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-Played by Chris Ramsay-

Rhian is a 5' 5" 126lb female human ice mage of noble birth with Brunette hair, brown eyes and of pale complexion.

When in the guild or in town she has a sturdy, well-made pair of tramping boots but is otherwise skimpily dressed, wearing only very light and often rather revealing clothing, even in winter, and carry's a well-made tulwar. if adventuring or going hiking, she will wear a light desert outfit and her merchant tunic. her tulwar is sidearmed for a fine made Silver war-spear complemented with a heavy kite shield. She adventures with Her Loyal War-Horse Octavia.

While often quiet and distant from the rest of society, she is actually rather flirtatious and witty often been bluntly sarcastic unless in a very serious situation. She is very patronizing towards her brother, a low-rank fire mage. she enjoys the outdoors, going tramping, hunting, and collecting herbs in her spare time. Rhian dislikes the eccentrics of nobility that she had to endure. she, however, is not against the finer luxuries such a life affords - silken sheets, good baths, good food, and general respect from the locals at the market. despite this dislike, however, she is well versed in the politics and Etiquette of the local nobility and can comfortably socialize with her peers. Ironically, despite her usually skimpy attire, she has an impeccable dress sense for when an occasion demands.

having given up her chainmail undergarments as part of a deal for an ice demon to return her soul for her resurrection she now travels in her Battle Dress made at the Bazaar in the Plane of Air.


Rhiain was born in 798 WK and is the Middle child and the eldest daughter of Basalic and Flamis. she has an older brother Emrys and a younger sister Cerys

Rhiain's childhood years were rather quiet, she was often outdoors playing in the garden at fire-forge farm. when she was 9 she moved with her family to Bolton Manor so her father could assist the area in setting up productive farmland in the region. unfortunately, Rhiain was not enthused about the move and it was her mother who broke the news of the move to who, the starting of tensions between her and her mother.

When she turned 11, Basalic , noting her boredom of the place decided to invest some time in teaching her about surviving in the outdoors and living off the land, got a her a small hunting bow and knife. and starting taking her to where he was developing the farmlands and when not adventuring would sometimes take her on tramping trips while he investigated the highland hills on the nearby coast. although she had no interest in farming or raising of livestock she did enjoy riding horses. She did however taje great delight on the tramping trips to highlands, having great skill at tracking down small animals and hunting them with her bow. she enjoyed the outdoor camping and skills that came with it, as well as exploring and finding interesting rare herbs in the area. by the time she was 13, Basalic had given her a hunting spear and between that and her bow she was successfully hunting animals such as dear. Unfortunately neither Basalic nor Rhiain were great cooks, but her choice of herb seasonings always turned a meal decent.

While the tramping trips were fun and were common enough Flamis wouldn't let her explore on her own, on account of still been young, and instead on account of been a noble lady, would be wise to learn about the Etiquette and noble politics of the land. Rhiain disdained this with a passion but did not want to disobey her mother for fear of making her mad and having something set on fire. she was also never concerned about modesty. when she was a child this wasn't really a concern, but as adolescence started to kick in Flamis, not herself really minding been a bit of a tomboy herself, knew however that she would need to learn to dress properly like a lady, especially if guests were to be had over. While she did gain very good knowledge of these, it was the learning of wearing dresses and makeups that really started the unruly breakdown between Rhiain and her mother's relationship during her adolescent years.

(draft on timing, will need to confirm if 813 WK was plausible year for this event) when she was 15, during a tramping trip with her father Basalic in the early winter. leading up to the days were still reasonably warm and it was expected to be a mild winter and the weather was perfect for a tramp. (Basalic also had business at the low edge of the cliffs to determine suitability of growing apple trees in the area). However, in the third day, tramping at the top of the highland cliffs a sudden storm and freezing conditions that brought a lot of snow piling to over 4" thick in just one night. Basalic, who while an experienced adventure was use to unforeseen events like these happens had now however prepared for the very cold conditions they found themselves was deeply concerned about Rhiain. To his shock, Rhiain seem completely unconcerned about the freezing weather they were now in, had continued to pack up, still wearing a short-sleeved shirt, and no coat. as they hiked down the cliff face, Basalic also realized that, while he was struggling in the strenuous conditions to walk forward as his boots sunk deep into the ever-rising snow, Rhiain gracefully carried on, her boots leaving less of a boot print that it normally did in mud. this continued over the travels back to Bolton Manor where finally, after Basalic was able to warm up properly by the fire (which Rhiain completely ignored) that he came to the conclusion and, using his own magic, confirmed that Rhiain was an ice mage.

--Rhiain's Military Training and mission log is considered classified, Service time: 4 Years--

since joining the guild, living independently in the guild dorms, and maturing. Rhiain has come to terms with her mother, having a healthy understanding and appreciation for the skills Flamis had insisted she learn. as she continued to train at the guild in her ice magic she began to having a loving relationship with her mother, often coming for her with advice about adventuring, and has continued studying in the courtesan skills. She still maintains a strong relationship with Basalic.



Primary skills

  • Herbalist - 4
  • Military scientist - 4
  • Beast-Master 5
  • Ranger (highlands) - 4
  • Warrior - 1
  • Courtier - 5
    • Dress Sense specialization +1
    • Etiquette: Western Kingdoms
    • Etiquette: Merfolk Kingdoms

secondary skills

  • Spy - 1
  • Hunter - 2

Notable Magics

  • Weapon of Cold
  • Ice Armour
  • create Igloo
  • Resist Cold
  • Iceberg
  • healing (~earth)


Melee weapons

  • Tulwar - 4
  • Spear - 5
  • Dagger -4
  • Shield - 4
  • Unarmed - 1
  • mace - 0
  • warclub - 1

Ranged weapons

  • Shortbow - 2
  • grenado - 1