Things Fall Apart

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Adventure: Things Fall Apart
GM: Paul Schmidt
Session: Spring 812
Night: Wed
Location Pauls
Level: Higher than the boots on a giantess dominatrix

  • Ithilmor an Elven Conjuror of the Night and Stars. (Mrs/Researcher)
  • Turf an Elven Namer (Mr/Admiral [retired])
  • Father Broc of Newcourt (Councillor)
  • Tien the Lady of Phantasms (Bridesmaid)
  • The Bishop human Wiccan
  • Logan Count of Soulport, father of three. (Best man)
  • Mebh, Air mage fighter (Bridesmaid)
  • Puck - the King of Goblins


Titvilius, known to be a native of the Seventh Plane. Sanctioned by the Powers of Light (and indeed, other worshipees)


Save a parallel well world from Entropy, Cold, the Undead and Energy Death.
The loss of living entities on the plane in question means no souls for those entities that batten on them or lead them to englightenment, depending on the worshipee's inclinations. A truce has been agreed in the hopes that a breeding population of mortals will re-establish itself.

Hell - subject to negotiation, but can include the release of previously interned souls, alteration or cancellation of pacts, no active recruiting on the plane in questions for 666 years etc etc.
Heaven - the knowledge of a job well-done, a cheery pat on the shoulder and the quiet esteem of entities known for their long memory and history of vindictiveness.


Talk to Titvilius, the Angels and Lawfakyr then depart to Lyrange.

Enter Carrock and talk to locals. Head our to experiment with weak undead and are almost overwhelmed by greater undead.

Experiment with magic and discover large cavern and Elder brain beneath Carrock

A horrific discover is made at Truip

The connection to other planes is established, the Illithid return

Fight the Illithid. Escape to the place Illithid. Learn of plan from Lawfakyr

Visit Seraphim, head to Citadel of Darkness to discover the Father of Lies

Learn much from the Father of Lies. Back to Lawfakyr and deal with books

Head to Edwardian, meet Gerome and slay Re'lyh.

Visit Edo. Rescue the swami from Lucknow.

Visit moors. Pregnancy. Liberate the tower and recover white diamond.

Escape the plane of Edwardian. Marry.

Return to Lyrange and locate waiting village. Fight horror and find portal to the house of Byron Salisbury

Fight and chase off Byron Salisbury. Destroy engine and underground city. Decapitations.

Scribe Notes

In the Beginning

The party met up with the vile miscreant, Titvilius, in Seagate. He is a large repugnant demon wielding a sentient katana with silver cloven feet. Him words are poison and his presences destructive so we took him into the Guild to reduce the damage he could perform. Titvimius explained between 700 and 200 years ago the flow souls arriving from the plane Lyrange slowed to what is now a tiny ebb. The only souls that arrive are those of purest evil. He must recruit a group of adventurers to resolve the problem. They know know what out of the plane and they have almost no influence on the plane.

Turf resist slaying Titvilius as the curse of killing a diplomat would stop the party from beginning the mission.

Having sustained torrents of abuse and torment from Titvilius we visited the Church of Samuel to commune with the Angels. Bishop Portus was disinclined to assist us, particularly in the presence of Titvinius, but following a night of communing agreed to assist the party.

Turf resist slaying Titvilius as the curse of killing a diplomat would stop the party from beginning the mission.

Channelling through a hermit, the powers spoken to us and confirmed must of what Titvilius had told us. The decrease started 600-700 years ago and the only souls to reach them are those of the purest forms. We believe that particularly holy or evil sites/temples still function as exit points from the plan with those whose souls are strongly aligned. We were provided a map to the City of Carack, where the Church of Divine Light is located and told of a number of lost artifacts that may assist us; the Armband of the binder, Armbones of the Blue Saint and Teeth of Nea. (but then any artifacts would assist us) Additional we were provided a handkerchief that creates pure sunlight to a 120ft radius and our weapons were blessed. The best way to cut a deal is with Word of Creation, this will stop misinterpretation of the deal. The more effective way to hurt the demons is to (a) all redemption of pacted souls (b) stop them signing pacts and (c) choosing the souls that are released

Turf resist slaying Titvilius as the curse of killing a diplomat would stop the party from beginning the mission.

We were advised to visit Lawfakyr via Deadend alley and used the provided tolkens to pass the Guardian. Turf tried to gain some insite about the plane from the Lurker without much success, but manages to stay sane.

Having explained our mission to Lawfakyr he quickly agreed to assist and provided us access to his library of knolwdge. We asked the following;
Q: What is the most beneficial place on the place of Lyrange for the party to visit?
A: Small town of Truip. A small map described the town of 100 residence
Q: Where can the party visit to find out why the souls cant leave the plane?
A: New Terror. Guide to finding the Library of Leng in Antarticia provided.
Q: What is cause of interference of souls migrating from Lyrange?
A: Infernal pages that we couldn't read appeared. Half the book was burnt. Series of images of someone stealing books from the Library of Leng
Q: What books were stolen
A: Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Exulted Deeds, Tome of Pacting to Vestages and Guide to the Lords of Madness.

Lawfakyr explained Vestages were Lost Gods/Entities that can be pacted to briefly. Pacting provides them a brielf identity in the world before they are lost again and the power from the pact disappears. The power are normally trivial. The Lord of madness do not consume or use souls. Reading the four books would make you crazy.

We thanked Lawfakyr before departing home. We visted Blitzkrieg and the Lunar Empire before departing to Lyrange

Brave New World

Turf uses him planar travel to transport the party to Truip, rather than trusting Titvinius to transport the group.

Tien and Logan appear in old ruins and quickly locate each other. Following some spell casting they locate Turf, but not before fighting a demonic horse that appeared when Tien tried to summon a horse. When Logans spell achieved a spectacular success a large flash on the horizon appeared. There were hundreds of shadow figures writing toward them so they galloped off on a horse that was successfully summoned.

Turf and ithilmor appear outside a large castle with peasants working in the fields. and Turf tried, and failed to summon Logan, which showed he was more than 160 miles away. A powerful cast caused a flast of light and the peasants to flee and horns to be sounded. We waited for the guard to appear and following some tense discussion and spraying with holy water we were unceremoniously lead into the castle and met with two mages and a priest. They believed nothing of planar travel and their claim to be elves, clearly delusional, but they were interested in fleecing the two of their items.

Old Friends

Turf and Ithiilmor convince the locals we are not hostile while Tien and Logan make their way to the city. We all meet us and decide it is time to summon Father Broc, but the summoning destroys the weak temporary magic of Turf and Broc but strengthens the magical protection of the city. We are surprised to discover the Inn is holy ground. While exploring the city we encounter another Immortal, a feral creature sent to examine the same problem.

New Dangers

We talk to the locals and examine the church, and discover an aura around the city. Local villages have recently, and surprisingly, been overrun. Village can fend off the undead easily.

The party decide to examine some undead located in a local forest to understand more about them. We pass some villages and detect many undead hiding in the fields, the local are aware - this is typical activity for this time of year. Broc Wards Runes, which become permanent, but he collapses unconscious. Broc is heal up and the undead rise to attack, their activity becomes highly organised at the presence of holy magic - they operated as if controlled by an entity.

They are all slain and an attempt to interrogate a soul fails, Logan mind is touched by some power - Logan locates this power in forest, before it sudden jumps to many miles away.

We impetuously storm the forest and powerful undead are located - a Beholder and two Calimar. A vicious combat ensues and the party is almost overcome with Ithilmor charmed and Logan dazed, but through coordinated assaults by Broc, Turf, Hepititus D and Lady Tien we won the day and stay live. The undead we found were hiding in a ruined village by a stream, however the jetty is well maintained and functional which speaks to its use and a means of transport and communication.

New Friends

Having survived the engagement with the undead a search of the ruined village is undertaken. There are many tracks by the docks emerging from the river, we guess the undead walk on the bottom of the river to get around the city.

Given the deadly dangers the party face Turf summons in further aid; Mebh arrives but Father Rowan is still unavailable. Mebh listens to Ithilmors highlights while unpacking her collective of holy relics. Logan sends an Wizard above the tree line and feels a great power is observing him. Hepatitis rashly saps Logan and retreat the city Carrock to free him mind from the Power.

Ithilmor, radiating the light of the stars, notices they diminish as the coach passes the magical barrier protecting the city. We experiment and observe they are restored when we are outside the city. It appears the power of the starts is being drained into the ground. Mebh enquires of the zephers and learns of a dark, ruined city some three days travel from here - it contains a single building and mixture of living and undead.

Some hours, and many divinations later, Turf uses him knowledge of names to restore Logans mind. Ithilmor meditates but her prayers cannot breach the binding on the place.

Magical Experimentation

We spend the following day experimenting with magic both inside and outside the city and much is learnt. We travel to the Runes that Broc created to explore further and discover they have a crystal aspect, Hepatitis they explains he appears beneath the city with a room of crystals and stole a chip, which is now missing. The crystal may have made the magic permanent. Turf attempts to banish people from within the church, and following experimentation and discussions with the priest we summise a personal sacrifice of a valued item is required. In his position as a priest Broc offers to takes Turfs confession to help purify his soul, but seem dominant point of the conversations is his wish to have his daughters married.

Things get strange

We talk to the priests and none of the recognise the description of the crystal caverns that Hepatises describes, however they do grant us permission to search the catacombs for them. Turf explains to Hepatises rules of personal possessions and that looting tombs leads to the loss of hands and heads.

Following the fowl miscreant through the sewers we discover the secret exit Hepatises used to escape the sewers. Magical Opening and picking locks fails, but the natural light cast by Broc is drained into the door causing it to open. This is repeated a number of times through many other doors until we find ourselves in a large chamber containing a multitude of crystals. We observed two floating lights in the room that appear to flee from our presence, Logan follows them into the ground with his eye. He looses track of them but does brush against the mind of a great power. Broc senses the undead in range and the magic works exceptionally well. Ithilmor prays beside the crystals containing celestial mana and connects to Varda - her crystal is repaired.

Logan, Broc and Lady Tien use their is versed in the ways of magic and we discover they are batteries of different types of mana, it is been drained from, and returned to the city. The crystal are passing the mana deep into t ground before it is return ot the city, it tinged with elements of sleep as it is sent out and returns with a tinged with holiness. Logan discovers a number of shaft descending deep into the ground and follows these, passing a number of runes that attempt to shatter his mind.

The shafts open to a large cavern containing what appears to be an Elder Brain in a large vat. Many relieved deeps breaths are let out as it appears the brain is inactive. There are hundreds of runes on the walls, they match to the four books stolen from the Library of Leng. A small tunnel leads away from the cavern.

Logan rashly decides to copy down some runes and quickly becomes mesmorised by this task, and appears to loose weight. Broc snatches the paper from Logans hands and discovers they are holy writings from the Book of Exulted Deeds. After some party discussion, and lucid agreement by Logan, we allow him to continue. A week later we have copy of the holy tome, none of the runes in the cavern beneath us appear to be are diminished. Logan has had to sacrifice much to achieve this feat.

While Logan writes his epic, the party spend the week in the city. Turf walk the wall while Mebh and Broc provide marital training to the locals. We notice that they learn exceptionally quickly and all participate willingly as part of their social duty.

Talk to the spirits in the catacombs in the Carrick

  • The spirit was one of the Defenders that trapped the Elder Brain. Some of the people involved are still alive
  • The people that are still alive are aware of our presence and believe we are helping them. They are too busy to contact us. If we deal with the Defenders it may relived the pressure on them and provide them time to contact us
  • The books were stolen by one of the Defenders and used on the Elder brain, it was not part of their original plan.
  • The Invaders live mostly in the water, but occasionally the air
  • Most of the Invaders are 10-12 feet long, their GTN is unknown
  • The undead are an unfortunate side effect of the defenders actions
  • Spirits are given a choice to stay and help or have a second chance. Extreme souls transcend this choice
  • The mana draining effect extends to about 200 ft
  • The spirits in the city were aware of our arrival
  • There is knowledge the spirits cannot share with us as it is forbidden. We may be compromised.
  • The channeling of mana from backfires/critical is a beneficial purpose. The spirits will not reveal this purpose
  • Scrying is *very* difficult for the Invaders to perform. Scrying is more effective for the defenders.

Horrors of Truip

Discuss findings with the Master in the city and act as a conduit to allow him to talk to the spirit. We identify that crystal magic resonant better.

We discuss heading to Truip and each of us are provided a stone from the city walls that provide us the abilities of the local to detect undead.

We arrive at Truip on Turf carriage. It is a small village that resides beside a river, the village has a small jetty to cater to river traffic.

Talking to the locals we discover much. The neighboring village, Dwaring, was recently destroyed by the what we believe to be the Undead Beholder, it killed a family off this village but was chased off (this is unusual, it could easily destroy them all?)

A functional malachite mine is located near the city, but has become disused as there are not enough miners. The mine is safe, but run down, people occasionally visit. The beer is reputed to cure disease, DA shows there is truth in this. Everything that grows in the village is curative. The village owns two weapons of magic weapons, Wijah, they are excellent against undead.

The water from upstream is curative, but once this passes the docks it appears to lose its abilities.

Area under village is not scryable. An entrance is detected under the docks which is protected by Runes. Divinating them set them off with Turf and Broc compelled to enter. Ithilmor, Broc and H are they also effected. The intervention of Gabrial saves Broc from death and return to him his mind. Broc and Tien protect Ithilmor and H from the undead while Maeb and Logan attempt to bring Turf back to his senses. Recovering his mind Maeb and Turf dive into the water and swim into the battle. The tide turns against the undead and a powerful mind flees the battle. The party pursue and defeat undead Calimar, but the mind escape through a cavern and past an iron door. The party eventually make their way through the iron door to reveal a large cavern containing 5 chained women and hundreds of eggs. The powerful mind has escaped through a tunnel protected by two Symbols. H disarms the first, but the second casts madness on the party. The party use resists, through the use of special magics, to throw off the urge to kill themselves. The tunnel is filled with water but Logans eye glimpses a vision of an underwater city before it is extinguished.

The eggs have an aura of human hybrids. The woman are rescued but are incoherent/insane and the eggs burnt. Returning to the surface we identify four villages that have the human/hybrid aura, they have lived in the village for years, the oldest for 60 years. (were they born there are they clones?)

The World Changes

Hepatitis decides he has enough information and will attempt to depart through Carrock, we take the opportunity to summon Father Rowan - and the world changes. The bells of the city begin ringing, and the din continues throughout the day. We later learn this is caused by the Light Of Reason that Rowan possesses. After some discussion with the locals and exploration we discover the magical field around the city has grown by a number of miles and conduit to another plane appears above the city. Those pacted member of the party can commune with their gods and we learn now the connection to others plane allows the Power to understanding what is occurring on Lyrange - the PoD wish us to stop what is happening and PoL wish this to continue. The pacted part members heal quickly in the city. We fear parties external to the plane will now involve themselves.

Travelling back to Truip we discover the draining effect is magnified and many of our items loose this magical potency - everything is drained 6 ranks. We retrieve the insane woman and return them to Truip, one of them begins reading Logans Book. The undead begin a march to Carrock.

Waiting until evening, Ithilmor sprinkles magical dust on the carriage allowing us to fly to the dark city the winds told us about. There is a large flash of light in the sky [Illithid cruiser?]. A huge wave of magic strikes Logan, be he resists. The journey becomes more dangerous as the weather turns unnaturally bad and the skies fill with lightning. Piercing lights cut through the dark clouds, we land the carriage before we are destroyed.

An enormous flying ship, a kilometre in length, descends through the clouds and looks in crush the party. Fortunately Father Broc is able to tear the fabric of the plane that leads to his portal in the Inn at Carrock. The magic doesn't work as expected and we find ourselves at the Inn, but in shadow plane. We are on the plane of Angles and are attacked by a pack of dogs. Tearing a hold back to Lyrange we escape through, however Ithilmor is killed in the process and her very essence shredded, however powerful magics in her possession return her to life. The Inn is partially burnt down in the combat, the party heal up and Broc explains his desire to see Ithilmor to be married.

Into the breach

We make a decision to attack the flying vessel and fly back. We see hundreds of troops being deployed as we approach. Broc summons natural sunlight from the sky as we approach, burning the troops and ship (and weapons aimed at us), we land in one of the openings into a deployment bay.
We open a door via a crystal control, resisting a mental assault, and engage Illithid that are waiting for us. Resisting sonic and mental attacks we beat them off, we believe an Elder Brain is controlling and directing the troop that attack us.

Broc tinkers with the large light device that the Illithid were point at us, setting it to high power he points it at the next door - and it explodes. Everything within 101 feet of the device are vaporised, creating a large hold within the ship. Broc was standing 100ft away from the device and would have been annihilated, if not for powerful protective magics.

Run through the corridors at high speed we begin breaking pipes charged with energy, and lights begin blinking. We follow the spirits of the Illithid we slay, as they are heading toward the Elder Brain, and we find ourselves in an enormous room with many mechanical devices - an engine room. The devices begin glowing as the doors slam shut, and we begin weakening. We try a variety of ways of breaking through the doors, which make some progress, and Tien attempts to turn the door phantasmal cause our world to explode. Another large explosion, centred on the party, vaporises everything within a few hundred feet and we live only through the grace of powerful magics.

Floating past a number of exposed decks we see hundreds of Illithid moving toward us. Fight our way through a small group we are faced by a transparent door, through which we can see a large carpet running though a centre corridor of the ship. Testing the door it sucks in Logans Wizard eye, and the ability to cast it. Forcing the door open we face a vacuum, but are saved by the bound air Rowan maintains around us.
Moving into the corridor it appears hundreds of feet long, with the carpet disappearing in both directions. Large tentacles emerge from the carpet and begin stripping magic from the party. Broc destroys the carpet using cockatrice poison, turning it to stone. At this point clacksons begin ringing and bulkheads slam down - we finally have their attention. As we move forward we hear loud grinding noises, vibrations rim through the section we are in and we experience a falling sensation.

The sounds of a large crash rings through the ship and light appears through broken parts of the ship. We make our way though the breach into the light to see the ship disappearing into the sky, the section we were in has been jettisoned. Broc begin tell Turf of his childrens bad habits, and earns a piercing look from Ithilmor.

The ship is flying at a tremendous speed, it is unlikely we will catch it flying, but we more to be concerned about as a number of large objects are fired at us from the ship. These are known to be devices of enormous destruction - they will explode with an effect similar to a light and dark sphere touching.

Out of this world

Short of choices Broc tears the fabric to reality to go somewhere else whist expressing his sadness of the lack of grandchildren. Normally he targets his rune stick, but with none active he is praying the magic will still function - and uses a luckstone to guarantee a good result. The party are saved from certain death. We step through the portal into fields, leading aside the portal a wave of light and energy erupt though. Gathering or senses we examine our surroundings and we note the fields are extremely ordered - we are on a plane of Aboric. Looking through the portal we observe massive destruction, everything in sight is vaporised, however this destruction exposes a layer or crystal that lay beneath the surface!

Our discussion are cut short as we observe a large flying figure heading toward us. It is an Angel, sent from the city to guard the portal. Broc greets this holy creature, and before we can stop him, accepts an invitation to meet Metron, the voice of a God. The Angel has no name, so we call him Jeremy, and convince him to teleport us to the city in order to avoid the 11 day walk.

Metron is busy (phew) and instead we meet with Balor Alysia, a senior Angel. He understanding our noble deed and offers some limited assistance

  • Holy water and foam from the Clestaial Sea
  • Repairing Mebh shattered Holy Lance.
  • Enhancing Turfs holy Aura (which requires an afternoon of posing in the local arena)

The is much they cannot tell us, but they have assigned a voice that can discuss the issue with us. Lead through the Alley (and not paying the coin) we appear on Greyhalk and head to see a surprised Layfaykr. Over tea in his library he explains he walk told a few days ago he would be their voice and reveals some surprising facts.

The Powers of Light planned to turn the plane into a new, special purgatory. This would allow all souls a second chance, consequently this would reduce the number of souls heading to hell to a trickle (only a fool would refuse a second chance over an eternity of hell). This plan was created and enacted out of space and time, and all those involved has their minds wiped - so none would discover the plan.

The plan is on track, but the Power of Madness are on the plane, attempting to twist the purpose. Only a mortal group (the party) can ensure the success of the plan. We must find and destroy the Book of Vile Darkness - this is the only thing that can prevent the success of the grand vision.

We use Layfaykr library and learn the controller or the BoVD is Mane, The Lord of Charms, who was destroyed some years ago.
While pondering this discover Turf speaking aloud the name Mane, asking what his motivations are - in his head he hears the word "Freedom".

We discuss the plans a little further and Puck suddenly appears from the corner of the library. An unusually looking short person with goblinoid features, he was looking to be somewhere else and gleefully agreed to join us. Father Rowan drools in delight when we hears Puck holds tarot cards of power, and eagerly cuts a deal for the party to view the cards.

Chaming Company

Back on track we ask the library what can protect us from Mane, we are directed to Searphim, a powerful and dangerous immortal. As a Victorian he cannot bring harm to ladies so Tien, Mebh and Ithilmor travel down dead end alley to find themselves in Victoria. The quickly learn that assumptions are made about beautiful unescorted ladies, following some terse conversations the ladies make when way to Searphim.

Treated well and making exchanges for magical handkerchiefs, they are provided a cage that contains an individual whom Searphim describes are a bandiwaster - the immortal Beau, the Lord of Charms. Pleased to be released from his prison he readily agrees to accompany the beautiful ladies on their journey and provides them Lucky Charms, wine, cheese and compliments.

Back at Lawfakyrs Beau introduces himself to the party and reveals they are hunting his father, Mane - a cad and scoundrel. At the mention of Manes name Beau hears him voice and they begin a long exchange. Beau charms Mane and learns is trapped and drained of power, residing in a fortress NE of Carrock.

The Big Lie

A decision is made to head to the fortress and the party travel to Lyrange and fly to the castle. As we approach we learn from Mane we are expected and known to be flying, so we travel by carriage the rest of the way. Mebhs expert military eye leads us through the traps and we enter beneath the fortress via a hidden portcullis that is open, but made to look trapped. The church is surrounded by a magical field is undetermined power

We make our way to a large staircase leading to the centre of the fortress and our magic begins to be drained. Beau charms his way past the trap, which is extremely easy, implying that the trap is constructed from charm power. Making our way through large bronze doors we are confronted by a being that has the form of mane, but is revealed to be the Father of Lies, an immortal of great power. The castle is a lie, and maybe Mane is as well.

Knowing we were outclassed, the plan was for Puck and Tien to use their cards to build a joint house that if successful would be both a fortess and means of escape to the Astral. While the others provided a distraction, Puck & Tien build their house founded on truth runes laid down by Fr Broc and named with an element of truth by Turf. Truth runes to weaken the power of the Father of Lies and naming it with element of truth in the hope that some element of truth will proprogate through all the Father of Lies houses. Unfortunately, it turned out that the house was not a castle but a mere shack made to look like a house. Another lie.

The FoL was toying with us until he realised what we were trying to do, then things got serious. During the fight Tien released a phoenix, which combined with the elements of truth surrounding the fortess brought the plane out of the lie, into existence, heralding the dawn of a new age. Somewhat weaken, FoL tried to flee as Father Broc prays to Gabriel for her presence, we use powerful magics to prevent him fleeing and the fight becomes vicious. The partys years of experience and powerful magics allow them to survive the onslaught until Gabriel appears - the Father of Lies surrenders.

The Big Truth

As the dust settles The Father of Lie agrees to tell us what he knows in exchange for banishment to the abyss to 100 years. We cut the lie from the stomach of Mebh and she staunchly stays conscious throughout the procedure. He offers us power if we taken the secret of his presence to the Place of ultimate Winter and freeze it there.

We learn the Father had resided on the plane for a great deal of time, the plane was a lie and provided him power. He was the possessor of all the books and used them to trap evil creatures of power that opposed the Plan, he trapped them beneath all cities and used them to fuel the Plan. However Byron Salisbury (the Gaunt Man) is a powerful namesless Horror and soul eater is using the plane for his own purposes. The evil souls that will head to hell are offered a choice for a minion of Byron, they are redirected to soul villages to wait to be reborn as Horrors. Byron is also the puppet master behind the Calimar and Great Old Ones, pulling their strings for his only evil purpose.

We take the books to Lawfakyr for disposal. He arranges to return the Book of madness to the Library of Leng. The Book of Vile Darkness can be permanently destroyed if consumed by a demon, so we arrange to summon a tiny, weak demon and force it down its throat.

Our next objective is to disrupt the plans of Byron Salisbury and slay him if possible. As a nameless one he will be weakened is given a Name. As a new age has passed we may ask the Library another question
Q - What is the true weakness of Byron Salisbury
A - Die on his home plane, stabbed to death by his own walking stick
Q - The ITN of the walking stick
A - Hekaton
Q - What is the best Name to give Byron Salisbury
A - Byron Salisbury
Q - What is the home plane of Byron Salisbury
A - XXX. It is destroyed.
Q - A map to located Byron Salisbury
A - Provided
Q- A map to the location of any remains of his plane
A - A map to the British Museum in Victoria.

We head to Victoria and are intercepted by Seraphim and banned from the Library. He directs us to the plan of Edwardia, where a piece resided and suggests we slay some Re'lyh. It is known cults to the Great old ones reside here.

The Plot Goes Sideways

The Lord of Patterns provides each member of the party with a Patterned Cloak so that wearer will always be dressed in the most appropriate clothing for the enviroment. We travel through the Pattern to arrive in a large beautiful garden. We are greeted by Sir Jerome Hastabul Arkins, the Master of the Gardens, an immortal who was alerted to our arrival by Seraphim, whom he particularly doesn't like but supports. We are shown the magnificence that is Kew gardens while we discuss the predicament. Sir Jerome tells us that Byron Salisbury is a member of the artisocracy in Edwardia and patron of Wallis Simpson. He also provides us with vital info regarding true death of Byron Saisbury

  • must be challenged to a duel
  • fight the duel in the morning
  • stab through the heart with his own cane
  • and on his own plane (or within anything that extends his own plane). It has been rumoured that Byron Salisbury destoryed his own plane.

A piece of the plane can be found on an island that comes and goes, off the coasts of Easter Island, called R'hleh. We can take the Steamer Torrent with Lord Ernest Shackleton to get there. Sir Jerome agrees to provide us with the transportation if we agree to
1) Have the Wallis Simpson's marriage to the King Edward annulled by the head of the church - the Supreme Swami Kashiva. The Swami is located in the oldest temple of Shiva, in the capital of Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh, India.
2) Steal the Black Diamond of Shiva from the the bishops of the church, in Lucknow
3) Steal the Black Diamond of Kali from the White Tower of London

The twice divorced Wallis Simpson is married to the King but is looking to divorce the King. This will cause a scandal and damage the world order of the Empire. Sir Jerome has discovered that Wallis Simpson is a catholic. As a catholic, divorce is not recognised, only annulments. If her earlier marriages were not annulled, then she would be bigamist and her marriage to the King would be null and void, saving the Kingdom. This is more than a matter of social embarrassment, Wallis is also a horror and has slowly introduced horrors to powerful positions in the Kingdom. If the Black Diamond of Kali can be acquired and matched with a Black Diamond of Shiva, enabling Shiva to dance then the effects of the horrors will be reduced/overcome.

We may travel to India via steamer under Captain Oats or travel instantly via the Red Garden, which is inhabited by Vampires. The bishops of the church are all Rakshasa, evil spirits with power of illusions, immune to most magic. Wearing skins of Rakshasa will enable the wearer to see through illusions and recognise other Rakshasa disguised as humans.

It happens that a secret club, the House of Trikalion, on Mayberry Street, Central London is frequented by Rakshasa. We set off to the club via carriage and burst into the kitchens. Unfortunately Pug throws in an alchemical pineapple that explodes, killing innocent staff. Chaos ensures as men in formal ware fell the well appointed smoking room. The party battle and defeat a horror that bursts from a human body and located a lair of Rakashas in the basement of the building in the middle of sacrificing an unconscious woman. Another fight ensues and all killed except for a single Rakshasa, trapped within the branches of a tree.

The Rakshasa surrenders to the party. Against Turf wishes, the party accepts its surrender in exchange for information and agreement not to harm any more innocent. After obtaining whatever useful information from the Rakshasa, Turf was prevented from killing it by the timely intervention of Fr Broc.

Pug creates butcher goblins that begin skinning the dead Rakshasas.

Up the Garden Path

Returning to Jeromes Gardens we discuss with him our journey and are distracted by a charming painter whom draws a beautiful, but revealing, painting of Ithimor. Much to the surprise of the party the painting can be entered and the location within the painting reached.

We discuss Jeromes difficult with twilight points arrange to summoned him to his Twilight garden in Edo. There we meet the gardener Lord Naruba, some part members take part of his tea ceremony with various concubines. The garden is occupied by whipping willows, many of which appear to contain entities. Turf pick some tulips for Ithilmor, not realising they may change her sex.

Discussion moves to the mission at hand and we learn Captain Oats, and notorious individual, has been seen in Lucknow. Philip, one of Jeromes agents, provides us minotaur and maze broaches, then creates a maze to Lucknow.

The Delights of Lucknow

The party arrives at a large, dirty city heaving with people of many different races. We push our way past many people willing to aid us, for a price, and make out way to a tavern at the railway station. The inhabitants of the tavern are mostly retired members of the military that direct us to the main temple in exchange for a few drinks. The temple appears to enhance illusion and shape changing while suppressing divination magic.

Arriving there we pay an exorbitant price in bribes to various staff and find ourselves in the presence of Cardinal Gishua. The cardinal appears to be an overfed man of wealth that tries to extort additional monies from us, until we hypnotise him.

The Underside of Lucknow

With directions to the captured Swami we make our way through a maze of corridors until we are challenged by guards and combat ensues. The guards are discovered to be wooden golems so the party abandons non lethal tactics and move with haste. A loud alarm sounds and the party fight their way through magical traps, guards and priests before encountering a dozen Rakshasa . The are extremely resistant to magic channelling their wounds away, but the party traps them behind a maze and makes their way into the guarded chamber.

The Horrors of Lucknow

The bare chamber contains dozens of babies and the swami behind bars. The Rakshasa, cutting their way through the maze, are channelling their damage to the children. The party is horrified and quickly discuss the method of saving the babes, the conversation is cut short when Mebh reveals they are occupied by the souls of horrors and are beyond redemption. Putting aside their disgust the foul creatures are slain and Swami saved before Broc portal the party back to the tavern.

One Last Thing

Quickly abandoning Lucknow the party are transported back to Edo by Philip in the company of the Swami and the black diamond status. Impressed with the parties progress they rest with refreshing cups of tea while Jerome explains he does not hold the white diamond statue, it is one of the jewels in the crown regalia - he was sure he mentioned that previously.

The Swami provides the group with papers and raises Broc to the Bishop of Leicester. With these and the patterned clothing Seraphim provided the party plan to talk their way into the White tower, the heavily guarded location of the regalia.

We sit with Jerome in his garden as he explains the next steps. The Tower of London (The White Tower) was once part of his house, but was annexed by some force. Beefeaters guard the tower, but the threat to worry about are their corgis. Jerome breed corgis for 1000 years and they are creatures to be feared - their necks can extend 12ft and, most important, they remove from reality anything they bite. If the take your hand you will never regain that hand again.

A Masterful Plan

After must concerned talk Mebh proposes a plan - we obtain a bitch in heat to distract the corgis. The cogies were cross breed with a beast of the moors, which would be the ideal creature to distract them with. The beast consumes madness, so we infect a goblin and take him with us. While preparing for our visit to the moors we encounter Dr Sebil Wilson, the healer that runs the Bedlam Asylum, and he strengthens Logan's mind against horrors (almost killing him in the process).

Bundles of "Joy"

Jerome creates a maze to the moors and soon after our arrival we encounter a hag at a crossroads. She can direct us to the beast, Orenfell, but in exchange for a gift Ithilmor presented from she 'blesses' her with a hag pregnancy. She attempts the same with Mebh but she is already pregnant with a goblin, this was apparently caused by a disease of Pucks (pregnancy is a disease to goblins). Much swearing and many threats follow.

We follow the path we are directed towards and eventually arrive at a lake and summon Orenfell - a red haired barbarian looking woman emerges from the waters. She agrees to our plan, but only is she wrestles one of the men - promising not to kill of tear off the arms of her opponent. Turf steps forward, soothing pain on his arm, and the test of strength follows - Orenfell breaks the agreement and tears off Turfs arm. Father Rowan uses powerful magic to reattach the arm to the stoic Turf, so intrigued by this Orenfell tears off Turf arm again so she may watch the process again. Following some further pained discussion Orenfell, having drunk a potion of virility, is bound into a cage and Turf arm is repaired again.

Back on Track

Having returned to London the party head to the tower and, using a treasure map, make their way toward the crown jewels. Bluffing as far as they can Orenfell is released and chaos erupts - she head through screaming and shouting guards toward the House of Lords with a ravenous appetite. Making the most of the distraction the party fight their way past guards and locate the crown jewel, a silver whistle that can control the corgis and an entombed body of King George. The body contains a horror that is emanating an aura of dread. The instant we trap the horror in our cage the Tower returns to Jerome house and he appears to take control.


Returning to Kew gardens, the ladies commune with the willow trees to transfer their "blessings". The diamonds are joined to end the marriage while Turf reads the Book to learn a word of creation. The party then discuss the next steps. Puck is left beaten and tied to a tree, giving him time to consider the error of his ways.

We attempt to departing the plan via our magic, but fail. Over a pot of tea Jerome explains our only way exit from the plan is via the Island of Relay, that contains a Great Old One. But the good news it also contains an item to use against Byron Salisbury.

Sea Voyage

Captain Shackleton, a famous explorer and ally of Jerome, is at hand to transport us on his steam ship. We are all offered whiskey upon boarding the ship, and offer we are not allowed to refuse as horrors, like the traitorous Captain Oats, cannot consume whiskey.

Strangely the ship maintains a temperature of 18C and all the crew wear warm woollen jumpers, we are provided warm red woollen jumpers ourselves. We steam out of the harbour and some hours later find ourselves transported thousands of miles near a small set of islands known as the Coral Gardens. We face a week in rough seas to reach our destination, Shackelton assures us it should be an uneventful trip unless a Kraken attacks.

One the third day we beat off a ferocious attack from a Kraken with the loss of a few crew members. Father Rowan, driven by the desire for loot, pursues the fleeing Kraken, alone, through the depths of the sea as the Steamer sails away with the ship bound party. Only through powerful magic does the party manage to recover his body, which still contains life.

There She Blows

Tired of her red jersey Itholmor looks for one that matches her eyes, and finds a fetching blue. The apparel does indeed matches her eyes , but also makes her the Researcher - the advantages is she may answer correctly any question we ask, the disadvantage that if the answer isn't known Itholmor will obsess over the answer. Learning the jerseys have power Broc wears purple and becomes the ships councillor and offers blindly obvious advice. Itholmor convinces Turf to wear Green to become the Admiral - he will win the next naval encounter, but die for his efforts.

The next afternoon the lookouts spot a creature, a Doom Whale - the good news is that it is not a Kraken, the bad news is that it eats Kraken and is heading straight for the ship. After much frantic activity Itholmor explains the only method of killing the beast is by ramming it head on. Battering down the hatches and lashing Mebhs lance to the bow we stoke the furnaces and charge the creature. Known we are doomed even if we succeed Turf proposed to his love, Ithilmor, and they are married by her father in a hasty ceremony. Turf takes a potion and leaps from the prow of the boat toward the Doom Whale an instant before impact - the Fates are on his side and the 400ft whale is sucked into the tiny cage he holds. Turfs body is recovered, but he is not slain as an Admiral because his great deed of heroism. Turf us forced into retirement, but looses use of his legs. They ship spends the next week reaching its destination, with Ithilmor locked in a cabin with Turf tending to his recovery.

Land Ahoy

We finally reach our destination and take a row boat to the shore of the island, with a tame air elemental in tow. The island is covered is basalt structure and strewn with seaweed. The architecture of the island is weird and chaotic, chunks of each structure is missing and strange runes cover many surfaces. The stars above the island are different and alien. We use a treasure map to lead us to a temple and we recover a sword, belt and buckle from a body. Our activity wakes the Elder beast and we use a second treasure map to locate and flee through an arch, a planar portal.

We arrive on a dead plane, a blackened scorched landscape where all life has perished - a victim of Byron Salisbury. The arch is still present and we tune it to travel to Lyrange.

The world that we left has been devastated, we fly to Lyrange and talk to the locals. The world appear to be drained, the undead are gone and the people of the world are fading away. Our nemesis has connected 'thread bridges' to the plane and will drain the world until it is a dried husk.

The ladies, rescued some week earlier, are sane after reading the Book of Logan. The have a creation point each, but pass this to us knowing their survival relies on our success. Ithilmor uses a point to allow Turf to read the Book of Vestages, he may now inflict a name on our nemesis. Beneath the city the Elder Brain is gone and the crystals are grey, but still transforming. A necromantic counterspell is placed over the site and we depart.

Waiting Villages

We magical search for portals, the there are millions of infinitesimally small ones everywhere. One concentration lead us through a cave to a waiting village - a small pocket plane containing dormant souls awaiting rebirth as horrors. We are trapped there and begin exploring. Father Rowan changed form to a cat, this transformation trippers the latent magic of the pocket plane and he is transformed to a maggot dripping horror - fortunately his mind is intact. He fades out of existence and summoning him has no affect. All the magic of the village is faintly necromantic.
We locate an infinitesimally planar exit, what Broc expands with his magics. We may pass through one by one, and Mebh is the first to face the gigantic spider-horror that awaits us. Are the party arrive they find Mebh impaled on its claws and fighting for her life. The party wear the creature down and it depart with Mebh, so she uses a powerful ring to send herself to the Lunar Empire.

The horror return to impale Turf and he uses the Trump of Fate to avoid decapitation. The horrors is slain by Tien before if slays an almost dead Turf. The party heal up and Father Rowan and Mebh are successfully summoned back.

We follow the horrors train and locate the lair, this contains dozens of desiccated bodies and many arches that are portals to other planes - including Edwardian, the city under the sea where we see a Victorian house and Abysmal city and through another a desolate plane that contains nothing but a tower of writing bodies that extends into the clouds!

Returning to Edwardian we meet with Jerome and share our discoveries. He had not known of the horrors portal to the world. The party visit Bedlam to have their minds fortified against undead and plan their assault against the House of our nemesis. The Doom Whale will provide a useful distraction against the Abysmal city and it chews it way through the inhabitants. We learn magic of the arches provides users the ability to survive in the world they enter, so we will be able to live in the depth of the seas.

The End

The party visited Lyrange and Alusia to gather magic for the oncoming battle. Receiving the panting of the House from Jerome we notice the same tower of writhing bodies of tentacles in the background, the party tightening their bowels.

Making their way back to the horror lair they step through the portal into the deeps sea, and then travel through the painting to arrive in the garden of the Victorian House. The house is surrounded by magic that protects it from the water. The party enact the first part of their cunning plan and release the doom whale from the yard, pointing it toward the Calimar city and yummy titbits. Calimars mind power seem ineffective against a 400ft Doom whale with an appetite. We receive an unpleasantly close look of the tower of bodies what is behind the house.
With Father Rowan transformed into his horror form we march past the undead guarding and into the house. As we traverse the house, following a treasure map, we learn that the house is a living entity, a horror itself. Turf stares too hard and the Victorian interior changes into internal organs and gnashing teeth, his mind a weakened by this sight. Warning the others they walk with much more care.

Reaching the basement of the house we enter an enormous room with an enormous machine. Hundreds of unconscious bodies are connected to the machine, its engine draining the souls. We learn the machine is a probability machine that alters reality, changing the plane to a waiting village. A creation point is used to alter the nature of the machine to create a plane for its turn purpose - to collect souls and offer them a second chance. Explosions rock the house as the plane is forced back it its natural purpose. The party stumble from the house and across the garden as Byron Salisbury steps from the tower of bodies. After a brief discussion most of us decide we must engage Salisbury, lest he undo the damage we have created.

Endurance and grievous blows and Byron Salisbury seem not to both him as he lays waste to the party. Naming him does not succeed, but it significantly weakens him. He decapitates Father Rowan once and Turf twice before fleeing back up his tower. The party rejoice, briefly, until the surging water floods the area occupied by the house. They spend the next hour locating their equipment, each other, and Father Rowans dead body.

The plane is saved, its purpose is now sealed and the denizens of hell are weakened.


  • City of Carrock - a fortified city with a large population. Contains a Church of Divine Light. There is an aura over the city of clarity and goodness. All the people within the city are impacted, the city inhabitants appear egalitarian, everyone is reasonable and kind.
  • Truip - a small town that the part should visit
  • Library of Leng - a library that containing forbidden knowledge
  • Aboric - plane of order
  • The Dark Citadel - the fortress occupied by the Father of Lies
  • Edwardian England - a plane.
  • Ultimate Winter - a plane.


  • Titvilius - sent as a diplomat by the demons
  • Varock - a witch finder located in Carrock
  • The Master - an esteemed local of Carrock.
  • Jeremy - Angel of the plane Aboric
  • Mane - an immortal . The Lord of Charm. Impersonated by the Father of Lies to attract the party
  • Beau - an immortal . The Lord of Charms (note the plural)
  • The Father of Lies - a powerful immortal with the Power of Lies.
  • Byron Salisbury - a nameless horror.
  • Lawfakyr - a powerful ally.
  • Rakshasa - creatures of evil and masters of illusion
  • Supreme Swami Kashiva - head of the Church of England.
  • Sir Jerome Hasdrubal Barca - The Master of Gardens (immortal)

Notable events

  • Broc saving the party from certain doom
  • Broc enthusiastically accepting an invitation to speak to a God.
  • Mebh proposing the Dark Fortress is a big Lie, and the party not listening.
  • Broc summons Gabriel to defeat the Lord of Lies and save the party.
  • Father Rowan chased down a kraken, alone, and survives.

Information and Rumour

The big picture

The Powers of Light planned to turn the plane into a new, special purgatory. This would allow all souls a second chance, consequently this would reduce the number of souls heading to hell to a trickle (only a fool would refuse a second chance over an eternity of hell). This plan was created and enacted out of space and time, and all those involved has their minds wiped - so none would discover the plan.

Immortals are involved;

  • Aingra Mainyu - The Father of Lies

They are involved is corrupting the plan.
Also involved: The greatest of the High Lords, Lord Byron Salisbury (aka The Gaunt Man)
He ruled from his sinister holdfast, Illmound Keep and his darkness device, Hekaton, took the shape of an enormous human heart. He possesses a powerful artifact called Wicked, a mirror that gives him insight into the Nameless One.

The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


Magic Rk Effects Dur Enh Dur (R17) Caster Broc Ithilmor Logan Mebh Rowan Tien Turf  
Witchsight 20 10.5h 19h Ithilmor
Strength of Darkness 13 +8 PS 140m 270m Ithilmor
Feather Falling Mebh
Aura of Power 15 +22 DEF, 6 DM Reduction 8 hrs 15.5h Logan
Sense Observation 10 Sense magical scrying 11h 21h Logan
Unscry 10 Stop scrying with backlash 5.5h 10.5h Logan
Vapor Breathing         Mebh
Smite         Broc
Greater Heart Rune 9 Heal 7 EN when EN damage taken 9d 19d Broc
Truth Rune 12 PC+24% to spot deceptions 130m 270m Broc
Rune of Willow Healing 12 Regenerate 3 EN for 14 Pulses 24h 48h Rowan



Spring: Thaw (10)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 Talk to demons 3 Talk to angels. Depart 4 Arrive. Fight. Summon Mebh 5 Investigate magic 6 Investigate magic
7 Big Book of Logan 8 Big Book of Logan 9 Big Book of Logan 10 Big Book of Logan 11 Big Book of Logan 12 Big Book of Logan 13 Big Book of Logan
14 Fight Corner Dogs, Illithids 15 Plane of Aboric. 16 Plane of Aboric. 17 Plane of Aboric/Greyhawk. 18 Greyhawk 19 Lyrange - fight FoL 20 Greyhawk - book disposal
21 Edwardian 22 Edwardian - fight the Re'lyh 23 Edo 24 Lucknow and back to Edo 25 Create potion 26 Create potion 27 Create potion
28 Moors. White tower 29 Rest 30 Steamer
Spring: Seedtime (11)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1 Steamer 2 Steamer 3 Steamer. Fight Kracken 4 Steamer. Fight Doom Whale. Marry
5 Steamer. Recover 6 Steamer. Recover 7 Steamer. Recover 8 Steamer. Recover.
Rites of Thunor
9 Steamer. Recover 10 Steamer. Recover 11 Steamer. Recover
12 Island 13 Lyrange 14 Lyrange. Waiting village. Fight horror. 15 Prepare.
16 Fight Byron Saulsbury 17 Return to Alusia.
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
Spring: Blossom (12)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht