The One Horned God

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The One Horned God, or Eric to the inner circle is an off-world diety making inroads in Carzala and the Baronies after it's introduction in the 790's by Darien and Dalran.

Followers are known formally as Seekers and vulgarly as Nobblers seek divine revalation through hieghtened and prolonged states of ecstasy. This is most often achieved through sex, although artificial aids (alcohol, drugs, torture) are sometimes used although frowned upon by the higher-ups as crutches. Seekers also strive to accumulate, catergorise and store all forms of knowledge. To an outsider a Temple to the One Horned God resembles a cross between a library and a bordello.

While community oriented (Seekers tend towards large families) and with a holy text containing precepts and illustrations towards persuing, maintaining and developing relationships of all types most peoples contact with the Seekers comes in the form of 'instructional documents' that consist of the 'good bits' of the canon. Local Seekers often compete to pose for certain illustrations which are then updated. As a result working out where and when a particular verion of the Seeker text comes from is a simple matter.

That the Seekers can and do change their canon regulary as well as archive vast amounts of other works has led to speculation on how they do it. The local temple in Seagate uses a Dwarven replicating engine.

Seekers are not well liked by the various demonic cults because many of the lures cultists employ to draw in the weak willed are done far better by Seekers.

Darien is an agent