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Arms of Foxcourt
Arms of Foxcourt
Location Northeast Bowcourt
Government County of Bowcourt, Count Richard






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Visitor Tax:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month

Exports Sheep, Wool, Warpstone and Treachery.

County Foxcourt is the largest vassal area of Bowcourt. Its lands are primarily cultivated farmlands and the formerly forested land now imports wood. The northern borders reach into the hills and mountains, from there is discrete access to the secretive Warpstone mines. It formerly encompassed the vassal regions of Newcourt and Faircourt but in recent times these lands are direct vassals of Bowcourt.

Foxcourt is a very old county that has been civilised for 1000 years or more which is 200 years prior to the establishment of the Western Kingdom - the area was an elven march at the time. The lands are rich and fertile having benefited from informed and planned cultivation, pasturing and retention of numerous woodland areas and there are windmills, lots of towers, millponds, manmade lakes of water reserves, good sized towns, roads, several castles and the well-built city of Foxcourt.


  • Warpstone mine where the demon emperor Ahriman is making dwarves
  • The town of Foxcourt


Prior to 805WK
the county was ruled by the de Foxcourt family who held the position of Count, nominally vassals of [Bowcourt]].
805 - 817 WK
the county is administered by William Fortbrass, a cousin of the Marquessa of Bowcourt, on her behalf.
Summer 817wk
Richard is exonerated and rule of Foxcourt is officially restored to Richard de Foxcourt as Count of Foxcourt.
William Fortbrass is thanked for his service at a grand ball before his return to Bowcourt.
Shortly after this, Count Richard is named Marquess of the Eastern Marches, honouring his service and loyalty to the WK, technically making him equal in rank to the Marquessa of Bowcourt. However Foxcourt is still a County of Bowcourt making the politics and relationships even more complicated. Note: Several would be master Courtiers are taking notes and planning their masterwork dissertations...

People of Note/Importance

  • Count Richard "Tricky Dicky" Foxcourt. Formerly in exile for conspiracy in the murder of the Duke of Aquila, exonerated after 13 years. Reported to have been reduced to ashes during the Middle Duchies War.


Foxcourt has always had a proud history of military competence, providing many skilled officers to the war colleges and combined armies of the Western Kingdom.

The army of Foxcourt was deliberately scattered and diminished during the time of Richard's exile, while it is being regathered and rebuilt, it is not expected to reach its prior size and capabilities until new generations can be trained.

Elite Guard

During his time in exile, Richard built an elite guard of specialist troops that were deployed to gather information and unofficially protect his people from threats external (Monsters from the mountains, Drow Invasion and bandit remnants) and internal (those looking to take advantage of the absence of de Foxcourt rule). In another time these troops might be referred to as Black Ops or Special Ops. While not generally known, the Seagate guild is reasonably certain that most of this troop are Warpstone enhanced Shape Shifters skilled in Spycraft, Politics, pointed diplomacy and conventional Warfare. Exact numbers are not known as they blend into the conventional troops when not covertly deployed.

Historical Counts of Foxcourt

  • Fulk, Count of Foxcourt
  • Damien, Count of Foxcourt
  • Richard, Count of Foxcourt




Crime and Punishment

Mundane Crime

Magical Crimes


The de Foxcourt family

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