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GM Stephen
Session Summer 812 wk
Night Wednesday, from 21st Dec.
Location Whitney St, New Windsor
Level Extreme


Sabrina was declared Party Leader and Primary Mil Sci (Rank 12), Dalran is the backup Mil Sci (Rank 8) and Caprice took on the arduous duties of Scribe

NB Mordrin, Tegan, Cher, Dalran**, Thorn, & Lizette are against this mission and will discourage their friends from signing up.

Yjargen Deathhammer of the Crystal Coalition of Haven seeks assistance from their allies to establish a foothold on the dark continent.
The events in Spring 811 have gone far enough to rouse some of the guild's most powerful adventurers to action. Nobody messes with the guild council and good reputation of the guild in that way and gets to live!
  • Revenge, satisfaction, and the glory of recovering Kali, Mistress Jessica, and the abducted guild members!

Briefing and Knowledge

Since you're all here, if you would be so kind, there are a couple of other small issues:

  • The Late Graf Grendel, honourable member of the guild council would like a cure for the incurable affliction that has struck many nobles.
  • Ozbert Pennywise as acting head of the guild left you a message before he set out to Ranke to apologise for the messed up apologies, "Bring back Kali Now! I can't take this much longer!! ... Please!!! P.S. And Jessica too."
  • The Carzalan Branch of the Benevolent Society of Halflings would like the mill and flour issues sorted out before society crumbles for lack thereof.
  • A witch sent a message "S, M, B & D. My cat is dead. Urgent. - Theros"
  • Guild security would like to know why Isil Eth has her people attacking river settlements, and do they need to bring her in.
  • Isil Eth wants a report of what's going on in her lands and why everyone is blaming the Elves.
  • Guild security has a report from its spies in the mercenary camps of Beast Rabban's former Lieutenants that they are no longer bickering with each other and all seem to be working for a shadowy figure based near the Alodar/Aquilan border.
  • A courtier from the Royal Court would like all of this to go away, it's messing up the wedding plans.

On Haven light and dark magical bonuses are increased. Wicca night and day modifiers are doubled. Celestial lighting modifiers are increased. Solar and lunar effects are +/-1 all day/night and +/-10 either side of midnight/day. Demonic items and effects may have increased power at night and angelic lesser.

Scribe Notes

Week 1

1st Meadow 812wk

Guild meeting: Introductions and guild briefing in some secure (spherical and "out of range") chambers deep in Kali's rooms.

We discuss the various problems raised while Dalran tries to get across the fact there are many other issues and powers in play here than just the suspected Haven related issues and ascribed communications. Our general conclusion is that they are all related and that the havenites have hired local groups to do their dirty work.

  • The spring Ball poison is non-fatal and incurable. It makes the victim vampire food - very tasty to vampires and susceptible to their special abilities. It is very easily made, from vampire ash and the blood of a shapechanger, in this case a wereboar. both of the ingredients are PoOrigin Alusia. We suspect Prince Oryan, an erstwhile ally of Rashak's, of doing this, but only because he is a vampire that we have heard of. Grendel wants us to find the cure, which is, according to astrology, not on Alusia, no longer on Alusia or something like that.
  • S,M,B,D are Seren, Mortimer, Braegon and Dalran and the witch is somone they met in Artzdorf Flugelheim, who's cat like Seren when she was a cat.
  • The dwarfs of Haven want to hire us for advance work. They will pay in crystal, human crafts and crystal animals. They want us to scout, finding out things that are not covered in their plan, so that they can add them to the plan. They are extremely orderly. They need to cross the icebridge between continents by the end of summer.
  • Orbit attempts to visit Haven (time and distance are nothing to him) and finds that the plane is forbidden to angels as they don't come back. "Those who die in the plane of haven shall not return from death. Dalran must be preserved from harm and repaired."
  • We consider borrowing some more holy weapons as the last party to kill one of the havenite demons had five. eg Lucius - Rafael's sword Seren - Justice.
  • We consider asking the Six Eyed Seer for a path to the hell portal to haven.

The party isn't very receptive to Dalran's arguments so he goes off and exercises his flying mount. He is interrupted by Orbit who is seeking to increase Dalran's order. Dalran fails to stop himself almost falling to his death and towards the Light. Dalran is freed to act by Rafael and told to look after Orbit, who now has permission to go to haven, as his death would be permanent on Haven.

We arrange to meet the dwarfs in three days (the 4th of Meadow) or they will close their portal in which case we will have to get Kali to open it for us.

We depart eastwards at dusk on Ithilmore's flying carriage. The pouch of sparkles for the carriage contains a surpisingly large number of doses and a woven lucky flower which indicates Varda's approval of what we are doing.

We visit with Death as we are concerned about the ressurection situation on Haven.

"I that is not I has a it's presence there. We not we divided long ago, a choice was made. We not we disagreed so made an agreement. I not I has differnet agreements/covenants with the younger powers there."

Death items, effects or favours we have will probably work there.

Everything is as it "should be" but Death wonders whether the other version has regrets about the decision that was made. So resurrection works there but not from death there to Alusia. Death marks us so that the other "I" know that we are worthy to be listened to.

We visit The Fates as Caprice had a message that she hadn't been listening, and that she was going somewhere not under their control (another sock) and may not return.

After berating Caprice for fraternising with followers of the younger powers (the rest of the party, they're like cockroaches) the crone leaves us to talk with the maiden. We are told that there is a separate weave there. The other fates probably disapprove of the younger powers influence there. To locate them we need to investigate how the older powers are viewed there.

Regarding Kali, she is shrouded from them by her own choice, being nameless, but we are told that Jessica's thread may terminate very soon. She is still in the weave, to the west on an island in the mountains; we take that to be the prison on Palestrina where the previous party were held. The moment we step through to Haven she will die. Presumably this all holds for Kali too.

We decide that a short sharp visit to the alleged Havenite prison/stronghold on Alusia in Palestrina is called for.

Week 2

2nd Meadow 812wk

Running ahead of the dawn on Ithilmore's flying carriage, we arrive at the eastern end of the island, somewhere in Basilicata, about 200 miles from the mountain prison. We decide not to sleep but to attack the fortress as soon as possible. We are hobbled by our worry that any scrying will lead to the instant death of the prisoners, but eventually use of an item determines that that will not be the case. Dalran uses locate to determine where the prison is. We fly as a flock of starling under Ithilmore's control, but it turns out that she needs to take some time to learn to navigate, as our principal travel mage gets us lost on the way. We finish our flight many miles north of where we want to be and so take flight (as Starlings again) and head southwards towards a starting spot for beginning an orderly search of the area for our objective.

Due to a fluke of luck our flight of starlings (which isn't the most subtle as we fly in as ~10,000 starlings and then in a twinkle of an eye we turn back to ourselves) lands right on top of the hill housing the target complex. A botched attempt at taking out an enemy sentry means that subtle ways are thrown out in favour of speed and the party flys into the complex intent on completing our mission before the enemy enacts preparations to entrap and destroy us.

Week 3/4/5

We fly in past the devils maw courtyard of traps and land in the main courtyard where the party rescues Jessica and a flunky before heading into the complex by the main doors. Defenses include a ward of web of darksphere, a mist of anti-magic-salt water which increasingly adds to the casting rolls of those it dampens and plummeting crystal rock golem eagles which do massive damage on impact and then more on shattering. Antagonists include wrackspawn ice giants, whose proximity causes pain and difficulty in acting and who have a scream which causes ??. The main hallway is covered by murder holes and the enemy starts the melee which is painful and convoluted as well as using huge firepower and strength of numbers. We fight our way through the complex up, down and through the corridors and walls before we get to Kali where we rescue her and the 2 senior Guild security "smiths".

We start fighting our way out in order to get Kali and Co out with perhaps a side goal of cleaning the complex (we had seen some very nice stuff by way of rune portal enhancements, great weapons, armour etc) but we then encounter their pet beast from the dimensions beyond who was a definite problem along with dark sphere rings, shadow attackers, gas seepage, dimensional portals, permanent portals and other unknown but definitely dangerous possibilities. We fight our way as much as we can while shepherding our protective charges (she is our guild leader after all) but decide that jumping through one of the permanent portals would be a better option than staying and possibly failing to stay alive.

Week 6

So we jump through a portal which terminates in a valley just short of the elven empire. We assess the rune portal while there and gain some knowledge before we bring the mountain down on the cave and its portal.

Dalran locates Newcourt and we fly down to an Inn there and stay a few hours till mid afternoon (some rather interesting sleeping 'angelically arrayed' arrangements were made I tell you) to recover our strength before setting out for the guild by flight.

We flew on and reached the guild midday on the 30th, with time to spare before the wedding on the 3rd. Sabrina gets an uninvite. We get Kali's and Grendel's invites.

On route we noticed a tower disappear into the ground and went to investigate where we came upon a lot of guards and people riled up about the filthy elves doing such things and how they will get what's coming to them. We did a quick investigation and noted a demonic influence with the magic and informed the mob of this who initially didn't believe us but when Sabrina's word was challenged they soon acquiesced. We left them with strict instructions and a stern admonishment in case of further trouble.

Chantris says the devils and witches are from Haven. Father Rowan is to convert 1 person in each vilage, and she will then protect them.

Week 7

Arrows in courtyard - vampirism poison

From discussion with Havenite dwarves: a short history
Affliction is legendary, legendarily unkillable
About 1000 years ago: The legendary, larger, more populous, more civilised continent was lost. The current home continent are those who fled. There was a war - the losing side used dark magics to raise their dead and won. They developed high level necromantic knowledge unreasonably quickly (an artifact, power, book?). The good guys fought.
A portal opened and a demon came through and joined in and they (other side) won.
The high elves live isolated on magical islands.


Party Roles

Front Line

Sabrina, Ajax

2nd Line


3rd Line/Rear

Father Rowan, Ithilmor, Caprice & Erzsabet

We have a strong frontline with huge support in her rear.


Standard Buffs

NOTE: Please detail the duration assuming cast in a duration enchancement .

Magic Rk Effects Dur Da Sa It Bi Ca Zm Ez Aj
Enchanted Mind 6 May not be detected by Telepathy, ESP, or similar mental detection 55hrs
Enchanted Armour 21 +44% def and +1AP 13.5 hrs
Enchanted Weapon 14 +15% SC and +6 Damage 180-900s
Blessing 10 +10 Strike Chance, +10 vs Fear 55mins
Greater Heart Rune 8 Cures 7 when EN damage taken 9 days
Rune of Willow Healing 12 Regen 3 EN for 14 Pulses 24 hrs
Truth Rune 6 +12 notice deceptions 70 minutes
Rune Shield 11 +16 Def, +2 Prot, avoid 1 Spec Grev 12 hrs
Strength of Darkness 13 +8 PS 4.5 hrs
counter spells x 2 sets special +56 MR 8 hours
buff () effects

Caprice, Sabrina, Dalran and Ithilmore wear Hy Brasil Diamonds allowing them to communicate in a whisper over 200 yards.

  • Sabrina has given karma points to all the party except FR to allow magical emergency assistance.
  • Dalran has some Karma points for several members of the party
  • Erszabet adds 1 x WP vs fear checks
  • Sabrina can play chess for +1 mil sci rank - mil sci usable whilst in combat and a physical danger sence 75% chance

Ithilmore has provided 3 flasks of holy water each.

Father Rowan has provided one potions Circle of Protection each - ignore the first 16 damage each pulse, attackers add 3 to their Strike or Cast Check.

Situational buffs

Sabrina Mil Sci (inc D's Helm and E's chessboard)
Melee Only: +13IV +13SC +13Def +1 Pass Action at End of Pulse
Raise Morale +6 WP
Naked Dancing
by Sabrina or Caprice (assuming Lipstick): At night Dancer gains +24, party gains +21 to MR and Ft. (17/18 without lipstick)
Hair Braiding
by Erszabet

Self Only

The Bishop
Circle of Protection - ignore the first 16 damage per Pulse, attackers add 3 to their Strike or Cast Check.
Soul Shroud - cannot be mind read or pact detected, +30 MR vs magic that Compels, Binds, Controls or Charms.
Immune to the non-College magic of the denizens of the Seventh Plane, the Fae and Husks
Immune to Frozen Doom
Solar Protection - +14 MR vs solar-based attacks, -1 damage from solar-based attacks


<sigh> <sob> <sob>

I think we have noted down some runes!

Too busy trying to stay alive and mission focused to loot. Priorities!


Summer 812wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday

Full Moon

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Summer 810wk: Heat
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