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Stonemetal Armour

This brown metal breastplate, once strapped on, will quickly cover the rest of the wearer's body as if they were wearing plate mail. For the purposes of putting it on, taking it off or general comfort, it's considered to be leather armour.
The weight factor is 4.5, it reduces AG by 2 and provides 10 Protection.
Whoever casts Strength of Stone or Armour of Earth on the wearer will pay one less point of FT.
If the armour's Protection value has been reduced because of a Specific Grievous Injury to the chest or back, it will cost 3,000 sp and take ten days to repair. All other damage will repair when the breastplate is put on after dawn the next day.
The wearer subtracts 10 from the die roll whenever they attempt to resist magic, making it more likely that they will succeed. It does not increase Magic Resistance.
If the Rank of the Armour of Earth is less than Rank 10, the armour will absorb one point of damage from any source, including magic, poison or disease. It will not affect the special damage of Specific Grievous injuries, however. If the spell is Rank 10 but less than Rank 20, the armour will absorb three points and at Rank 20 the armour will absorb six.
There is a bezel on the inside of the armour at about the place where the wearer's heart would be. A gem may be secured therein by a jeweller or goldsmith who will need to take about half an hour at the task. If this is done, then the wearer may destroy the gem to avoid damage.
It takes no particular time to destroy the gem, so the wearer may elect to do so at any time in the pulse without requiring any particular action. They may not use it when they are surprised, however.
For every gold shilling that the gem is worth, one point of damage is entirely avoided. No more than 75 points of instantaneous damage may be avoided in this way.
If Gem Creation is used to create a gem to set in the bezel, then the Rank of the spell replaces its value in gold shillings.

Adventure Season Plane of Origin Aura Nature of Magic Value Cursed etc.? GM
Where Angels Fear to Tread Autumn 810 Nualis Magical Earth 24,500sp px50 Jim Arona 021 076 9376

Black Swamp Dragonhide Armour

This is beautifully crafted hide armour in deep black. It will fit a human or elf between 5'6" and 6'6"

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Comfort
  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Protection: 8
  • AG: -1
  • Stealth: +5
  • Cost: 10,000

The armour is made of swamp dragonhide. In addition it is permanently waterproof, keeps the wearer dry, and allows the wearer to move unimpeded through swampy terrain.

King Ice Wurm Hard Leather Armour

This human sized Hard Leather armour is made of white leather with fine white scales.

  • Weight Factor: 2 (12 lbs)
  • Protection: 6
  • AG: 0
  • Stealth: 0
  • Cost: 20,625sp

NB Repairs to this armour may be done by any Rk 10 Armourer skilled in Leather. At the usual time of ½ a day per Spec Grev. and costing 1,875sp.

Drow Half Plate

This non-magical armour provides an armour value of 7, but has an AG penalty of 1 point. Weight: 20lbs. Size: Medium.

Golden Shield of the Emperor

This large round shield gives normal defense to the user. In addition, the shield provides a number of benefits to any weapon wielded with it:

  • For the purposes of calculating IV, the shield doubles the rank of the prepared weapon and warrior bonus.
  • It also gives +3 damage to the other weapon
  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Protection
  • Magically trapped, warded, or cursed: None
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Value: 7500sp

Helm of Tunnel Vision

This heavy helm adds 2 to EN but reduces PC by 5. It will absorb up to six spec grev blows to the head before being rendered useless (10,000sp and Rk8 armourer and one week to fix 1 point). The wearer also cannot be stunned by any blow except those that come from the front hex.

  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Protection: +2 (limit of 12)

Giant Ring of Protection

This could be worn as a bracer by a normal sized person. It adds 3 to protection values (lim 15) and may absorb any one blow before being destroyed.

  • Weight: 6lbs


A Glaive

This polearm weighs six lbs and is about 2 metres long from butt to point. It is a completely normal glaive of its type. When its various Individual True Names are known, its special properties become evident. The wielder can make it assume the form of other weapons if their Individual True Names are known and uttered.

  1. The Earthtide Glaive - The base form is a glaive with a long single-edged blade inlaid with bronze. It has black tassels just below the top of the haft. It has a Strike Chance of 65 and a DM of +7. This weapon may be used once every ten pulses to deliver an Avalanche Charge.
  2. The Smiling Blade - This broadsword weighs three lbs. The blade is single-edged, about twenty-six inches long, inlaid with bronze and lapis lazuli. It has a Strike Chance of 65 and inflicts damage of 2D10+2. Specific Grievous injury results of 41-43 are always read as 37-40. This weapon may be used to deliver the Cut of the Horizon.
  3. The Earthstriker Staff - This quarterstaff, weighing three lbs, is made from a crimson wood, and is shod in bronze. It is about 1.8 metres tall. It has a Strike Chance of 65 and a DM of +4.This weapon may be used once a week to deliver an Earthstrike.

Each weapon will spring into the wielder's hand if the appropriate Individual True Name is uttered. This is a Free Act that cannot be combined with most Magical Fire Actions. The wielder may only have one of these weapons active at a time.
If any of the weapons have a weapon spell cast on them, then all of them benefit. They never have a chance of breaking if they are over-strengthed.

Individual True Name of the Earthtide Glaive.

Whoever first utters it while holding the weapon can advance their Rank in Broadsword from 6 to 7 by training for 14 weeks and spending 3,000 Experience. They learn

Avalanche Charge

The wielder's TMR is increased by one for every two Ranks in Warrior. On their Initiative, and without any bonus for a charge attack, they may move across the battlefield and make one and only one Strike against everything they pass within a hex of until all of their movement is complete, they are stunned, incapacitated or dead.

Individual True Name of the Smiling Blade _____________

Whoever first utters it while holding this blade can advance their Rank in Broadsword from 7 to 8 by training for 16 weeks and spending 3,000 Experience. They learn

The Cut of the Horizon

The wielder may strike into two adjacent hexes in front of them, reducing their Strike Chance by 20. This is similar to a Multi-Hex Strike except that it only applies to two hexes, not three.

Individual True Name of the Earthstriker Staff____________

Whoever first utters it while holding this quarterstaff can advance their Rank in Broadsword from 8 to 9 by training for 18 weeks and spending 3,000 Experience. They learn


The wielder strike the ground with the butt and causes an Earth Tremor equal in all ways to their Rank in Quarterstaff. Once used, this ability cannot be used again until the wielder buries the weapon in the earth from dawn to noon on a Sunday.

Adventure Season Plane of Origin Aura Nature of Magic Value Cursed etc.? GM
Where Angels Fear to Tread Autumn 810 The Lands of Chaos Magical Earth 16,500sp px50 Jim Arona 021 076 9376

Seraph's Blade

This sword has been made from a seraph's wing and weighs 1 & � lbs. It is treated as a broadsword in all ways. The Base Chance is 60% and the DM is +5. Engaged Initiative Value with this weapon is +4.
Those pacted and/or in good standing with the Powers of Light double the bonus to Engaged Initiative to +8. In addition, may advance their rank in Broadsword from 6 to 7 if they pay 3,000 Experience and train for 14 weeks. If this Rank is learnt, subsequent owners of the blade may not take advantage of it.

Adventure Season Plane of Origin Aura Nature of Magic Value Cursed etc.? GM
Where Angels Fear to Tread Autumn 810 Firmament Formerly living Seraph 3,000sp px50 Jim Arona 021 076 9376

Axe of Weed-Whacking

  • Nature of Magic: Specific Damage
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Physical Appearance: This is a handsome battleaxe with a magically hardened bronze blade, covered in Earth College Runes.
  • Dimensions: The axe is sized for an adult human
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Effects: The axe is made of bronze, enchanted to be as strong as steel, and weaponsmithed to add +5 to SC and +1 to damage. It's primary magic is that it ignores the natural armour of plants and plant based creatures, and thus hacks through undergrowth with remarkable ease. It can be invested normally.
  • Cost: 4000sp

Giant Hand Axe

A battle axe to anyone else, when used this weapon adds the user's PS to their SC. It does double damage vs constructs

  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Stike Chance: 55
  • Damage: D+8
  • Class: B
  • Range: 15

Raiders Spear

This spear, when held, adds 2 to MD and 1 to TMR. It also shifts encumbrance factors one to the left (so you can carry more)

  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Strike Chance: 55
  • Damage: D+4(5)
  • Class: A

Battle Club

This club will size itself for the wielder. It may be used with the War Club or Giant Club skill. When wielded, it grants 10 PS and 2 Spell Protection. It does additional damage based on the Size Factor of the wielder.

  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Strike Chance: 70
  • Damage: D+SF (D+6)
  • Class: C

Ice Biter

(currently broken)
This broadsword, made from an unidentifiable bluish white metal, has been enchanted with a permanent rank 6 Weapon of Ice. This provides +7 to SC and +2 to damage unless the target is a creature of fire or fire dwelling in which case the damage is +6. When outside the special sheath, this sword is cold to the touch.

Value 3000sp

Ice Biter (rebuilt)

This double edged sword appears to be made of an adamantine alloyed with some unknown blueish white metal, with white-gold leaf work of vines laid into etching around the silver wire bound hilt. Biting cold can be felt radiating from this weapon when it is drawn and it leaves a trail of snowflakes in the air. There are clear signs that this weapon was once of a somewhat different style and had been reforged.

Effects: The crafting alone of this sword adds +5 to its Strike Chance and +1 to damage. The enchantments on it add +7 to S.C. & an extra D cold damage on a successful hit. Weapon spells may be cast on this weapon, however it will only gain Strike Chance bonuses and non-damage special effects. Additionally this weapon may be used as any of the Double Edged Swords category weapons, using the wielders choice of skill ranks (with matching PS and MD requirements also.

Curse: Ice Biter is cursed such that it will do it's additional cold damage each pulse to any wielder who is not an Adept of an Elemental College.

Aura Strength: Magical
Nature of Magic: Ice
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Value: 30,000sp
GM: Ian Anderson

Bound Stone Glaive

Tooth of Kamarash - Dragon of Earth

Forged with the haft of a black wood that feels like iron, the blde of this glaive is made of a single piece of polished basalt with three holes bored through - one in the middle of the blade and the other two near the top and bottom respectively. Along the edge of the glaive are glyphs which, upon closer inspection, appear to have been carved into the stone with claws. When blood is drawn, these glyphs glow either a deep red, the colour of magma and the blade glows hot, or the glyphs become a deep blue and the edge covers quickly in ice. Carved into the haft of the glaive are runes which glow golden when the wielder goes into battle. It is masterworked for +2 damage. It deals additional +2 damage to targets of Fire or Ice (wielder's choice). Fire and water/ice based creatures are immune from the elemental damage that applies and take twice damage from the opposite. Magical resistance does not apply as it is the intense heat or cold that causes the damage. The Mind mage talent does not protect the recipient.


  • Wielder must have effective PS of 18
  • Major damage cannot be repaired on any plane except Gaea
  • Once a month, the glaive must rest within earth, fully covered for twelve hours undisturbed. This has the minor benefit of repairing any chips, nicks and dents but will not repair the blade if it has been cracked from top to bottom or blade to haft,

Value: 10,000sp

Tinderbox of Firebrands

When struck, this forms into a blazing quarterstaff. When deactivated, it becomes an innocent seeming tinderbox again.

  • Wt 2, SC 75, D+12
  • C class
  • May multihex strike at rank 5
  • GTN: Magical, ToM: Fire
  • Value 10,000sp

Crossbow of Light

This crossbow is of an unusual design in that it has no obvious crossbar or trigger. It is about 2ft long and lighter than expected from the size. The material is of an unknown origin.

The crossbow generates a bolt of light which fires from the end of the crossbow. This is powered from the mama which is fed into the crossbow by an adept. The crossbow takes a complete pass action to recharge and may only be recharged when completely depleted.

It takes three spell fatigue to charge and will hold this charge for up to 24 hours.

Strike chance: 60%, Range 400ft (80 hexes)

Options (full charge)

  • 3 shots causing D+5 damage OR
  • 1 single shot causing D+13 damage

The target is at -10 defense versus a missile weapon

Requires two hands and weighs 4.5 pounds

Ranks as crossbow

Valuation: 12,000sp

Composite Crossbow (Large)

  • Weight: 9, PS: 18, MD: 14, SC: 60, DM: +9, Range: 180
  • There are 75 bolts for this crossbow
  • There are another 5 shafts with a threaded head
  • There are 7 heads for the shaft which, on impact, will do the damage of a Rank 10 fireball (as per spell except there is no automatic hit). The shaft has a 50% chance of surviving the explosion. Will explode even if the target is missed.
  • Value: 1600sp
  • Each explosive head has a valuation of 1170sp


Reliable Rucksack

This large leather backpack has a warm, rosey, colour to it, with visible patches of white where it has been exposed to something along the way. When opened, two compartments can be seen, a main one sized normally, and another slim compartment.

Effects: This pack can hold 60lbs of gear in the main compartment. In the slim compartment, an adept can store or draw forth the following items: This works much more like major creation than any kind of real storage, so magical items can not be stored.

  • Tents, Blankets, Tarpaulin and Winter Furs.
  • Tool-kits for 2 skills (about 10lb each, rank of toolkit is whatever the user has stored)
  • Food and Water for 3 days of a basic quality.

If an item is drawn forth and then lost, it cannot be drawn forth again until replaced in some fashion.

Aura Strength: Formally Living
Nature of Magic: Creation
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Value: 2,000sp
GM: Bernard Hoggins

Medal of Bravery

This is a golden starburst medal which must be worn openly to be effective. Whenever the wearer has to make a fright check due to non-magical means (i.e. excludes spells which cause rolling on the fear table) the difficulty factor is raised by 1. (eg, a 4 PB troll requires a fright check at 4xWP, the wearer of the medal makes the check at 5xWP).

Value 1500sp

Portable Hole

  • Plane of Origin: Greyhawk
  • Nature of Magic: Dimensional weaving
  • Physical Appearance: The portable hole is a square of finely woven magical cloth, black with a silvery sheen.
  • Dimensions: When fully opened the portable hole is 5 ft square, but it can be folded as small as a pocket handkerchief.
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Effects: When spread open on any surface, the portable hole causes an extra-dimensional space 5 ft deep to come into being. This hole can be "picked up" by simply taking hold of the edges of the cloth and folding it up. The entrance disappears, but the contents of the hole, if inanimate and non-magical, will remain within. The cloth does not accumulate weight, even if its space is completely filled. Placing living creatures and magical items inside the hole is possible, but there is a 5% chance for every such placement that the hole will rupture, spilling its contents into Astral space. Placing any other extra-dimensional extension device within the hole always ruptures it, destroying both items, and sucking all matter within 20 ft into the Astral.

Ring of Life-Linking (Snake Motif)

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Empathy
  • Physical Appearance: This is an ornate gold ring bearing the device of a coiled snake.
  • Effects: This is one of a linked pair of rings made for a couple who wish to remain in contact with each other. The rings provide an empathic link between the wearers, passing basic feelings and emotions back and forth. They cannot be used as signalling equipment by the generation of false emotion - they send only what is a real response to external stimuli. Nor can the rings be used to heal the other person or exactly locate them.

A wearer of one of these rings can sense the direction, but not the distance, of the other wearer within a rough 90° arc when they are both on the same plane. When the wearers are on different planes, only the most intense emotional experiences may be conveyed, such as those associated with death, birth or torture. The emanations of these rings may be blocked by the workings of the Powers, or hidden when one of the wearers is in an area warded against Mind, Illusion or Namer magic. In the latter case, a Dio should be rolled each day, a 10 indicating that a rough direction is sensed. If blocked by a Power, this may still be attempted, but once only.

These items were originally made on Alusia for Flamis and Basalic, but greatly altered by the magic of the Arch Mage Lawfakir of Greyhawk.

Wand of Earth Range

A wand that lets Earth mages cast Trollskin at a range of 10 + 10 per rank that they reduce the overall rank of the trollskin being cast by i.e. a rank 15 trollskin cast at rank 10 would have a bonus range of 60ft for a cast chance and duration of rank 10.

  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Earth
  • Magically trapped, warded or cursed: No
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Value: 4000sp

Bone Staff

Another wand. It may be used as a staff by little people. It increases MA by 2 and FT by 5 when held. If used to strike, it drains the target of D+1 EN which will heal EN and then restore FT. It may only be enchanted by entity branch spells.

  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Strike Chance: 50
  • Damage: D+4
  • Class: C

Choker of Wind & Spikes

This magical spiked choker is made of pure silver and a small amount of Truesilver. When a perspn whispers in the ear of a person wearing the choker (who does not speak the language being whispered) then the person wearing the choker is then able to understand (speak, but not read or write) that language for up to 4 hours at the same rank as when it was whispered.

  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Language Enhancement
  • Magically trapped, warded or cursed: No
  • Weight: 1/4 lb
  • Value: Quest

Weapon Belt of the Black Rocks

This magically enchanted leather and stone weapon belt can hold up to ten weapons and scabbards on it at any one time. Only weapons that the wearer can use, count as a weapon that can be carried on the belt.

When the weapons and scabbards are on the belt, they do not encumber or slow the wearer and do not weigh anything. The belt is also enchanted so that the items cannot be removed without the wearer noticing. The weapons can almost always be readied for use within a single action

Weapons and scabbards that are currently on the belt are: (shields may not be carried)

  1. Axe of Weed-whacking
  2. Bound Stone Glaive
  3. Glaive (+6 SC)
  4. Large composite xbow
  5. Crossbow of light
  6. Battle Club
  7. Estoc
  8. Hand and a half
  9. Giant Hand Axe
  10. Boomerang
  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Storage
  • Magically trapped, warded, or cursed: No
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Value: 5000sp

Blindside Ring

This small yellow and silver ring, when in the hands of a skilled warrior or assassin, will allow them to have less rear hexes in combat. At Rank 4, they gain no central rear hex, but two-side rear hexes. At Rank 8 (Basalic's current rank) they gain no rear hexes at all. At rank 10, all hexes count as front melee hexes.

  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Enhanced Vision
  • Magically trapped, warded, or cursed: None
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Value: 5500sp

Egg of Warm Waterspout

This small green, blue, and white porcelain egg has a fine blue twine at the top. Upon opening the egg a 3ft spout of warm water jets out of the egg for up to 120 seconds before stopping (stops if closed).

If open and tipped on its side, the egg will create a cup of mostly clean drinkable warm water in ten seconds. The egg will continue producing water for up to 120 seconds before stopping. The egg can be used six times a day (sunrise to sunset).

The egg may be recognized for what it is, which is a gift from the Emperor of the Lunar Empire to extreme individuals for services to the Lunar Empire. In this case, it was awarded for qualifying into the Lunar Empire's Winter Games in 806. If recognized it may produce a positive reaction roll of +10%

  • Aura: Magical
  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Raw water creation magic
  • Magically trapped, warded or cursed: None
  • Weight: 1/4 oz
  • Value: Quest

Cuddly Toy

(for the children)

  • Plane of Origin: Alusia
  • Nature of Magic: Bardic
  • Physical Appearance: This appears to be a rather ordinary teddy bear.
  • Dimensions: The teddy bear is 16 inches tall.
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Effects: The teddy bear was originally made to soothe the maker's crying child, and enable said child to sleep comfortably. It hums softly to a person who cuddles it, enabling that person to fall asleep readily and keeps them at a comfortable temperature, so that they gain back one more fatigue per hour trhan they would otherwise. In addition the bear is permanently waterproof and dirt resistant.
  • Value: 2000sp

Goggles of Sand Vision

These goggles are metal rimmed with clear glass in them, and a half leather hood, almost to hold them on the head, clearly meant to keep them secure even in high winds.

Effects: PC becomes a minimum of 15. This is after penalties imposed by outside effects that reduce PC, however lost eyes can reduce this below 15. It also adds 20% to resist sand, wind, or light magics, which will not stack with counterspells and general resistance to non-magical weather effects such as sandstorm and sun strike. They can also see up to PC - rank of the magic foot range despite obscurements or light/dark. Any spec grev to the head area will break these goggles even if the weapon class is wrong, the entity is immune or the spec grev is negated. Aura Strength: Magical
Nature of Magic: Vision
Plane of Origin: Plane of Dust
Value: 5,000sp
GM: Bernard Hoggins