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Flamis (Felicity) deValiant is a 5'7" tall human female. She has strawberry blonde hair, which some have described as being the colour of a candle flame, and greenish/hazel eyes.

She was born in 774WK as the seventh child of Squire Edward DeValiant and his wife, Grace, in the village of Dottery, located in Ranke.

Her siblings are:

  • 1st - Robert, heir to the title
  • 2nd - Charity
  • 3rd - Geoffrey, currently acting as the local priest of the Powers of Light
  • 4th - Verity
  • 5th - Brian, works as a local forester
  • 6th - Guy, works as a local forester

Felicity grew up as a tomboy, preferring to do the things her brothers were doing, instead of learning to cook and sew with the rest of her sisters. Finally the Squire sent her off to apprentice with the local blacksmith, a dwarf by the name of Wolfgar LongAxe. She proved to be very adept at it.

All was okay until 790WK when there was an incident that resulted in the stables being burnt down. The cause was Felicity and it was discovered that she was a potential firemage. So, for her own safety, and for everyone elses, she was sent to the Seagate Guild for training, even though she was 16, two years short of the usual age of entry.

Currently she is married to Basalic. They were living on his studfarm just outside of Seagate but have since moved to Bolton Manor. They have three children, a son, Emrys (born Autumn 796 WK) and two daughters: Rhiain (born Autumn 798 WK) & Cerys (born Spring 805 WK).

She is also known as the Consort of the Eternal Champion.

Flash takes the air on his steed
Flash takes the air on his steed

Flamis can provide various Fire College Investments. Prices depend on what is required. The current price list is:

  • Scrolls
    • Fire Armour r15 - BC 115 - 1000sp
  • Investments
    • Dragonflames r10 - BC 91 - 4000sp per charge
    • Weapon of Radiance r10 - BC 108 - 2000sp per charge
    • Dragonsmite r10 - BC 93 - 2500sp
    • Fire Arc r10 - BC 90 - 2000sp per charge. Affects five entities per cast.


Flamis is played by Jacqui Smith