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Basalic is a 1.7m (5'7") tall human Earth Mage with violet eyes (they were brown until a certain demon enhanced them with 'Bless Crops'), sandy brown hair, and a tanned skin from outdoor living. He works as a farmer and horse breeder on Fireforge Farm, his ten acre freehold farm located about five miles upriver on the Sweetwater, from Seagate. His hobbies are rock collecting, exploring underground caves, and mountaineering. He's a good keen man and is willing to give nearly anything a go. Likes his ale, especially Bugman's Brew.

Is married to Flamis, a fire mage, and they have three children, a son, Emrys (born Autumn 796 WK) and two daughters: Rhiain (born Autumn 798 WK) & Cerys (born Spring 805 WK)

Currently the entire family has relocated to Bolton Manor so Basalic can assist Thorn in setting up the farms around the area. Fireforge Farm is currently still in his name but a resident farm manager/beast master looks after the place.

He was born in 771WK to a local farmer and was the fourth son. The young Basalic helped out on the family farm, but was fascinated by his uncle's (a retired Seagate adventurer) tales of adventure. So, when the father died, there wasn't really enough of the family farm to split up among the sons, Basalic decided to try his luck at this adventuring lark, and was full of ambition to become a strong force for Good and a Defender of the weak and downtrodden.

Well ... after several years of adventuring, he's still trying. He has become a skilled warrior but his dream of becoming a Paladin didn't quite work out, mainly due to his down to earth beliefs and managing to become the 'Forsaken of the Gods'. He has since become aligned to Thor, after a rather riotous party with the Asgardians. Because of this he is now considered a druidic earth mage, rather than the pacifistic one he once was.

Is rated as a high level adventurer. Mostly retired but will adventure if required.

Basalic's Warrior Guide

Magical Services etc

As well as providing a 'horsesitting' and horse training service at the farm, Basalic can also provide three month Lesser Enchantments (BC 60, rank 11) for other Guild adventurers. These are usually done at the Guild if this is the day of the Guild meeting or at the farm for the next week afterwards. He will charge 500sp per attempt. Outside that week, you would need to find him at Bolton Manor

Basalic has also recently obtained the Investment ritual and is offering scrolls of the following spells (Base Chances exclude Greaters but include Purification and Mistletoe).

  • Trollskin rank 15 (BC 72)- 1800sp.
  • Armour of Earth rank 20 (BC 87)- 2000sp
  • Strength of Stone (Endurance) rank 20 (BC 87) - 2000sp

Other scrolls can also be obtained on request.

As far as actual invested items go, the prices for those depend on how many charges and at what rank they are. The formulas for each are:

  • Trollskin: 250 * rank * num charges. At max rank of 15, that's 3750sp per charge. There are also the 'emergency lifesavers' (1 charge of Rank 1 trollskin) at 500sp each (BC = 28%).
  • Armour of Earth: 200 * rank * num charges. At max rank of 20, that's 4000sp per charge
  • Strength of Stone: 200 * rank * num charges. At max rank of 20, that's 4000sp per charge

The base chances for each charge as the same as the scrolls.

Again, investments for other spells can be obtained on request.


Talents etc

Coloured Darksight.

Basalic has acquired the Talent of Coloured Darksight. This Talent works exactly as Darksight/Darkvision, except it allows color to be seen as well as shades of dark and gray. At rank 20 this Talent doubles in range and Basalic may then grant this Talent to other people providing they are touching him (but not other people who are touching Basalic).


Basalic's skin has been altered by contact with Earthblood, the essence that forms elemental earth. Basalic's skin now appears a granite gray, is hard to the touch and provides him with 1pt of natural armor. This effect also means Basalic is treated as if standing on fresh Earth, even if he is no longer in contact with the ground.

Bless Crops

Basalic was given this Talent by Seir, while in his domain, as well as turning his eye colour from brown to violet

Effect of the Great Gems

  • The Great Beryl - Increased current and maximum Endurance by 1 (max now 22)
  • The Great Sapphire - Increased Magic Resistance by 1
  • The Great Ruby - Increased current and maxumum Fatigue by 1 (max now 23)



Basalic has been granted the additional warrior skill of changing his prepared weapon during combat as a free action. This ability may be used once per day plus one per 3 full warrior ranks to a maximum of 4 times per day. Currently 3 times/day.

Ritual of Create Garden

Gained from the Plantmaster during the adventure Up The Garden Path. It allows the user to create their own gardens.


Resist Pain

Affinity With The Land

Ritual Of The Hourglass

Major Items

Item Collection - Basalic
Where Angels Fear to Tread:Basalic's Loot

Major Spells

  • Detect Aura - 20
  • Coloured Night Vision - 8
  • Healing - 7
  • Lesser Enchantment - 11
  • Hands of Earth - 6
  • Strength of Stone - 13
  • Armour of Earth - 15
  • Diamond Weapon - 7
  • Wall of Stone - 8
  • Tunnelling - 10
  • Trollskin - 12
  • Conjure Earth Elementals - 7
  • Control Earth Elementals - 7

Major Skills

  • Horsemanship - 8
  • Climbing (with rope use) - 5
  • Artisan (Husbander) - 7
  • Artisan (Farmer) - 7
  • Beastmaster(Horses) - 5
  • Warrior - 8
  • Ranger(Caverns) - 4

Major Weapons

  • Battleaxe - 7
  • Boomerang - 7
  • Broadsword - 10
  • Estoc - 5
  • Glaive - 9
  • Grenado - 4
  • Shield - 4
  • Large Crossbow - 5
  • Mattock - 5
  • Quarterstaff - 5
  • Unarmed Combat - 6
  • Dagger - 6
  • Hand and a Half - 7

Wish List

  • Rank 9 Warrior
  • Rank 10 Warrior
  • The ITN of the Smiling Blade
  • The ability to converse with earth elementals

Played by Keith Smith