks mother and three sisters still reside in Salla'm'karr although, with the war still raging as of the last communiqué, M.D.K is unsure of their safety or even if they still live.

Points of Note

MDK received a starter pact to The Prince of Prophecy while adventuring in Drakenburg during the Summer of 806.

The following rankable abilities were confured:

  • Namer style DA - Only gets GTN if already known
  • Summon Goshawk Spell - Can send message to Vassago
  • Ritual of Blessing - Gives small bonus to Def or MR or SC or BC

The Pact was ritually removed by the Void Wolves of Terranova in Shorkyne in the winter of 812.


Spring 803 Into the Cold Colder Than A Snowman's Codpiece GM Struan Judd

Winter 804 The Doom of Lavinia Fulham GM Andrew Withy

Autumn 805 Fire and Ice GM Zane Mendoza

Summer 806 One Dragon and Five Powers GM Zane Mendoza

Spring 806 Safari up the Ebola GM Porl Bowder

Winter 807 Flute Interlude GM William Dymock

Winter 808 The Sun, The Moon, and the Piper's Song GM Jacqui Smith

Autumn 809 Looking for the Ladle GM Ian Wood

Spring 809 A Spring Wedding GM Helen Saggers

Autumn 811 Elemental as Anything GM William Dymock

Winter 812 Wolves of Winter GM Dean Ellis

Spring 813 Loyalty and honor GM Julia McSpadden