Casmira von Hecklyn

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Casmira is the daughter of Father Broc Von Hecklyn (aka Karys the Sage and Fenton von Hecklyn) who married Kasmira (a SAG adventurer) in 297 when they were inadvertently caught back in time during the Battle on the beach (where King Sigismund and his army fought a Drow invasion and caused the Ffenargh swamp to come into being) and they stayed behind while others in the party either returned to the present time (797) or went off with King Sigismund on his quest.

She was born on the 7th Snow 607 and her birthplace was in a farm in the forest some 9m north of Breidorf in Gracht. She is the 4th Daughter and 8th child of 11 children. Casmira is a Non Mage, specialist Fighter, Beast-master and Healer

Casmira has always had a gift for death and conversely life. She can kill in moments and then spend hours or days nursing sick animals and plants back to health. Cas was a soldier for 150 years until she decided to rejoin her family and perhaps settle down. She loves her family and would do anything to protect them.