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Location Southern Eltrandor
Population ~15500






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Visitor Tax:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month


Soulport is the 9th Largest in the Kingdom of Eltrandor and stands on a peninsula that abuts between the Felice River and the Soul Bay.

The width of the peninsula at the point the city sits is about 1 mile but it widens out before and after the city. The rock under the city is mainly basalt and other hard rocks but over time there have obviously been substantial sandstone deposits that have eroded over time to provide the city with its unique harbour within the walls.

The city still retains some of its reputation as a hive of slavers and villains but in recent times the city has been 'sanitised' by its previous ruler Axyl Palathar who has worked hard to cleanse the bad reputation and expel old influences from the city and its surrounding area. The cleansing of the area began in 796 and continues whenever foul slavers are found within the city and environs.

As of 807 the region has been designated a County, and bestowed upon Princess Karyna Con Sartra, as a way of consolidating power in loyal hands and weakening the influence of the last few evil lords remaining in Eltrandor. It is now called the County of Soulport, and allegiance is owed by the Countess (via the Duchy of Westport) to her father, King Ronan of Eltrandor.


Places of Interest

  • The Bastion
  • Tor D'Souls
  • Soulport Castle
  • Tooth and Nail Tavern
  • Whitestone Inn
  • Soulport Bibliothèque
  • Soulport Manor
  • The Soulport, house of Asheth

Areas within the city

  • Uptown
  • Vorst District
  • Sartra District
  • Merchant Side
  • The Mandibles
  • Dent District
  • Kingsgate
  • Queensgate
  • Westgate
  • Southgate
  • Eastgate


There are 4 separate areas that can be termed harbours within the city walls and these are;

  1. The King's Harbour,
  2. The Queen's Harbour,
  3. The Byway Inlet,
  4. The Docks

The King's and Queen's Harbours are both accessible by open water with the King's being open to Soul Bay and the Queen's open to the River Felice. From either of these harbours ships must transit the Byway Inlet to get to the Docks in the southern part of the city.

Many years ago Soulport was used by Slavers as one of the main ports for their trade. Large pens were situated in and around the port for the containment of slaves before their final disposition was arranged. Many of these pens have since been converted for other use but a few of the original pens remain, and are used for holding livestock.

Rune-mages and Necromancers need to be aware that the number of slave deaths near the docks means looking for spirits or death sites is nearly fruitless as there are thousands in the vicinity of the old slave pens.


Entry from either Soul Bay or the River Felice are via two waterways that pass underneath the city walls. The arches are over 300ft and are naturally eroded passages allowing access to the King's or Queen's Harbour. Further passages pass under the city to link with the Byway inlet and yet more to connect the inlet to the Docks.

The passages are all at least 200ft in width and have a height of at least 150ft so that all vessels may pass through with little concern. The passages have been formed over time due to erosion of the sandstone and the wave action in the area.


  • Arven Denjeit, the Chancellor/Steward of Soulport (as of Spring 807).
  • Gervais Hawkwinter, a Squire in the Court of Soulport (as of Spring 807).
  • Thomas Koch, a Runner for the Harbourmaster (as of Spring 807).
  • Davyd Harland, the Harbourmaster of Soulport (as of Spring 807).
  • Simon Langley, twin brother of Richard. Captain of the Guard - under Count Logan.
  • Richard Langley, twin brother of Simon.
  • Sabien Archer, a female guard
  • Archie Brackenfield
  • Gunter Neibracht, Treasurer to Count Logan
  • Lady Simone Silvermane, Chief Lady in Waiting to Countess Karyna
  • Lady Virae Lendrym, Lady in Waiting to Countess Karyna
  • Lady Alison Morth, Lady in Waiting to Countess Karyna
  • Sir Hugh de Melbard, personal guard to Countess Karyna

People of Note/Importance

Previous rulers

  • Axyl Palathar, Earl of Soulport
  • Karrinski, Count of Soulport - SGT 6 (Winter 1993/4AP, 794WK)
  • Aldren de Vonge, Earl of Soulport


  • Dramus and Teeanna d'Asheth. Good friends of the Count and Countess. Occasional participants in the local society calendar.
  • Carlos Serge la Grenoille, an ex-steward of Soulport who served under Axyl Palathar until 807. Carlos now runs the Golden Wheel Inn down near dockside.
  • Charles de Vonge, son (middle of 3 sons) of Aldren de Vonge - tall, dark haired, has an attitude - non colleged, rapier welding)
  • Lucielle de Vonge, daughter of Aldren de Vonge. An upper class lady who is currently awaiting a suitable suitor. Known friend of Jake de la Verain
  • Symon de Meldon - friend of Charles de Vonge
  • Charlotte Meryn - companion to Charles de Vonge
  • Chantelle Bryndar - companion to Charles de Vonge
  • Leanne Hume, a 'friendly' lass that can be found near the docks
  • Treena Stark, a 'friendly' lass that can be found near the docks
  • Brianna Wylan, daughter of Gunter Wylan of Gunters Emporium. Brianna is a lady of good standing although she engages in 'mercantile' pursuits unbecoming of a middle class lady such as she.




Crime and Punishment

Mundane Crime

Magical Crimes


Spring 807

A local ship plying trade up the Felice river is the 'The Sirens Revenge' under Captain Zoltan Treynch. It has a large red sail on the single mast, is 60 foot long and has a large cabin at the rear and smaller one at the front. The ship weighs approximately 30 tons and can carry 20 tons of goods. It has 1 deck below decks and positions to attach crossbows in 8 places onboard in order to repel pirates etc.


Recent History

Spring 807

Princess Karyna Con Sartra married Baron Logan of Newhaven on the 15th of Blossom 807. Karyna become the Countess of Soulport and Logan the Count of Soulport and undertook to continue the work of previous rulers in ensuring a better city for the future.