Marius de Ridefort

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Marius is a tall human male of Eltrandorian Descent. He is an established trader and now a resident of Sanctuary. He specialises in shipping bulk goods across the Western Kingdom as well as a specialty in unique weapons and armour.


Winter 807wk

  • Marius purchased the messenger company owned by Raz.
  • Marius commissioned the building of the Sanctuary Coffee Exchange, a meeting place for traders and captains to meet a discuss trade, commerce, politics and the like.

NOTE: This stone building was burnt down only a week before it was due to open, in Spring 807WK.

Spring 809wk

  • Marius opened 'The Exchange' Tavern in Spring 809wk.

Spring 815wk

Marius was killed by bandits in Ormond where he was travelling homewards with his daughter Elyse_de_Ridefort and son Gerard de Ridefort. They managed to kill the bandits but not before their father gave his life for theirs in the battle.
He was buried in a family plot on the 21st of Blossom 815wk. Control of the family enterprises fell to Elyse.