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Arms of the Gabrielite Sect
Arms of the Gabrielite Sect

Gabrielites are the evangelical followers of the Archangel Gabriel. They are charged to spread the word of the Powers of Light, to convert entities to the faith, and to root out heresy and evil-doing. Gabrielites also check on the purity of the doctrine in established churches, and often work alongside Michaelines as inquisitors.

Gabrielites are found both in civilised areas, where they serve as scribes, clerks and preachers, and also in the most untamed wilderness, where they venture as missionaries to preach to the heathen, seek out new converts, and look for cults and other signs of corruption. Because of their close association with the Michaelines, Agents of Gabriel can always get free board and weapons training at Michaeline chapter houses.

Gabrielites usually wears robes of blue, or white edged with blue, and their symbol is the heraldic trumpet of their patron. The trumpet may have a banner attached, on which its name, Veritas (trans: Truth), is lettered in gold. Often more than one trumpet is shown (most usually three), symbolising a single truth spoken with many voices. Gabrielites usually only wear armour when dealing with the heathen. The Gabrielite sect tends to be suspicious of Mages, but understands their worth and will accept those that have unequivocally proven their austerity and self discipline.

The Gabielite day of worship is Moonday.

The relationship between Gabrielites and the other major sects will depend on the individual orders involved, but as a general guide:

  • Michaelines are zealous allies in the fight against the Powers of Darkness, although they may miss subtleties of doctrinal errancy and need to be guided at times.
  • Raphaelites are dependable, but rather stolid and lacking in enthusiasm. With their wide common following they could raise armies for Light -- but they do not see the potential.
  • Urielites are competent and pure of heart, but can be an obstacle when they choose to defend heretics as their knowledge of the law is second to none.
  • Sammaelites are an uncomfortable issue as Gabrielites too are scholars (and some are mages). However, given that sect's background the Garbrielites are still deeply suspicious and will be looking for signs of corruption and heresy.


Order of the Voice of Gabriel
A large Order, the Voice is dedicated to doctrinal purity in the Gabrielite sect, and scholarly pursuits (within established bounds). Delegates of the Voice (commonly known as Vox) study the doctrines and creed of other Gabrielite orders (and orders of other Sects with permission), seeking deeper understanding of the will and intent of their Powers, and bringing to light doctrinal deviations. Many Vox spend some time seconded to the Inquisition.
Order of the Bearers of the Word of Gabriel
An evangelical and proselytizing Order, the Bearers of the Word (also known as Wordbearers) are usually found outside of the areas where the Church is strong, seeking new converts and extending the hope of the Powers of Light to the heathen. This expansionist creed often brings them into conflict with adherents of other religions and while the Wordbearers prefer non-violent solutions this is not always possible.
Order of the Sanctity of Knowledge
A small order dedicated to finding and preserving knowledge in whatever form. The orders brothers are known as 'Lore-men' or 'Lore-keepers'. Their main house is in Dell Aristeas, Mordeaux but they have many smaller 'chapter houses'. It is understood that knowledge of evil is sought after and 'destroyed' by the members of this order.