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Erzsabet personal arms


Name: Lady Erzsabet Joan Hillborne
Race: Human
Gender: Female
College: Naming Incantations
Level: Namer
Played by: Julia McSpadden


Lady Erszabet Hillborne is an attractive female human in her early 30's. She currently has brown hair and stands 5'9" tall. Erzsabet has a tattoo on her back that runs from her hair line to the soles of her feet which is of a waterfall and is in the style of the Erelein. Erzsabet is often seen in the company of a Grey Wolf Hound who is cold to the touch. She is dressed stylishly with the exception of a lamilar glove on her left hand. When on adventure, other ladies often appear shabby around Erzsabet. Sometimes she has an orb which orbits her head.

Some people who are 'in the know' within Seagate, have said; 'As of early 807 Erszabet must have been doing something new with her hair, as her appearance has improved from good to grand, to the point where Erszabet is turning heads'. Some people have said that it seems good that Erzsabet and Count Engalton OM are getting along sooo well.


Erzsabet is the 7th daughter of the chief Justicar Lady Hillborne of Glissom and therefore refers to herself as Miss Hillborne being the eldest unmarried daughter in her family. She was a lady in waiting to the Queen Sasha of Glissom, a small Kingdom to the North West of Brandenburg, but was appointed Crowner in the Duchy of Carzala on the 15th of Snow 807. She is also a skilled Namer. Erzsabet was honoured with a peerage Spring 807. Erzsabet was the holder of the Star of Alusia until Summer 810


Erzsabet is just, if not necessarily good. She has a wicked sense of humour which often gets her into deep water, this is coupled with a habit of trying to charm everyone she meets. She believes that some people have indeed been born to greatness and she is definitely one of them. Erzsabet has lived all her life in the courts of princes and therefore will sometimes behave strangely because of this.


  • Can turn the heads of warm blooded males.
  • Erszabet rates a 10 out of 10 (Trust me I know)
  • Can redistribute the party's health
  • Is good with Banishment and has ranked all her counterspells
  • Can expel magic from traps, wards and invested items
  • Is still getting there on true form, scry guard, dispel, compel, bane, paralysis
  • Can Name Summon people
  • Is a master Courtier
  • Is a master Healer
  • Dabbles in Beastmaster, and Military Scientist.
  • Can lower Magic Resistance to her spells



  • Has foiled the plans of the Necromancers in the Fastness
  • The Harpies in the Fastness but they may no longer be around.
  • Furfur
  • Dantalion - currently has an agreement to forget the matter
  • Kokhan - has currently ignored his summons to Kinlu


  • Count Engalton OM
  • is liked by Kali the Nameless and a Guild member in good standing.
  • is working for Duke Leto
  • King Dorrin of Glissom
  • Queen Alexandra of Glissom - complete two jobs and worked for
  • The Shrivers in Sanctuary
  • Grobbenbonk
  • Has completed a job for Baron Kern Silverkrest
  • Helped to heal the Arch Angel Raphael
  • Has contacts with 200 members of the Chivalry from the Southern Continent
  • The Shaper Girwyllan
  • Lavina Fullham a noblewoman from Brastor
  • Has completed a job for Motley
  • Has Completed a job for Dalran
  • Death - has completed 3 jobs for Death, it is a little keen to claim he actually likes anyone though
  • Matthew Tumbledown the Titan
  • Has completed 3 jobs for the Fates, it is a little keen to claim they actually like anyone though
  • Stix - has completed a job for stix in which she got captured by slavers and sold. Stix currently works for Erszabet but was recently killed and may be in a bad mood about this

She is played by Julia McSpadden.

Erzsabet's Report stuff for Braegon on the Fastness Erzsabets 2nd Report