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Human Warrior/Ice Mage, Medium-high Level (PC 20).

Healer 6, Ranger (Highlands and Artic) at Rank 4, Military Scientist at Rank 5. Warrior at Rank 8.

A former Namer so few Ice spells ranked. Extinguish Flames, Ice Bolt and Ray of Cold at 7, Resist Cold and Wall of Ice at Rank 8, Ice Armour and Weapon of Cold at Rank 15.

Christopher rides Storm, a Great Horse of heroic stature and wields Tintaegal an unique named magical weapon made from Evercold, the purest form of Elemental Ice and a powerful tool in the hands of an Ice Mage.

Christopher is the older brother of Valentine, a low level SAG Fire Mage. Both brothers champion good although neither are pacted. When not adventuring, Christopher resides in the parish of Father Rowan, priest of Chantris, assisting him in various heraldic and civil duties.

Played by Micheal Young.

He should not be confused with Christopher Reynard, another Church Knight / Guild member with the same first name.