The Hero of Nightfall

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Scribe Notes

Adventure: The Hero of Nightfall
GM: Stephen
Session: Summer 814wk
Night: Mondays
Location Sackville Street, Grey Lynn
Level: High (may involve travel to Hell, Haven, Asgard, & Sanctuary)

  1. Vychan Giant Earth Mage, Party Leader - Sean English
  2. Lath Air Mage, Mil Sci - Jono Bean
  3. Tegan, Beast Mage, Scribe - Kelsie
  4. Bishop Velcanthus, Wicca - Jim Arona
  5. Eric Dwarven Namer, - Mike Haycock
  6. Christopher Human Warrior/Ice Mage - Michael Young

Employer: The Urielite Priest The Best Defence is Pre-emptive Execution (a.k.a. Bodie)



A conflicted hero has fallen, which has left the Powers of Light with a slight problem. His job is unfinished, he is destined to fulfil a key role at Nightfall that could be pivotal to the victory of Light. Uriel has a plan, the fallen hero must ascend to become the Angel of One-Eyed Justice Delivered in Darkness (they're still working on the title), one of Uriel's choir of executioners. Unfortunately there's not enough left of his essence. A party of former comrades is required to take the angelic seed and immerse it in the formative places, events, and experiences of the fallen hero.

Here is a table of Dalran's history with links to scribe notes, and which of us were there with him.

He has land in Brastor
He has a crystal shop in and a home in Newhaven He has a small Estate (the De Ridefort Estate owned by Marius de Ridefort ) outside of Sanctuary, and many aliases in Sanctuary including a mage in the SMG.

Requirements: (and guild security clarifications)

  1. Must be of stern moral character and be of good will towards the fallen hero. (No devil worshippers and you have to have known, liked or at least respected the conflicted hero and wish him well in his afterlife.)
  2. Must be capable of surviving the forge of events that made the hero what he was. (It's going to get messy)
  3. Must be discreet and not catch the attention of the self-proclaimed 'patron saint of adventurers'. (If Seir finds out what you're up to it's going to get a lot harder).


Party members views, ideas and general talk about the following tasks can be found on the discussion tab.

  1. Ostow, Aquila. Initiation at the place of birth.
  2. Re-enact the infiltration of the Deepspring facility
  3. Trace the web, honour the threads
  4. Inscribe the names and know the faces of the fallen hero - all of them and recover the replica
  5. Inscribe the Runes of Revenge with the blood of Proscenian Mimes
  6. Burn the Mountain
  7. Take 2 crystals, a fine vintage and the bunny to the dragon.
  8. Seek the gift of Yggdrasil
  9. Tag the target from before and now, seek the 4th
  10. Gather the Shards
    • Breath from the lake
    • Remnants of Thwarted Demons
    • Sweat & Blood of Command
    • Tracks in the alternate way home
    • The Mantle of Safety
  11. Gather the Remains

Scribe Notes

Session one

We have an interview with Bodie.

He gives us a large white seed shaped object, which we will imbue with Dalran. I, Tegan, can see a figure of Dalran on the top, motionless and expressionless.

He views us all with a crystal ball called "The Scales" which he then leaves with Christopher to use to help find what we need to find. Some of what he said (it was too fast):

  • Tegan: The spider's apprentice, tipping the balance the wrong way
  • Rowan: Aspects of Uriel, Gabriel and Michael
  • Vychan: blue, the trickster, success and betrayal
  • Lath: dark paths, pitfalls, future, present, past tangled
  • Eric: many races, renunciate of Foras
  • Christopher: the defender, has his work cut out with the rest of the party.

He the brings in a mad seer, who says we each get one question for free, pay for a second and bad things for a 3rd, and you really don't want to ask any more than that. Turns out any questions asked in the room count, so it gets a bit tricky.

  1. What order should we do the tasks? The first first and the last last, the rest in any order.
  2. Who will assist and who will oppose? Many, but the most opposition will be the willing one.
  3. What is the precise location of the birthplace? In a castle on a hill in a pass in a tower in a bed, used to be the capital.
  4. What is the name of the agent of the willing prince directly opposing us? One-eyed Davros, when we least expect it.
  5. Have we caught the attention of Seir yet? No, but we will know by the falling of the horns.
  6. Who will assist us the most? The Lady of the Dwarves in the mountains of Haven will be the most critical.

Lath asked too many questions, and a couple of people asked 2. We don't yet know the consequences of that.

We are told that we each have to carry the seed for at least one section. Father Rowan will be the first as it relates to birth.

We will call Seir "Bruce" and Dalran "the Righteous" so as not to attract notice.

Task 1

Dalran's Birth We have a vial of liquid and a scroll to read out. The ritual will take as long as it takes to be born.

  • The 'de Brevic' family line were based in eastern Aquila around Innesburg, they were wiped out in 774. The last known were John and Alexa, who had a child, fate unknown.
  • Ostow (birthplace of the Righteous) is in the south western corner of Aquila.

After filling up Eric's house with grain and itemised meat for the war ravaged, the next day at noon we travel by Lath's dragon statue to Aquila. We then fly to Ostow town, stopping to rescue and feed starving bandits and their victims etc on the way. Once we get to the city, Lath causes a storm to do field work, and Father Rowan tends to the health of the locals.

The Lord of the city is Horatio Nordberg. Our description of the location we want fits his castle, so we use the crystal to discover the correct room, and have the current occupant moved out.

We do some investigation so ascertain time of birth so as to start the ritual at the same time, but discover anomalies.

There is a birth record at the correct date but of of the son of an Aladarian Baron, Von Liebstrau, from around Barretskine. We go to the graveyard to interrogate the dead midwife. It seems there was another birth, unrecorded, but it was a girl (no one has any recollection of the Righteous having been born a girl)and about 5 months apart. The labour with the boy began in early evening and the birth was before dawn. So we will wait for tomorrow.

Session two

During the night, Lath dreams that Nordberg is trying to tell her something but keeps stopping himself, so in the morning we DA him and ascertain that he is not under a geas or compulsion not to talk about something.

Freed of the worry that his head will explode, Lath has a quiet word with him. It seems that forty years ago (things are more liberal now), it was an embarrassment to an Alidarian to have a child with such magical potential, so his sister's son was adopted out, (presumably to the de Brevics, with the story that the did not live).

Nordberg is extremely sorry about his part in it, and Lath reassures him that his nephew did did well for himself. He would like "Andrew" to visit so that he can apologise or face his wrath if he is angry. Lath promises to pass on that message, and says that Andrew's children might be more able to visit.

So, in the early evening we begin the ritual; Father Rowan chants the scroll until dawn, adding in a blessing on unborn child for good measure. The seed is seen by those with spirit vision to have changing, swirling mana flows, and I can see the form of Dalran go through the tribulations of birth, and to everyone it glows.

Vychan then DA's the seed for "is this fully charged" and gets a negative, so we will now know when it is.

Task 2:

Re-enact the infiltration of the Deepspring facility Back at the guild, we do research. Deepspring is in the Pallisades mountain range in Southern Ranke.

Apparently they had been investigating the facility and were spotted while leaving, so the Righteous' response was to run away screaming " I'm not a loony, I'm not a loony", dressed in white like the residents. He was captured in a net, whereupon he triggered a shadow wings. He was battered, as they thought he was a demon, and "re-incarcerated".

We fly to the area and approach the small town. Vychan changes to human and Rowan to a cat. We go to the inn and talk to locals. They tell us exaggerated stories about the group of strangers who came here 15 years ago.

The sanatorium is about 5 miles up the road. Supplies are delivered there regularly, but the denizens never come out. The patients are long term and don't come out until they are cured.

The lake is about half a day away.

We sleep in the barn, and in the morning use crystals of vision to view the sanatorium: It is a two story blockish building, about 150ft long and 30 deep, it has gardens and staff outside tending to them, but we don't see any patients outside.

We forge ourselves a letter of introduction, as a family with a mad relative who we might want to send there.

As we are about to set off to walk up to the site, a strange incident occurs, whereby as we step outside, a woman across the street is startled by us, trips and breaks her arm. Even more oddly, Lath feels that she knew it was going to happen before it did.

Father Rowan mends her and we make our way onward. We take a lunch break on the way and Lath is divinated - she was touched 3 days ago by Uriel. There is also a debt there (we presume for the seer).

At the sanatorium: it has small defensive windows, which are sealed even though they don't appear to be. The walls are bound, and Vychan can only see 1" into them. The door is GTN Black Oak, and it's magic is "boundary". The boundary is still there when the door is open and neither my animal sense, nor Lath's air mapping can penetrate. The boundary doesn't includes the kitchen, laundry etc.

At the front door, they refuse us entry. They are willing to send a consultant to our mad relative, Miss Summers, but don't allow tours.

Back outside in the bushes we plan further. The "scales" show 6 figures running around a building, so it looks like we will all have to do it. Lath does astrology to see how they got Dalran out after he was caught. She sees that SF & D picked a hidden lock (which we now know where to find) snuck in and broke him out. She also sees the five off us and one other running around and getting caught, but the shadow wings don't seem to be important. My "Banner of Foes" shows a humanish man, but more angular, finely dressed and manicured, with lace cuffs and a high collar. We jump to the conclusion that he is a vampire.

So, after hiding most our stuff on shapechanged people and similar and dressed in white robes, we pick the lock to get in, so that we can "escape". Invisibility is cast on the seed, so that it is easier to keep it hidden if we are searched.

Inside it is dimly lit. There is a huge entrance hall with sweeping staircases etc, and it is clearly bigger inside than out. We can feel as we step inside, that we are further from links with powers and a DA shows that we are on the plane "Asylum", it is high mana here and there is no time of day, only endless twilight.

I can here footsteps approaching so as they spot us we leg it. We are subsequently captured in cold iron nets and dragged inside, but, surprisingly, we are not searched. The staff argue about responsibility and not recognising us, conclude that we must be from the "secret vault". We decide that this is the point at which to escape. Father Rowan turns into a disgusting giant pile of worms, and slip his net. The staff fall back in horror and we are all able to get loose, while the staff call for reinforcements. We discover that shadow walking out through the door doesn't work, but we are able to physically leave through the little viewing door in the door (what are they called), in "gaseous form" or as a small enough critter or critters.

We run away. From the edge of the gardens we can see the more serious guards exit. Some are floating, some are well dressed, six wear full faced masks. We fly away.

Session 3

Task 10a

We fly up to the lake.The "scales" glow more as we approach, and we narrow down the area by playing warmer/colder with them. The water is so cold that it should be frozen. Most of us become dolphins, and we swim down towing two others who keep their hands for the useful things that hands can do.

At the bottom is a solid plane of black ice about 20' across. DAs ice binding and formed 100s of years ago, so it must have already been here when Dalran died. Lath can see something in the ice, spirits not moving.

We find ourselves unable to affect it so return to the surface.

A summoned earth elemental informs us that there is a void below, two or three giants deep, with nothing moving.

Rowan takes us down again in his nautilus. Rowan "visits" into the space below, but it is dark. Vychan tries to make a three part tunneled airlock to get us in but begins by backfiring himself mute, so we return to the surface.

Third time we use a bound water cap to lock the tunnel, and after a ridiculously long effort we get in the space. It is warded with ice magic and contains 12 plinths around the with entities spreadeagled on them, 6 elves, 3 humans, 2 dwarves and a hobbit. The elves have a soul journey of "into the heart of the realm", and the others are bound to an item. The elves seem to be proto-drow and the other servant/slaves. The plinths are covered with runes of binding, entrapment, soul binding, prison type spells, and the walls with another layer of similar. The prisoners are hibernated and the drow have colleges of greater summoning, soul binding and similar.

After setting a magical light under the ice, we tunnel out in complex fashion and avoid being flushed or crushed.

Viewing the ice with the light below, we ascertain that there is a thick layer of original bound ice, covered by a layer of flaky, disparate ice formed from subsequent deaths in the lake being absorbed by the magic. We retrieve Dalran's death and Father Rowan, Vychan and Christopher sacrifice and EN point each to help the binding.

We get back to the guild and stay the night. We get a group mindspeech pinned to Eric, 600ft range.

Cover Mission

We then go by cloud (with me flying in the turbulent zone for practice) to visit the Fates as they may be referred to in task 3, or may have useful information. They don't care, they don't want nightfall to come before it should and think that the young powers are in too much hurry for it to happen. The impression is given that they are not 3, so 3 probably refers to the web of thieves and spies.

They will be willing to help with information if we do them a favour, to whit, since Lath is responsible for the gates of hell being open, we should drag out someone who shouldn't be there. He is Herskew, is mortal, human, mostly an enchanter, an assassin, murderer, thief, liar from Sanctuary, in hell gathering artifacts. She gives me a teacup for divining his location (which we completely forget about.) It is important that he doesn't die in hell.

We leave by the "fast door" to the gates of hell.

Session 4

We are let into the elemental camp by an earth elemental because Vychan is "Somebody", and directed to a fountain of elements, which coordinates activities by sending entities where they need to go.

Lath sees a vision of a red tent, with a Fire Lord, Captain Firebrand. So we go in the direction she leads.

We discuss our mission to remove the intruder, carefully avoiding mention of our real mission, Task 9.

The elementals are currently besieging a Keep of a captain of Foras, which they believe contains some artefacts. This information was sold (in hindsight at a very good price) to them by a merchant of information, one Herskew. He has gone in ahead to help them take the keep somehow.

Meanwhile we discover a spy of Seir and a spy of Michael in here. The Seirite is a trusted mercenary captain, Davros, who has only one eye. Aha!. We know that name. While Lath and Vychan try to convince Captain Firebrand to take him into custody, he wanders off, so the rest of us shadow him. Realising that he will have recognised Vychan we jump him. He break straight out of a web and ignores a damnum magnatum, so Christopher leaps into close from behind. What later turns out to be some kind of demonic undead construct, stab, drains and restrains Christopher, but I turn Davros into a tuna, which eats some of Rowans wormy form.

We are escorted/assisted by a water elemental who objects to our mistreatment of fish back to the tent, also arresting Davros' second just in case. We discover that the construct/armour was covering evidence of Davros' pact, so it is now clear to all. Loot: an itemised staff, which will transport to Seirs domain, amulets of luck, elderflower, hypericum, invested windwalk, shadow walk, windspeak. He hasn't reported since this morning, so hasn't reported us. He was tasked to look out for Seagate adventurers especially some marked eg Vychan. He reports to another, not directed and windspeak won't pass the gate. He knows all but Christopher and Tegan by sight. We realise that Seir has his other eye, so he knows that we are here. Luckily we have not mentioned our true mission in his presence.

After getting further description of Herskew (grey cloak, twin bladed daggers), we leave Davros in custody here, his construct in a block of stone, and Chistopher's angelic sword with the Michaeline spy, and fly off to the besieging camp.

We are guided by an air spirit and go down a big dark evil pit, which is a hole left by one of the arms that was holding the gate shut, and is now a handy shortcut.

Herskew is known in this camp as Horatio the Spy, he is in the keep, will report before the attack, has two eyes, looks human, possibly elven, probably male, aagh turns out we fleshies all look the same.

Lath uses her lodestone to point at Herskew. We are informed that defences will be softer vs us, ie targeted at elementals. We sneak up to the walls, chameleon and with cats' feet, then the better climbers, carrying the rest of us, climb the wall with gecko hands, avoiding mouths and grasping hands of the bound souls in the wall, which is much higher than it looks.

Refraining/restraining Father Rowan from trying to rescue the souls bound to the building, we cross to the keep, enter through a door of flesh and go up the tower. On the way, while we are hiding in a room of the stairway, Father Rowan skin changes the dozen screaming skulls hanging from the ceiling into mice and pockets them, at which point Vychan resigns as party leader (as if FR would have obeyed anyone at that point).

Eventually we find Herskew camped in the treasure room. Due to our mindspeech and my ability to move through solid matter, he fails to escape. We control him, check his items and interrogate him.

  • He was commissioned by an off-plain entity, to get a box, which he intends to use before he hands it over to collect souls.
  • He has been here for ten days but can't find it. He has ascertained it's location; it is here but not here.
  • He has a way out; it is just a door from here to a smaller set of stairs with smaller baddies.

Session 5

We elect to use the way out that we know. We let him use his grey cloak, which protects him from hell, has anti scrying and helps stealth, so that he is safer, as we travel.

We take four magical things from the room at random.

As we descend, we have to duck and hide a bit more often than on the way up. We have one encounter with a devil coming out of a room, but we hustle him back into his room and kill him and his three companions, no thanks to Vychan's mace of chaos, which has the power of making the enemy stronger.

Reaching the front door we notice that there are a group of guards waiting around outside, so Rowan distracts them with hellfires and his image off to one side. As we exit we are all spotted. We fly to the wall, then away. Lath uses her Gaseous Form/Dragon to send Herskew back to Tycho with instructions to find an inn and wait for us there. They try to apprehend us, including a swarm of flyers, but we evade with the use of windstorm behind us.

Task 9

We get a guide from the camp to take us to Furfur's realm. We go via Aim's as the elementals have domination there. From the border we run like wolves towards the central city, not to be flying in the realm of a demon of storms. While we are camping (not at the top and not at the bottom of the hill) there is, as expected a serious storm. Next "day" we run to the city. When we arrive at the gate we are expected and we are led to the presence of Furfur herself.

She is going to help us to discharge her debt to Dalran.

Discussing with her we ascertain that, of "Tag the target from before and now, seek the 4th", Furfur is indeed the 4th, the target is Seir, and we need to get sympathetic materials for Astronia (before) and Seir (now).

Lath suddenly recognises Furfur as "someone who will help us".

We will try and get some hair from Seir's private quarters, for which purpose, Furfur will insert us into Seir's realm. We find out about some writings of a ritual by Astronia in his blood and stored beneath the ancient capital (in Terra Nova), which we will try for, hopefully thereby not having to go into the past to get something.

We discuss further help outside of the debt; Lath is particularly targeted for persuasion to stay as a lieutenant. We end by swapping an crown used in summoning Furfur, that Lath happens to have for a jar of soul trapping and 20 special air counter potions (which are made from a minion and which should not be taken to an angelic realm).

We go to the top of a tower and hold a lightening rod and when lightening strikes we are gone. Father Rowan unfortunately resists by reflex and remains. Unwilling to make another deal with his soul, he banishes himself back to the gates.

The five of us find ourselves on the balcony of a minaret in Seir's palace. The scales glow more brightly here We realise that, as this place is timeless, the lodestone has not reset for a new day and can't be used. Trying the forgotten teacup, we find that it is set to find Herskew only and locates him at the gate camp, not at Tycho as expected, so there is an effective barrier there.

We search for a couple of hours and eventually find Seir's quarters, with only minor mishap of Eric falling through the floor. The door curtain will scream when touched and the bed curtain give pleasure to some one else, so Lath uses gaseous form to avoid them and wafts past the sleeping succubi to the dressing room and scores the strands of hair. We sneak back to the balcony and Lath does her Gaseous Form/Dragon thing to us, which should get us back to the same place as Herskew. Unfortunately, using air magic to escape the realm of an air demon is a mistake, and we find ourselves in a trap, a transparent sphere. Eric uses his once a week sash to plane walk us out, just in time.

At the gates we retrieve Father Rowan, Herskew and the angelic sword, which some smaller elemental soldiers were about to use to conquer the demons.

Session 6

We leave the Gates for the Temple of the Fates.

We ask for the answer to the one question that will stump us. She says that when we all agree that we are stumped, the answer will come to us.

Task 8

She gives us a splinter of the tree of life, which we absorb into the seed. Dalran now has a staff.

Task 10e

Father Rowan checks with Chanris about her mantelpiece and retrieves a remnant of Dalran's frozen soul.

Back at the guild, we determine that the remnant of Haven demon's in the guild are not the ones we are looking for.

Task 9 continued

We visit Isil Eth to get a pass to use the ways to get to Terra Nova, and get a lift on a flying ship going up to Alfheim. Father Rowan tells us that the sentient darksphere, Xel, that ate Seir's eye is in the vicinity and might know more about Astronia, so from there we get a guide to the ways to the undercity, where Xel at Liessa's temple. On the way we find that one of the intersections has sprouted extra branches, but ignoring the finding magic which is all contradictory we follow our guide and arrive at our destination.

We are expected and are late. We go down to visit Xel and once speak to enchanted creatures is cast, can understand him.

He tells us that the scroll is under the city, which is under the claimed protection of the Ruby Scourge and full of his followers and security. The easiest entrance at the centre is the most guarded, so the most dangerous way will be the easiest.

Some (with weird seeing abilities or connection with death) of us will be able to see the path (of death) but only one of us has a chance of following it. This is Lath, due to her skills as a dealer of death.

At the south side of the ruined city, on the edge of the sea, is a plinth dedicated to light. 100 ft down from that, in the silt, is an entrance to the tunnels under the city. Off that tun eel is the path of death.

Eric pays him with a glove of transforming magic.

Xel opens a portal within himself, and we arrive on an island 20 miles to the north of the ruins (the time is about 12 hours off).

The sea is shallow, salty, silty, with lots of little fish but no big ones. We can see elementals and drakes above the city. In the form of dolphins, or with gills, we travel towards the city and stopping offshore find the plinth glinting in the moonlight. (Trying to crawl ashore sets of a ward). We use tunnelling to remove the silt below the plinth until we find a 5ft tunnel into the rock. A short distance in we find an airtrap and the cave is dry from there on.

There are a couple of 30000 year old wards set for non elves, a disintegration and a teleport, both near enough mind magic, which we suppress.

Eventually we (most of us) see a black archway in the wall. We buff Lath us and loan her items, especially my reroll amulet.

She sets off on the path and sees a minor death facing away. She tries to turn it around but fails. It attacks her but she finds that she can't hit spectral, so she flees. Eventually she turn back and return to us, taking a hit on the way that drain EN and is not stopped by necrogeny, but is lessened by the grey cloak.

With spectral rune weapon and Eric at her side (only they won't drop dead on entering) she tries again. This time there are two minor deaths. Lath and Eric sneak between them use the turning item (and a few rerolls), and carry on. They arrive at an exit arch, but oh no, they are back with us.

Third try they just sneak up on the deaths, and try to backstab them. Turns out they only have to roll a D10 under assassin rank, easy for Lath but Eric has none, so Lath goes for Eric's and gets it, this time 2D10 under rank (with more rerolls).

Continuing on, they come to the impression of a doorway in the middle of nowhere and emerge into a 12 sided room with five niches unevenly arranged in the walls. There are runes and symbols all over, with death symbols on the wall they came from. One of the niches has a scroll of elf skin in it which Lath removes, making a resistance against a wave of magic that rolls out.

The other niches contain a skull, an eye, a heart and a diamond. Eric tries to remove the skull and drops dead, becoming a sacrifice to Seir's descent. Laths is tempted by the diamond and by the door with air symbols around it, but leaves with the corpse. Outside of the room it doesn't have a spirit attached, so she takes it back, and spots that Eric's soul is in the skull.

She brings us the scroll and the corpse and goes back for the skull. More rerolls, rabbits foot and time reversal and she eventually makes it back out with the skull, which has thousands of spirit threads attached to it.

Father Rowan resurrects Eric, but his soul has no foot. He says that he had a battle with with some demonic minions that were dragging him to Seir, and one bit off his foot.

We leave the tunnel complex back to the sea. Above, there has been some sort of alert and the skies are busy. We move off underwater, trailed by only one drake, and Father Rowan blasts it while Lath returns us to the guild by Gaseous Form/Dragon (while never leaving anyone alone with Eric, until we have him checked out for turning his coat).

Session 7

Back at the guild we get Eric checked out, and there is no sign of trouble. We get his greater replaced and mindspeech repinned.

We ascertain that any rune mage can do Runes of Revenge and that (as far as we know) it doesn't have any intrinsic affect.

I read the scroll. Father Rowan divinates me, which shows no affect from the scroll, but does show up my geas.

He divinates the scroll which requires reading it. He does the skull - it is Astronia's father, who was sacrificed along with thousands of others. It is a key artefact of Seir. It gives a bonus to air magic, E&E and time magic and is an air place of power, but touch it and save at -20 or die.

Vychan does the ritual with the hair and the scroll - the hair disappears but the scroll singes a bit and remains.

We leave the scroll and skull in the guild vaults, contemplating their destruction (and I say hi to the mana slugs).

Task 10b

We go to the Lake of the Moon in Flugelheim by cloud. The scales have a faint glow. We spot an island in the middle, and I land and DA it. It is avatar level so I take off again. Turns out it is the genius loci of the lake, and it is willing to help at Dalran helped save her. There are some remnants in the lake so we fetch some up. They appear to be crystals, with a demonic taint and they don't melt.

Gaseous Form/Dragon back to the guild.

Task 10c

We find out the details of the Ruska campaign - so boring. Lath takes us via Tycho and cloud to Ruska, and we search. On day 3 Lath finds a small cave by a stream, where it is freakishly but naturally cold. There is a frozen body of a soldier and we chip out a piece of his frozen heart.

Gaseous Form/Dragon back to the guild.

Task 7

We raid Dalran's shop in Newhaven and get two of his crystals. His wine cellar there is depleted, so we try de Rideford estates outside of Sanctuary for the vintage and get half a dozen bottles of his wine.

Gaseous Form/Dragon back to the guild.

Off to the Hellenic states, but after a weeks search we conclude that it is not the right bunny and not the right dragon.

Focusing on the bunny, on asking whether there are any in the guild vaults, we are informed that no, but they do have Dalran's crystal bunny here in a stone box. This reminds Father Rowan that the Havenite dwarfs revere a crystal dragon, so with the mad bunny itemised for safe keeping we plan to visit Haven. This one was difficult, because the scribe on that adventure had failed to complete the scribe notes!

We are informed of the difficulties of magic in haven including the fact that elementals summoned may no be controlled.

The allied portal to haven is only open strictly on midday and we feel that leaving in an hour is rushing, so we rest until tomorrows opening. Unfortunately our relaxation is broken by a messenger from Haven, one guild member Loxie, who says that the city fell last night, by unknown means.

For us this means that we can't stay there overnight to catch the next portal out and will have to travel some 1800 miles to the next city, Riverton, in the 7 hours or so of daylight remaining. We decide to use windwalking, enhanced to 20 miles per cast, and a lot of restoratives from Father Rowan's cup.

The party want to incapacitate me because of my geas, but I resist, and discovering that Keisha has a sword that protects against the consequences of a geas, I borrow it.

We get multiple mutual locates on each other so that we don't get lost on our travels and are portalled to Haven City.

The walls are in ruins and appear to have been blasted. Eric takes samples and we head north. Some way along the road we see refugees, but refrain from rescue as we have not yet ascertained the state of Riverton.

When we arrive, Riverton is fine, so we enter the city after taking an oath, on the oathstone, not to harm the city. Investigation of the sample stone shows no residual magic or alchemy.

Over the next two weeks the party, except me, transport all the refugees, who hide out in the waystations overnight, to Riverton.

We then head north to the dwarves via two portals and a days flying. The dwarf stronghold is extremely fortified, but in good taste and aesthetically pleasing. We get an audience with the dwarf seer, who arranges us an audience with the Lady of the Dwarves, the dragon (though she tells us that she is not actually a dragon, but similar in form to such a thing). We travel on a minecart through tunnels lit day and night by crystal light tubes, then by river in a small boat, then through caves where crystal animals wander (there are wild ones set loose outside).

We talk to the dragon, who also rips out my geas with her claw. She tells us to leave the seed, Dalran's gifts and the rabbit with her for two days and she will mend the damage and add the essence to the seed. And so it happens. Dalran now has a pet rabbit.

We retrace our steps back to Haven City (one days flight, two portals, 1/2 day windwalks), with a couple of hours to spare, so do a little investigating. The walls look like they have exploded outwards, some maybe from above. There are no burn marks. We portal back to the guild at noon.

Task 4

Engalton has a painting and a statue of Dalran of quality able to be located from. The scales glow slightly. We use locate to try and find the replica, but no luck. We try using the painting to send a message to "Dalran" and it heads off north (Lath can see the windspeech) which show us that there is a target within about 1000 miles. We get ourselves ready to fly, send another message and we're off.

Session 8

Lath follows the message for 18 hours windwalking,as we follow on Father Rowan's disc, then she sends a windspeech and an elemental following it to guide us in, while she waits for 5 hours on a roof.

The replica is in a tavern in a small town (Bern?) in Alidar?, near Barretskine. We enter and accost "Dalran" who is upstairs with a woman. We attempt to kidnap him using knockout gas, but he and the woman resist, so while all of the inn and some of the town sleep, Eric compels him to follow us.

Meanwhile, outside, Vychan is struck by magics, which he resists, and poisoned arrows. A couple of tall figures approach. They are about 23ft tall, warped giants. Combat ensues, as we don't want to leave the baddies here to massacre the town. Lath sends "Dalran" to a dragon with instructions to wait there. We are attacked by a total of four of the giants, 12 demonic archers, air, water, earth and ice elementals, a darksphere and a variety of magic. This is clearly an ambush by Seir's minions. The inn is set on fire and totally trashed before we decide to bug out.

The enemy are reqrouping and preparing to follow us, so Lath sends us to the dragon near the guild where we gather up "Dalran". We decide to do a divination outside the guild so as not to bring in a demon in disguise. While that is happening we are approached by a member of guild security who give us a message purportedly from Kali, but we are suspicious, he is DAd as a minion of Seir, so is hellfired dead.

We try the ritual with the replica, eventually figuring out that it is the amulet of Narcissus that it wears that we need, and with some help from Kali, figure out that we need to write the names on the seed, so complete the ritual.

Task 5

Sabrina has organised a festival in Sanctuary next Sunday

Task 6

We use Eric's sash to get to the Hellgate to talk to the elementals about burning a mountain, since we think he owes us.

We get in contact with Lady Catherine, as was, the fire elemental. She says that we need a volcanic seed, which we will need to get from the Plane of Fire, unfortunately in a realm that is against the war. She will then arrange for it to be charged and it then needs to be put into the volcano.

She can get a portal opened to an adjacent realm and it is up to us to travel and negotiate for a seed. We organise exotic flammables as gifts, including a stick of magic wood that Eric has.

Session 9

We get fire protection and fire armours for 41 hours. The elementals will open the portal every six hours and at 40.5hrs, for us to return. Our directions are to head "downhill".

We arrive at Fire. It is flamy and mesmerising, so some of us have to be encouraged or hypnotised at various times to ignore it and continue. Some items of an elemental nature have problems so Vychan take them and with his armour turns to something else so that they are not there any more.

So we walk downhill. After a while we meet an elemental. We try to negotiate with him, but are forced to torment and compel him to lead us through his territory. He informs us that we will need to go to the "great great one" for a seed. continuing we meet another who challenges our elemental, so we grab him too.

The next territory is a "great one", which sucks up our littlest and grows, so we grab him too. By this time we have been travelling for about 6 hours. After another 2 hours we approach the territory of the "great great one". Our larger elemental thinks that we are super tough so should make a challenge, which he does before we can stop him.

We are approached by six bigger than ours, and our biggest loses the challenge, so we are "captured". As we walk we compel our captors, but one manages to get out a warning, due to lack of care in the compel wording.

After about another hour we can tell that we are getting close and when we realise that we are being surrounded by 12 twenty foot and 24 15 foot elemental we go on the offensive, to prove that we are worthy negotiators given that they have a very aggressive "society". (Vychan and, strangely, Eric want to try the peaceful route and, strangely, Father Rowan wants to take of the whole plane of fire).

We rout them with liberal use of the Word of Water and heavy damage, (one tries to steal me), and are granted an audience with the great great one. We trade Eric's stick and some special mistletoe that Vychan has for a glowing seed of rock and a few hours head start.

Travelling back for 9 hours, we arrive, fortuitously about five minutes before the portal opens, and step through.

We take the seed to Lady Catherine who has it charged up for us. It will go off in seven days, and we are given a phrase to decrease that time by one day per speaking.

Task 5

We Gaseous Form/Dragon back to Seagate.

Turns out that there was a festival in Seagate in the last couple of days, so we look around for any leftover hungover mimes. As luck would have it, we find one. We have difficulty dealing with him as none of us have troubadour or mime skills and nobody but me seems to understand that we need to do pretend things to affect him. Eventually we get some fake blood from a fake mime that Vychan creates, that the mime collects in an imaginary bottle for us. Father Rowan quickly inscribes the runes before the fake expires and the task is completed. Dalran shakes his fist at the retreating mime.

Session 10

Task 6

We take a cloud to Palestrina for about half a day, taking Mordrin with us ready for task 10d. We find ourselves a place to hang out about 15 miles from the mountain and a spot to view the eruption from about 4 miles from it.

Vychan reluctantly (what a big girl's blouse) goes under the mountain using my "void" to travel through solid matter, the grey cloak for stealth and reroll items in case of disaster. Using locates potions and carefully placed markers outside the mountain he navigates to the centre and places the seed. He collects a small amount mana laden mithril ore on the way out. Then he can't find us for some time. And he has forgotten to run the timer down, so we have to wait for 2 1/2 days in a cave.

Father Rowan views ground zero by crystal and it looks abandoned and derelict, but we reject the notion.

At the appropriate time we approach to our 4 mile site. We are spotted by a half devil - ha! knew it! - but catch it. It is not owned by a demon. Its plane of origin is hell. It has been here more than a season. The mountain is the centre of the Havenite incursion onto Alusia. It's master is Etrigan (who we already know is the leader). He is probably in his keep elsewhere.

So we settle in to watch the show. There are rumblings and smoke and after about 15 minutes the top blows off. We dance and show the seed (Dalran is celebrating too) and dodge falling rocks. We observe two spectres come out, then some 20' spheres containing entities (bubbles of force?) wafted SE by air elementals and lastly a red dragon which help with moving the bubble and spots us. The ritual is completed (Dalran looks like it is now time to leave)and before they can decide to come after us we drop down behind our ridge and set off to "get lost", after Lath sends Vychan back to the guild because he counts as too many entities.

We kill the half devil and, since it came here for real it doesn't disappear, it is loot.

Task 10d

We find ourselves slogging through deep snow but the scales are only glowing slightly, so we try using ice traversal to fall off the path. The scales glow more, so we all get ice traversal and Mordrin abandons us to our fate. We are somewhere. Shortly we find the tracks of the previous party. I ascertain which tracks would be Dalran's and walk in them for a while. Task complete

Task 3

We host a party for Dalran's apprentices. 30 or 40 turn up, suspiciously many. A good time is had by all but it's not the thing.

Lath does a reading and sees a web over the Western Kingdom, centred on Erewhon.

Father Rowan has his "little feller" turn into ink on a page and I put the letter into a "dead drop". We hire a junior E&E to "locate" it. Rowan, Eric and I infiltrate as animals. We find the ink on the wall because it has jumped off when it got too hot. There is a man upstairs and we flush him out. The rest of the party ambush him. He seems very twitchy as we question him, so we realise that he is geased, so we take him back to the guild ad borrow the protection sword again.

His message procedure is to leave it on a well lit table at the 10th or 14th hour, for 20 mins and then to burn it. Presumably they are being read by crystals of vision. He is paid by a pouch in the drop once a month, the last time about a week ago.

Lath uses her lodestone to find the place this site was scried from and we fly north to Sanctuary. We enter, find the right house (in a really bad part of town), kick in the door and find the room (as everyone in the neighbourhood scatters) in a nicer house hidden from the street. There is an empty crystal ball rack (and one dropped ball to loot), but nobody is home. We find a trapdoor to the sewers and attempt to follow, but the lodestone only points to the room so we don't. Upstairs is a similar table to the last place, and we DA the ashes in the fireplace for pick-up time tomorrow.

We find a decent inn uptown with security to wait till tomorrow, then use the same method to find the next site, in Freetaun, though more stealthy this time as is fitting. The following day the same to a small town in Erewhon. The patterns are different here; there is more security and we are aware that we are being observed. We find somewhere to stay.

Someone slips me a note to go to the graveyard west of town at 10pm, so I do and the others follow at a distance (Lath gives me an anti-ransom note to carry). I am approached in the graveyard by someone who doesn't seem to be a spy, more a young fisherman, who escorts me to a tower a further 20 mins from town. It is squat, about 20' diameter and 15' tall. I send in a ridden mouse first then Eric the Ferret get in my pocket and I knock. The door is opened by a nondescript fellow and I am escorted downstairs.

In a room at the end of a shaped stone tunnel is a cowled figure who is showing no skin and all visible items are non-magical. We talk and he palms something and touches the seed, completing the task. Then Dalran figure is now hooded and sneaky.

Lath sends us home.

Task 11

Lath scrys for task 11 and gets images of Castle Chilton and of Newhaven. As we know that Erzsabet ha some of his testicles we visit her office in Castle Chilton with a couple of bottles of wine. She gives us a box with the items within. She asks us for a favour - spectres have been seen flying over Seagate and she asks us to investigate and confirm. We allow that we can confirm it without investigating further, so she asks us to clean up our mess.

We go to Newhaven and collect up the linked statues and paintings, and back to the guild where there are some leftover bits. Then we are informed that Seir has some part of his heart. We send a message to Sier that we will want back any parts of Dalran and Eric's foot. In return we will give him his father's skull. We also specify no repercussions for this deal on either side.

We get a return message to meet at a point on the coast directly west of the guild at dusk on the 1st of Breeze.

Session 11

We spend some time planning to catch the spectres. We consider rune weapons nets and "blessed weapons", something Father Rowan can do which can make a weapon able to hit spectral. We get some holy water from the Urielites that will cure draining damage. We paln to summon undead to a point across the river from seagate at midday tomorrow. A limited precog regarding this plan shows that they don't turn up. We try the same with a time of a bit before dawn and same. Lath uses her lodestone for the nearest spectre and gets a direction of south. A precog on a crystal shows us turning up at a turn near the gatar depression. Father Rowan prays to Chantris for dreams and gets the impression that they have been warned off.

So we wait for our meeting with Seir. On the appointed day, leaving Vychan and the Dalran seed at the guild, we fly to the rendezvous, arriving a few hours early. Father Rowan brings the skull as he can't be "twinkled" and wearing the grey cloak has a huge resistance to being sucked into it.

There are people there - 6 mercenaries with a Tac connections and a mage setting up a summoning. We set up our protections of rune wall and wards and wait. Eventually the summoning happens and two 20' and two small demons turn up. They have a jar with Dalran and a demon with a mismatched foot, which we trade the skull for. Eric is supposed to consume the demon to get his foot back.

As the mercenaries are leaving towards their boat, they are startled by something behind a rock, and danger senses go off. Unsurprisingly it is the spectres taking advantage. A rank 20 darkness comes down and we calculate that it the size of 4 rank 20s. We drink our potions of protection from light and shadow and ignore it. The four spectres are arranged around our circle and start casting blackfires, most of which don't get through the rune ward. They are difficult to get at as they disappear underground if approached, but one is killed and another nearly so and they retreat just as we see a dragon approaching in the distance carrying a cargo net payload and four riders. They bomb us with binder bubbles and itemised undead but as we all leave the ground, they have no effect (though Father Rowan has a close call and a lurking spectre nearly takes advantage). Lath whirlwind vortexes the dragon and its riders, killing one of them and they decide to scarper.

They are flying fast and we are unable to effectively take them on so they get away, and are also out of range of a summon enchanted by the time Father Rowan tries it. We find that the dead spectre had a disc on the ground of rk 20 enhance enchant. The devil with the foot has survived the encounter so we take him and back to the guild.

We perform the last part of the ritual. The Dalran figure looks staunch and heroic, then lies down curled up and goes to sleep.

We return the seed to the Urielites. A few days later they return, telling us that it is not working. Investigations show that Tegan is now pregnant with a nephilim reincarnation of Dalran who is destined to slay Seir at nightfall (and two other infants).

The Aliases

  • Dalran de Brevic: Seagate Adventurer
  • Born: Andrew von Leibstrau
  • Winged elf form
  • Chevalier Roke con Sartra: the Lord of Shadowvale and Herald of Erewhon. One of Baron Turf's circle of advisers.

  • Marius de Ridefort
  • Bertran de Born, a Human Minstrel doomed to wander the earth
  • Father Lucius, a priest of Berith with a bad lisp
  • Raz, Kontrazynsky Rokossky owner of Rokosskys Messengers in Sanctuary
  • Otto von Schultz, A painter
  • Black Viktor, A Sanctuary Mage Guild Master Thaumaturge
  • Jurgen (nose 3, wig 2)?

  • A'tuni D'Noso in "A Timely Ghost", 6'5 and 140lbs, a handsome and athletic male elf with shock of black hair, attired in sleek reddish scale amour. He wields a broadsword with a large garnet set in the pommel and a shield with a copper coloured face on which the old symbols for Hunter/Guide and Fire are daubed in ochre.
  • ?The nom de guerre of a thaumaturgical spymaster high in the Flugelheim counter intelligence service is "Sir Rocklam" in Ice Demons in Flugelheim

SGT Snippets & Gossip

Father Rowan, on being told that the situation may call for Skills in Alchemy:

"Maybe I should get my little feller out?"

Tegan, with exasperation:

"Is this really the time for that sort of thing?"

Buffs and Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur FR Er Te La Ch Vy
Rune Shield (FR) 12 +17 Def, +3 Prot, avoid a SG 13/25** hrs
or Armour of Earth (Vy) 20 +42 Def, absorb 1 DP/Strike 10.5/16.5** hrs
or Barrier of Wind (La) 21 +42% Def or +52% with Eddy 16 hours**
Heart Rune (FR) 8 Cures 7 EN when EN taken 9/17** days
Willow Healing (FR) 12 Cures 3 EN / Pulse for 14 Pulses 24/48** hrs
Mind Cloak (FR) 10 Conceals thoughts & pact, + 30 vs compel, charm etc 21/41** hrs
Strength of Stone (Vy) 20 +20 PS or EN 21/33** hrs EN EN EN EN EN EN
Fire Armour (Vy) 20 Absorb 100 Fire Damage 21/33** hrs
Circle of Protection (FR) 20 Absorb 20 Dam / Pulse, + 5 to attacker's die roll 10.5/16.5** hrs
Feather Falling (La) 9 Float downwards 10 hours**
Vapour Breathing (La) 16 Can breath any gas 14.5 hrs**
Resist Heat & Cold (La) 16 5 steps better on weather table & 5 less damage. 29 hours**
Eddy (Ritual) (La) 16 +3 steps better on weather table and +4 effective ranks on BoW, protection from Whirlwind Vortex. 17 hours
Flying (La) 13 Air Mage flying spell at 43 mph. 13 hours**
Adopt Essence (Te) 19 +20 on a stat eg a monkey MD for climbing or an animal ability eg poison fangs 32hrs** hare(AG)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects ** on duration includes Enhance Enchantment Dur

Short Term

Magic Rk Effects Dur FR Er Te La Ch Vy
Blessing (FR) 10 +10 SC, +10 vs Fear 110/210** mins
Solar Protection (FR) 6 +14 vs Light/Solar magic, see through Rk 20 Light 70/130** mins
Night Vision (FR) 6 110 ft see in darkness 3.5/6.5** hrs
Fast as the Wind (La) 16 +6 TMR up to a max of 16. 44 mins
Wind Walking (La) 18 Travel (as air) at 140 mph (~13 miles range) 9.5/18.5** mins --
Enhance Enchantment (La) 12 up to +12 Ranks spell duration 70 secs
Evil Eye (Te) 4 4 off targets MR 2.5/4.5**hrs
Namer GK Counter (Er) 0 +30% MR ~6 mins

Tegan can cast any spell out of the book, one time only, at rk 6

Military info for the Bishop

Watch Order:

Night time: Tegan all night. One Air Elemental all night. Everyone else a 3 hour shift.
Watch cycle as follows: 8pm Lath 11pm, 10pm Eric 1am, Midnight Vychan 3am, 2am Christopher 5am, 4am Father Rowan 7am.
Father Rowan's pet will be cooking each morning from the 6am onwards.

Night Vision:

  • Tegan - Cat vision 110' Rg (needs some light), can see spirits, ethereal, invisible, other weird shit and things that are not there.
  • Vychan - Inf vision 500' Rg (see living things).
  • Lath - Dark Vision 250' Rg (needs some light).
  • Christopher - Night vision 110' Rg (Because the vision is monochromatic it cannot be used to do a Detect Aura, needs some light).
  • Father Rowan - Rk 20 Witchsight, Night vision 110' Rg (Because the vision is monochromatic it cannot be used to do a Detect Aura, needs some light), can see into proximate planes/dimensions, Spirit Vision 150 ft, see living and undead things through obscurement but not Rk 20 Light or Darkness.
  • Eric - Dwarves close vision is exceptionally sharp, but many have poor distance vision. They can see in the dark as a human does at dusk. Their effective range of vision in the dark is 50 feet under the open sky, 100 feet inside man-made structures, and 150 feet inside caves and tunnels, can smell gold.

Other Enhanced Sensors:

  • Tegan - Can hear like a Fox.
  • Air Elementals - can see and hear things.

Marching Order:

Vychan & Eric
Christopher & Father Rowan & hound
Lath & Tegan
Air Elemental X 2


Ostow - currently, suffering the effects of the war with the Drow - widespread famine, dispossessed people, developing banditry.
Asylum - a middlemarch wherein the insane are kept, and which has powerful magical defences, including masked things that drift out of the place, menacingly.


  • Holy Fool - a madman given to religious ecstasy and visions. Also, speaking in rhyming couplets and giggling.
  • Repentant bandits - some chaps we met on the way and with whom we remonstrated gently about their choice of career.
  • Catherine - a good wife healed of a broken arm in the village near the entrance to Asylum.
  • Mrs Fate - one of the Moirae, who seemed very pleasant but not best pleased with Lath or, for that matter, Vychan, the big woofter girl's blouse.
  • Extremely naughty elves & elf minions - six of one, half a dozen of the other, imprisoned under bound ice made permanent by the willing sacrifice of martyrs, presumably to make Alusia safe. The journey of their souls upon death was 'to the heart of the Realm', make of this what you will.
  • Captain Firebrand - an elemental Fire Lord in command of the siege of Foras' Keep
  • Davros - the leader of a band of mercenaries, secretly in the pay of Seir, captured and contained.
  • Furfur - named Demon, for whom duplicity is as mother's milk.
  • Herskew - a spy whom the Fates do not want in Hell.
  • Xel - a sentient Dark Sphere who has digested one of Seir's eyes.
  • Catherine - a mortal who, upon hearing of the death of her brother in a war, flung herself into a fiery pit to shake off the woes of this mortal coil and missed. Now a fire elemental and the force behind the elementals war upon Hell.


Item carried by FR Er Te La Ch Vy Vault
'Invested' Shadow Walk Rk 20 1 Charge
Invested Wind Walk Rk 15 10 Charges from D
Invested Whispering Wind Rk 15 13 Charges from D
Bone Breastplate from D
2 x Punch Daggers from H
Cloak of Shrouding from H
Soul Jar
20 x Demon Ichor Potions of Air Special Counterspell rk20 3 3 3 3 3 3 2
Seven League Boot (R)
Picnic Blanket
Waxing Stone (Waterproofing charges)
Cool Charm
Seir's "ascension scroll"
Enhance enchantment disc
Dalran crystal ball x 2 1 1
Corpse of a half devil
A favour from the fates
Rod of Recall
Favour from the Urielites
Itemised Undead

'Invested' Shadow Walk Rk 20 1 Charge 11,000
Invested Wind Walk Rk 15 10 Charges 52,500
Invested Whispering Wind Rk 15 13 Charges 29,250
Bone Breastplate 20,000
32 human rib bones and connective tissue, durable and animated. Loyal to and protective of owner (1 healable EN per day). 10 AP, 5 Endurance Armour, Size 5-7, Weight 16 lbs, 0 AG, +3 PS. May store up to 32 ranks of active spells that are hidden in the armour and remain in effect as long as it is fed every day.
SG damage will break 1 rib. Owner may roll under (remaining number of ribs) % to completely absorb the SG which will shatter the rolled number of ribs. The owner may replace broken ribs with their own which will take 1 day to integrate.
Will attack opponents in close using Dagger SC and assassin rank of owner, D (+ current PS bonus of armour). Successful damage injects fragments of necrotic bone causing [D-4] internal injury for D pulses. And once per pulse D+(Assassin Rank - 6) EN drain (less Necrogeny) which boosts the PS bonus of the armour for 10 minutes.
Gems, Jewels from H 80,000
2 x Punch Daggers from H 10,000ea
Use MC, SC 50%, Dam D+2, Class A&C. Dagger skill. May be used to defend as per Main Gauche. Over PS damage stacks with skill and +1% SC per over PS. Magic Weapon. Always strikes first in Close Combat.
Cloak of Shrouding from H 15,000
Shrouds and protects body, mind and soul. +20% Stealth vs physical, magical and oracular observation, +10% MR vs body affecting magic, +20% MR vs Mind affecting, +40% MR vs Soul affecting. Reduces all forms of life/soul draining by 2 (stacks with Necrogeny). Modifies reactions rolls by 20% towards being ignored or overlooked - NB this makes it very hard to deal with/interact with people when they tend to ignore you.
Soul Jar 500
Shrunken skull. Holds one mortal soul until released by a denizen of Hell. When empty and within 50' of a mortal soul that departs its body, the soul will be sucked into the skull through the nostrils to be bound within it after 30 minutes. Once trapped a non-demonic attempting to resurrect the body will have -50% BC unless the skull is destroyed to release the soul. The time constraint on resurrecting does not apply to the trapped soul but the skull must be within 50' of the body they are being resurrected into.
20 x Demon Ichor Potions of Air Special Counterspell rk20 4,000ea
Effects as normal but Ick! Ichor is demonic and will be harmed (diminishing the magic of the potion) by Angelic realms or other effects that innately harm demonics.
Random #1 Seven League Boot (R) 5,000
The right boot of a matched pair, the left boot exists but is lost. May still be used, carefully. The wearer may concentrate on the far horizon, spend 2FT and 'step' (hopping is recommended) 21 miles, passing over the intervening terrain in the blink of an eye. If they fail a 4xAG check then their left leg is left behind - a specific grievous injury of 21 EN damage. Their right foot will land on firm ground (provided there is some) approximately 21 miles (+/- a few hundred feet) from their origin.
Random #2 Picnic Blanket 5,000
Once a day, when opened out onto the ground with a flourish, will conjure a cold light lunch for two. The quality and style of the lunch will be appropriate to the surroundings.
Random #3 Waxing Stone (Waterproofing charges) 5,000
Holds up to 15 charges of Waterproofing that may be applied to an object or entity at a rate of 1 min per charge. Effect is as per Waterproofing at rank = number of charges applied. Charges accumulate 1 each night of a waxing moon and will discharge 1 each night of a waning moon (to a minimum of 0).
Random #4 Cool Charm 3,000
When the temperature gauge is greater than 6 the wearer will keep cool, gaining an apparent +1 PB and be affected by the heat as if at -1 gauge. Also reduces damage from Fire/Heat by 1 (not stacking with similar cooling effects or talents).
Rod of Recall (1 charge) 4,000sp
3' rod of dragon bone, permanently itemised to 3" long. When broken (to end the itemisation) and then forcefully struck on the ground, it will activate. This raises a pentacle of fire that is a portal transporting all in that hex straight to Seir's realm of Hell.