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Kit, or more properly Sir Christopher D'arbres, is a landed knight of Newcourt, and priest of Gabriel. He is an Illusionist, and a swordsman of some skill. He is a retired member of the Seagate Adventurers' Guild. His interests, apart from battles of wits with Kathleen the love of his life and raising his three teenage children, include: averting Nightfall, preparing for the upcoming Raniterran crusades, dabbling in Fae-human politics, planning an expedition to Thunor with the astronomer Phaeton, and the redemption of the damned soul of Rasputin with whom he has merged.


Kit is a Human Illusionist played by Andrew W. Common nom de guerres include:

  • Sir Christopher D'arbres
  • Sir Christopher Reynard
  • Bishop Ordinariate D'arbres
  • Kryan the Illusionist
  • Sister Christine

He should not be confused with Christopher, another Church Knight / Guild member with the same first name; nor with Sherrif Christopher Reynard of Novadom. Both are good people who would rightfully object to such confusion.

Kit is pacted to Gabriel and indirectly the rest of the Powers of Light, and is also married to Lady Kathleen Reynard. He is the military ordinariate assigned by the Unified Western Church to be responsible for the evil committed by the Guild. This gives him an honourary title of Bishop, along with all of the moral responsibility and none of the powers, respect, or flock.

He is a master Troubadour. He sails and duels a bit also. From 799WK to 804WK, he held the title of Alusia's Greatest Swordsman, before relinquishing it to Tsukahara Yoshitoshi Musashi-san, his current sensei. He's even written a basic guide on how to fight.

As a theologian, Kit is particularly interested in Ethics, although he also has some theories on Metaphysics as well. He is a Scholastic Philosopher (none of that empirical stuff) specialising in Angelic/Demonic Politics, some sub-categories of Fog, and the Ethereal and Fae Ethereal. He has also done some research on theories of Navigation.

Kit is from a minor branch of old Foxcourt nobility - the Reynards being Chevalier-héréditaire (Baronets) for several generations. He has earned his spurs in battle, and is now the Chevalier-héréditaire D'arbres in Newcourt, where he maintains delicate alliances with several Fae courts.

Kit endeavours not to use excessive levels of violence (except against demons), and is seeking a new path through meditation and prayer. One of his prayers is that he will still be able to fight the good fight with his new approach. His skills in unarmed combat have been steadily improving thanks to his meditation and practicing of obscure and recondite arts. He hopes to become a pure agility fighter again, rather than the Flawed Hero that he was becoming.

His hobbies include: music, offending powerful beings, sailing, killing Alusian rulers, building churches and free-falling. Unlike the rest of the beauty contestants, he is working on ways to prevent World Peace.

His strictures include: always protect the innocent; never lie; never ignore a ghost or revenant, but resolve its injustice; never knowingly help or serve evil; endeavour to guide people away from frivolous use of magic; never accept unnecessary magical aid; never let a wrong note go unpunished; never refuse a challenge; respect, honour and obey his wife.

Indicative Quotes:

  • I only kill bad people.
  • I didn't like his silly accent. <clean sword>
  • Let's split up, we can do more damage that way.
  • Trust me, I'm an illusionist.
  • If the sinners in the party could move more than 50 feet away.
  • Charge! ... <teleport> ... guys?
  • OK, the plan involves a unicycle, three tuna, and a 30' brass lamp.

Summary for GMs