War-wolves of Londinium

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Scribe Notes

Adventure: War-wolves of Londinium
GM: Jim Arona
Session: Autumn 816wk
Night: Wednesday
Location Onehunga - but sometimes in New Windsor - see discussion page for location
Level: Medium+

  1. Keshah - Elven Rune - Michael H.
  2. Tsayoi of Blackshore - Giant Fire - Chris 99
  3. Thaeuss - Elven Binder - Stephen M 81
  4. Bromli - Dwarf Namer - Nick M
  5. Prudence - Human Water - Julia 05 56
  6. Mungo Third Son Human/Wolf of War - the Humble so-named by Odin himself - Michael McF. 49

Employer: The Lord of Patterns.


In the lamented absence of Meliadus of Kroiden, the Order of the Wolf are entangled in a struggle to find their next leader.

The Lord of Patterns would like to know who is appointed and has a few vetoes he would like to suggest.


Lord Serafin wishes us to ensure that the internal competition and strife amongst the Order of the Wolf continues as it bodes well with him at this time. He wishes us to travel to Perfidious Albion and review who are the likely leadership contenders and encourage them to withdraw by whatever means necessary. He would be delighted to hear of our success in this matter. He also mentions that London and Londinium have similarities current and Serafin's previously enunciated target of Mycroft's Difference engine that would be found in the British museum would see us needing no further action for Serafin who would be incredibly grateful.


Scribe Notes

Session 1

Seagate - meet & greet

Our party of luminaries meet in Meeting room 3 and snack on wine and cheese before introducing ourselves. Introductions are mostly concise and sometimes rambling but all the salient points are made.
We have 2 candidates for Mil Sci with Thaeuss and Mungo. Mungo is the charge the enemy and never take a step back type of MS while Thaeuss follows the live to fight another day and get them when surprise is on our side - I believe this is the Engleton style vs a more measured style. Thaeuss wins with Mungo taking up the reins if its deemed necessary (with Thaeuss's demise) by the party.
Leadership is easily dealt with as we are heading to a predominantly human populated realm and so Prue is charged to lead us unless the situation changes.

With all respect to worthy Tsayoi, there was an agreement that I (Mungo) would lead the front line as Warchief and allow Thaeuss to practice Military Science in the rear...

I (Tsayoi) unfortunately volunteer to scribe yet again as the burdens of giantism weigh heavily upon me.

Serafin, The Lord of Patterns arrives and gives us the summary of his desires and shares some knowledge of Perfidious Albion with us. Details around that those in various order and/or social classes often wear masks which define their roles and station in life. The lower classes wear cloth masks, middle classes more silken masks and the upper classes possibly metal or some other mask material.

There are a number of Orders on Perfidious Albion and examples of these are;

  • The Order of the Wolf - A militaristic order who wear wolf masks
  • The Order of the Fly - A mechanical styled order who fly 'Ornothopters'
  • The Order of the Viper - An order who use Alchemical and mechanical devices. We are advised to avoid these due to their weird experimental nature and nasty devices used in Amupules such as Venoms etc.
  • The Order of the Vulture - An order we know little of.

Serafin isn't able to give us the names of any contacts in Perfidious Albion as he has none left to his knowledge so he bids us adieu and departs.

We recognise that access to PF is via a dimensional boundary upon a certain shore and we need to be able to see it in order to access the realm. We enquire about those who may have this ability to potion it and find a local priest Father Broc who makes one for us - however due to the ineptitude of the guild alchemists left at the guild at this time of the season it takes 3 times longer than we thought at 9 days.

We use the 'gift of time' to do some research on PF and the previous scribe notes are well read. We also purchase a number of gems to take with us which we understand may help contain certain magic points if we come across certain types of magic. See List of Gems procured in Seagate. We get greaters done, linked life forces established and the other preparations we can think of and then depart.

Travel and we get to the Boundary

We arrive at 'The Certain Shore' after 2 weeks travel (13 days in the abyss) and we find a peculiar sea. We are informed that a Certainty will arrive here which will mean the end of the world at that time - so we plan not to be here then!
Prue discerns something strange about the water in that its made from geometric flakes rather than pure water and we then become aware that a creature is coming towards us although as its in the water we can't see it - so we gird our loins for combat.
A See Hag (or Sea Hag) emerges and flings fish at us which miss most of us who had moved backwards away from the water except for Mungo who is struck by some fish and paralysed in place. The hag uses her gaze and luckily fails to kill anyone with her death gaze and the other nasty looks she gives us. We fight back and I apply beauty points to help me resist her stares which was just as well. My fusilade of flames launch at her and she is struck 8 times although only her fatigue is stripped, the rest of the party engage from a distance except for brave Keshah who uses his mighty sword to take her down. We rejoice when she finally falls.
The body is dragged onto the shore and 'cleaned' before being gutted, cut up (we get her eyes out) and then burnt to stop her returning.
We take her eyes and items as she no longer needs them and we can put them to better use. We wonder why she was here and Prudence does a Waters of Vision and locates a mile away underwater a portal between 2 large (12ft tall) obsidian pillars guarded by 2 Black Annis Hags which we determine we should definitely avoid. Prue does a limited Procognitive vision on the area and see a large 11ft wheel (a Throne) emerge and they interact.

The time to go is now and so we head for the dimensional boundary.

Session 2

We allow time for Keshah to complete his interdimensional portal and we then proceed carefully into the rift and across the boudary of the realms into Perfidious Albion.
We find ourselves in a much thicker and denser woods which has very old trres that grow to some 110ft at the canopy and the trres having boles around 6-10ft across. The density of the growth means that there is only 30ft (if that) between the trees. The undergrowth isn't as dense but still present and abundant - relatively.

While Keshah does the other end of his interdimensional portal we send a scout up to the canopy who then takes flight circling higher until they espy a white tower some 80m to our west and thus we have our first waypoint in this tree covered land. It does look like it hasn't had a good forest fire for some time and we all know that forests need a good burn off to foster new growth!

Attack of the killer Wyverns

We all make our way up to the canopy and we all fly by various means (some proud and others as needs must - such as weightless like a balloon) for 2 hours before we are engaged by 3 large wyverns. We decline to engage in the air and through smart tactics and wiles encourage them to disengage. We continue flight for a short time more before they return seemingly healed from their encounter with us. Another fight ensues on the ground in a clearing we found and the fight is definitive with all three dead by physical means and one petrification.

We suffered several nasty injuries with Bromli losing both his hands and Keshah having both hips broken. Healer work is undertaken while we skin and gut the creatures salvaging Skin, Stingers, Teeth, 18 venom sacs which contain curses such as Claustrophobia, blindness, weaken heart etc. The Wyverns bodies did contain creatures inside them which we assessed as Spectral worms living inside their intestinal tract and since they were dangerous we killed them. We also eat their hearts (except Keshah and Prue) and are affected different ways. Once better we head not towards the tower but to where we suspect the Wyvwerns lair was as the desire for loot is great.

Wyvern Lair looting - a hot zone

Their lair is likely in a clearing we spot and so we descend and find a concealed unnatural pool of water which is being refresshed at the Eastern end and then spilling off into a pond of water at the weatern end and the water is much hotter than one would expect by almost a magnitude. We search the deeper pond and discover a lot of wayvern loot in the shape of body parts, gems, metals, potions etc. We then enter the structure that is under the pool and discover a water cooled nuclear reactor of a dangerous nature - such that staying there a length of time would have consequences - possibly fatal so we decide to leave. We divine from our brief time there that the power from the reactor is being sent across the planar boudary for some purpose.

We exit and head for the tower as planned.

Session 3

The White Tower

We soon arrive at 'The White Tower' where we find the necromancer 'Lady DeWinter' fell into a window before being rescued by at least 2 guild parties. Oh well and we discover that the tower has been well looted even down to the copper nails which makes some people decidedly unhappy.
We discover a set of windows on each floor with on;

  1. Level 1, a nice sea coast being displayed in the windows
  2. Level 2, a rolling green verdant plain
  3. Level 3, a broken window (which we fix) showing a black and foreboding nothingness which we understand leads to 'The Library of Leng'. A place of great powerr - if one could survive the travel to the library that is!

The roof is conical with orange-ish ceramic tiles but little else to distinguish it and the basement level has been cleaned out of anything interesting too!
We also espy a number of interesting plants growing in the garden and I along with Thaeuss the more experienced herbalist have a look around with some interesting results to show for our foray;

  • Pineapple Tree - which is unusual for such a climate - we discover that the fruit is exploding pineapples and Thaeuss takes 3 and I (Tsayoi) take 1 as in the hands of non herbalists they may go off unexpectedly!
  • Eggplant Tree - This has fruit on it that looks like eggs. - Again same ratio taken due to its nature of 'Transformation'
  • Cherry Tree - This has small fruit which explode if crushed (stood on etc) - So we take a substantial number of these for experimentation and area defence. Its assessed that these if added to fire magic will add another D10 damage.
  • Pea Tree - This has number of pods containing peas. - We take a number and store carefully as their PME (Primary Magical effect) is turning its consumer into Urine. Useful as poison type ingredients or for surprise dishes!

We do get Thaeuss to make safer containers to hold the more volitile fruits we have discovered.

We spend some more time here and Keshah divinates the windows which determine;

  1. Level 1 window leads to Feralie
  2. Level 2 window leads to Fable

These would enable us to exit this area if needed without passing the planar boundary!

Time to find a way out of here

We travel away from the twoer in mid afternoon and we then locate a forest tree herder - an Ent named Brightleaf. He things we're the previous guild party and it takes a while for his to liste and us to get things across but we do and he gives a cool draught to Thaeuss who grows foot taller (to 7ft) and he listens to Bromli's moans of wanting to be taller too and so he stands on him and then pulls his neck a bit further to enable this. Bromli isn't quite dead, merely almost dead and so healing ministrations are started. We finally get to know how to pass across to Perfidious Albion when he opens his chest and so we all pass through and away from this place.

Finally we get to Perfidious Albion

We determine that we're in a woods a dozen miles from the nearest town so we intelligently decide to camp and continue healing Bromli.


Into Eboracum

We first get to a small village where we buy a horse and cart and then return to our camp to get all of our belongings (and heavy cp loot) before heaidng to the city of Eboracum.
We find the city to be a large trade city, wealthy and not well guarded so we have little difficulty entering with the rest of the masses. We see some Order of the Fly types and steer clear. We look around the market and discover two corporate entities which are;

  • Goblin & Goblin. This concern manufactures Homunculus which are bonded entities that you can use for various purposes such as bonding to a vehicle etc. I'll come back here given time!
  • Shreik & Son. This concern cleanses flesh and make 'Pots of Flesh'. We use a substantial weight of copper which equates to 25,000sp to buy 5 pots for part use. Each pot contains three splats!

We also discover some gossip about the Order of the Wolf. In the running for the leadership we understand are;

  • Baron Kellan, who is a famously cold blooded and calculating swordsman, a skilled sorcerer and general. His personal mask is a cobra. He's the front runner
  • Count Violante,Stamp, he is a natural leader of men who leads from the front, he's a gifted tactician and sound fighter. His personal mask is a bull. He's the second runner.
  • Countess Flana, she is a woman known for her treachery and is an outsider - but one who can make favour work incredibly hard on her behlaf when she plots, schemes and traitors! Her personal maks is a gilded, bejewelled cuckoo.

We discover that there are a few choices as to how we travel the 400miles to Londinium and these are flying, travel by boat on the canals and by road through the perma forest between Eboracum and Londinium. We decide to use our own transport each night and so we dawdle out of town with the dying light to kill time until full night.

Into the chariot and onto the carpet - together into folklore

I'm sure that we've just added to the mythology and folklore of the realm by our night travels some 280m through the forest.
I'm sure we were seen by some night owls, hunters and the like but who will ever belive them when they tell the story of
"Well there were 3 figures riding an ornate red chariot being pulled by a multi segmented glowing creature with eyes of light floating inside its skin, and I'm sure there were a Giant, A dwarf and an Elf on the chariot - and you know they don't mix well. And, there were a floating carpet just behind em which had an elf and a human sitting on it. Oh, yeah to top it of there were a huge wolf with feiry feet running beside the chariot too! They were all travelling very fast (some 40mph) and they passed me by so fast that I forgot to not pee my pants - it we're that scary!

A day in Basingstoke

Anyway we travelled and then slept in the early morning to rest just inside the forest eaves north of a crossroads town named Basingstoke.
We established a portal and undertook some arduous sleeping until noon when we meandered from our spot into the town. There we looked around and listened hard for any news of The Order of the Wolf. We heard gossip on Countess Flana in that she has gained the attention of Hugh Percival and they have formed an alliance - in fact a romance - the romance of the age according to the broadsheets!
Here we come across a Fire Lance which is a wonderous device (a backpack with a 1m long tube attached - which does DxD damage) indeed and we paid only 7,000sp for this which has I'm told 8 changes inside it. Thaeuss makes the tank a little hardier and leakproof via Medning and Durability.
The Day otherwise passes uneventfully until near dusk when we meander out of town.

Once full dark we resume our mad travels

The dash to Londinium

We travel for 4 hours until the outskirts of a huge city. We camp around midnight and night passes.


We spend the next few days wandering the city looking to orientate ourselves and pick up what we can. The city of London (the centre) can't be stayed in unless your a local and so we ponder this for later. We estimate the city to have around a million people and there are a lot of foriegners - especially from the east - ummmm! Trade comes up the Thames and then gets dispersed using the canals which seem to be everywhere and mystical in nature.
Of the three contenders we discover where they reside.

Session 4

Living in Tenaments in Londinium and plotting

We take accomodation in a tenament near Islington after finishing our recconoitre of the city and we get to planning. We use the roof of the tenament to espy the central city of London and we note strange things in the night. We note that the night brings a thick 'peasouper' fog in the night and that strange creatures seem to ebb and flow through the fog and we identify these as 'Substantial undead' and they are to be avoided if possible.


We again make way into the city and learn that the god-king decides who becomes the leader of the Order of the Wolf whilst taking into account the wishes of the order. We also learn that Baron Kellan and Duke Tarragorn (The Duke of Clocks) arer regualr visitors upon the god-king. We further learn that Baron Kellan is Duke Tarragorn's brother-in-law (ish!) as Kellan surrendered his innocent sister to be sacrificed to Duke Tarragorn in some nasty ceremony.

We consider many plans before settling upon a course of action and we start immediately with trying to plant rumours of The Black Sea Conspiracy and their allies Camargue (in the south of France) seeking to overthrow the god-king.

That night while trawling through a diver Prue makes the acquaintance of a 'gentleman' pilot from the Order of the Fly who she learns to be a 'WASP' recconaisance pilot recently returned from Colgne where he spotted some Flamingo riders (which apparently spit/launch fire) and managed to flee!. Prue encourages his inebriation and then accompainies him to his room where he falls asleep after enjoying some time with her. Once he's unconcious Prue summons us and we see about robbing him. We manage to reliev him of 10gs, a fly mask (with great optics up to 5 miles away well magnified), a great 'flight suit' and his codebook.


Over this week we spend much time subtley planting our seeds of dissonance amongst the populace and lay yet more intricate plans. We determine the Order of the Fox to be some sort of intelligence corps and the Order of the Vulture to be flyer of larger machines called griffin Ornothopters. We also learn that if you seek to fly over the green to the southeast then you must fly high (above 1000ft) and once you travel the @ 120m then you should get to the coast but if you don't travel at enough height then you can't get past the green.

After a week of plotting we do note that a number of nobles have decided to visit their estates in the country (perhaps to avoid the rumoured troubles coming) but the local working populace doesn't seem very discombobulated by the rumours.

The night of dead spies

We continue plotting and then we notice in our area of operations that there are not just 1 or two spies - but 7, and some fairly skilled ones at that. We'd normally avoid these nefarious types but since we had along some such types in the party we decided to take them out. Most were no match for our combined applied skills but one was and he was of the Order of the Fox (and a knight we learned afterwards) who took some effort before succumbing. We relieved him and the other spies of some 82gs, assorted passes, a walking stick and a NoC (non official cover) list of local agents in Londinium.


Noc Noc you're dead

We started the next night to remove this cancerous group of informers, traitors and suchlike as were contained on the NoC list we can into possession of. We succeeded and caused yet more of a stir with the additional dead bodies floating in the canals. Yet more nobles depart for their country estates.


Wolf cubs grabbed, armed, primed and detonated - KABOOM!

The next day saw us procure various supplies and capture stealthily a half dozen young wolves who we carefully didn't identify oursleves too but we di incline them to believe that we were secret police and that there was a plot to kill the god king. We then allowed the men to escape carrying various itemry which we had previously modified via a number of binder magics. They were unfortunately unaware that they were carrying a number of bomblets and a suicide (minitursied fire lance) pack with them. The men full of righteous need went immediately to the palace with news of the plot, where they were kept waiting a suitable time until an officer wearing an ornate Shako attended them. We espied them moving towards the palace to make their report (under close guard) when the bomb went off with the minituarisation ending which kiled them and all in close proximity.


We get down from our vantage place atop the Tenement as we notice that the weather has just changed. We being perceptive determine that we should puit some distance between us and the scene we just witnessed so we head towards street level. We narrowly avoid being crushed/killed by the wooden upper floors sliding off the concrete lowers floors but many locals aren't so lucky once the high winds wip arond the now 'unshielded' from the weather city. We flee the city while the winds scream around, torential rain falls and the city goes to pot with a magical weather system focused upon the cntral city area. We travel by canal which we determine to be some sort of dimensional pathway to transit for unknown entities. We get to the forest north of the city and hide.

We relieve a local family who stay in a nearby Inn of valuable and coinage to the amount of 13TSG.



We note the storm is still going 2 days later and then Prue feels 6 incredibly powerful things being reborn. She does limited Precog and sees 6 phoenix's die (attached to the reactor we visited) and rebirth - releasing a huge amount of power. We see the central city taking on a new light and determine that the god-king has used this power along with the power from the deaths of millions of his subjects in Londinium to move a small area to Victoria. We quickly decide to accompany that section and head back into the ruined city full of floatsam and jetsum, bodies, corpses and other things. We safely reach the area before it transitions across to Victoria.

Victoria - London by water

Once the transition occurs we quickly exit the area and take to the river (avoiding 'The Serpentine') to get away from the palace area. We decide while we are here to see if we can fulfill our employers wishes and retrieve The Difference Engine. We travel to London Bridge and cast around for an entry point to Mycroft's secret Laboratory in the depths of the river and mud. We find one and after a bit of work getting in the door (there's pattern magic all around) we finally gain entry to the area.

Enter the secret laboratory of Mycroft

We traverse Abyssal stone lined passage, past a mens urinal and into an underground pub. We note a suspicous butthead barrel fixture and magic our way past it into a warehouse beyond. We search the warehouse, battle a basilisk to death, grab the secure office safe, retrive the plans and a strongbox and once the basilisk is itemsised we exit the area by using the Skiff (we noticed it as we entered the laboratory) which we use to launch ourselves out into the Thames where we turn East towards the land of wine and cheese (France).

Session 5

"A jolly nice day for a wee bit of sailing on the Thames - eh what old chaps!"

We proceed down the Thames making distance between us and the London/Londinium merger and its all going swimmingly. That is until Mungo gets the feeling the something like him is near. Mungo fails to heed our stern warnings not to speak or think what it could be and 'pop' into being comes a swarm of small spiderlike creatures from the Utter Darkness and part of Ungoliant's brood which destroys the fabric of time and space that it touches. We pile on more speed to outpace the webs of destruction which are thankfully confined to the middle of the thames (this may account for why the Thames has always been very bad for fish!) and appear to be outpacing it.

But disaaster strikes and the cloud of ravens in the Tower of London get released and start also destroying the fabric of time and space buyt much more thoroughly including the various locations of importance such as the British Museum (which is guarded by questions - and various occult orders) etc. We desire to flee more when the swarm starts heading our way. Thankfully Thaeuss says some magical words and controls them through mighty magics - and we are saved as he sends them back to whence they came until he again summons them to do his bidding.

We continue sailing and we add more sails to the Skiff by late afternoon which enables our passage over the French coast by 7pm (at a height of 1200ft) and we trim the sails to head SE and then south once we get too high up in the hills. We travel some 120miles SE before midnight.


Sailing the skies above France


Travel SE 368miles



Travel SE 368miles


We can almost see the Mediterranean


We have almost reached the Mediterranean Sea and so we turn NE towards Venice. Travel NE 368miles


Ah Venice, the city of Love

We arrive and quickly seek out and locate my recent friend Vitri, The Lord of Glass. We trade and shop. He does tell us what something new about some of the produce we found near the white tower. The Eggplant 'fruit' turns the consumer into an Egg with usually fatal consequences when the egg falls to the ground and shatters - killing the egg. We buy some ruby glass and crystal before heading into the Astral and then the Abyss.


We arrive at Damian, the Prince of Demons home and we impress him so much that he owes us a favour. We enter the Abyss


We arrive back at the guild. We travel to the Lord of Patterns and discuss our successes working for him.

He now wants us to pursue The Calculus of Change and The Klepsydra as he has plans for these items which will advance his cause. He is unable to pursue them himself due to a few unfortunate incidents recently which have left him almost completely house-bound. He suggests us seeking the counsel of a good seer such as Jade_Rain or visiting libraries of superior quality like The Black Library of Alexandria or The Library of Leng which can be found in Antarctica on the planes of Reich or New Terra. Of any plane with an Antarctica'

We undertake to negotiate not only for what we'd get should we be successful in these new endeavours but for the retrieval of Difference engine we've already procured beyond our remit.

We do learn more tidbits of information, namely

The White Towers that we have come across are not necromantic at all and these are only found on Tanuel planes.

Session 6 - The return to a new Autumn season

Serafin tells us that 'The Lord of Hands' is once again moving and has been seen in 'The Lands of Chaos'
We realise that the time has gotten away from us and Serafin offers us an Autumn Tea each so that we may reset and experience yet another enthralling Autumn which we can use to complete our tasks.

New Autumn Day 1
We depart and head for House Kerberoth (in The Lands of Chaos) via Lord Damiens domain which saves us a day travel (6 days rather than 7) and from there we travel onwards to House Kerberoth in another 6 days.
When we arrive at House Kerberoth we find it emptied of most except for Klang and Lady Suneth, the Celestial Recorder of House Kerberoth. Lady Suneth has one eye indigo and another is amber coloured. We enquire with Lady Suneth about the The_Calculus_of_Change and see strangely replies "ah yes, this is its time". We then go and spend some time in the Library looking for more information. We note that you can use the Calculus of Change to pass gems through the The Klepsydra and generate a moment in time. The more valuable of unique the gem used, the greater the amount of time that can be generated.

We understand the Klepsydra to be a WaterClock of great power. Our water mage gets quite excited and starts expounding about being the water in the device and such fanciful notions.

We then learn that the Klepsydra was last sold in The City of Brass and that Ex-Pope Sylvester bought it. Ex-Pope Sylvester was the Pope of the Holy Mother Church on Nualis.

We consult with Lady Sueth once more and she does a reading by consulting her 'Crack' in the sky above House Kerberoth. She recommends we follow up Sylvester on Tanuel where he may have had a middlemarch and was accompanied number of Poor-Clares, a militaristic order of nuns.

We travel to the Heights of Chaos via Caravan and we hire a ranger from the caravan for 3 days (cost 9 TSG) to lead us to Jiroth.

In Jiroth we buy some Potions of Pentecost, some Blank Phylacteries and some Plover Stones. We use the Temple of Keresina (the Goddess of Youth, Trade and Beauty) to access an astral gate to pass through to Sura where we exit another temples astral gate. We made sure to make donations to both temple gods/goddesses.

We meet Seranaspes, the Rain Weaver (a wizard who specialises in weather magic and his signature is 'weaving') who agrees to accompany us to find Sylvester. He is 5'7", wiry, middle-aged and has scholarly wizard appearance. He knows of Jade Rain, has a 'Rain Cloak' and he agrees to teach Prue a thing or two in the future.

Seranaspes take us to Anathel of Karthri's house in Karthri nearby where we find her harvesting some herbs. We chat and discover that Sylvester and his body-guard of Poor-Clares went into a middlemarch nearby and that Sylvester specialises in geometry and that he is already undying but not immortal.

We depart Karthri and note that the area is becoming less arid and more 'livable' and that there's a large Ziggurat in the centre of the city.

Anathal takes us on a tour of the middlemarch and we meet so of the residents who tell us that Sylvester went to the City of Brass accompanied by two sisters (Terese & Marie-Claire) and a Medeanite witch. They also think he had some business in Nualis where there is a connection to the outer darkness - this is 'Bloodfang Keep' in Romania. They also did say that if we should find him, we should kill him.

We note that Keshah is devolving into something called a 'Dragon Master'.

We travel to see the Bishop of Trondheim via Damiens residence to save a day both ways and source some silvered weapons.

We meet the bishop and explain our issues and he is receptive to us but can do little to help apart from provide advice. He is growing a White Thorn wood hedge around his house/home.

We travel for 5 days (some 3-400 miles a day) to the area of Bloodfang Keep using the fire chariot where possible as well as loping wolves, flying carpets etc.

We arrive in the area and the keep is built high above its valley and is built upon a peak - and its more a castle than a keep! Prue espies a village (using her diving magic) below the 'keep' and we suspect Silvester is there. During the predawn we fly a number of miles until we are some 5 miles away by road and we take foot for the last way.

Session 7 - Hunting down Ex-Pope Sylvester

We travel up the road moving ever higher and we expect to move the 5 miles by noon (we are slowed somewhat by a water mage who complains about travelling uphill ;-) and we are halfway up before a surprise confronts us. We are attacked by 3 Galeb_dur which emerge from the rocky side of the hill we are clambering up and wade into us on the narrow 15ft ledge. A fight ensues where we learn that Werewolves can fly when smacked hard enough by a nasty creature but not land so well, and unlike cats they don't always land on their feet. The fight could have been nasty but being seasoned adventurers we manage to take down two of them but the third got away.

We did recover 2 giant club-like weapons, 2 sets of giant boots and 2 giant hearts containing 15 stone points each.

We carry on upwards.

4 hours later we get to the top and discover a village at best described as run down and deserted with gates hanging off the hinges and no signs of population to be seen. We see a mill which is perched/built over a 150ft drop. We note the windows are boarded up from the outside and while the walls are intact it looks very deserted and yet of interest.

Looking inside the doors reveal a series of barrels aligned against the far wall and a large flywheel/spindle in the centre of the room. Inside the mill is a high mana zone with the millstone flywheel having extensive rune magic on it that enables the device to mould un-light (see big U) which can't be good. We decide to send in a stone golem, this triggers a trap and a demon appears, Greek fire is sued, the place blows up and the millstone drops.

We're also targeted by magic from an external source which we quickly determine to be ferrety little mind in a nearby deserted appearing Inn.

We show our displeasure by smashing into it and in the process killing a little grimy scrote - whom we discover is Sylvester aka Gerbert of Aurillac IRL. We trap him in a spirit jar and ask him to be of assistance and he acquiesces and we consider him treasure until we negotiate him away later on.

We loot the immediate vicinity and find a dagger - Athamae (used to cast enchantments), a wand which increases cast chance and can rank to 10 as a dagger, some special stones (a black onyx which changes weights and a white stone which uses 1FDT each attack to??.

We consider checking out the keep (we think its a nasty place indeed), saving some phoenix's or some other cunning plan!

Session 8 - Where we recover a Phoenix and chew down on a few Cenobite's

We decide that all this travel is killing us and we need a more expeditious method of travelling across planes, planar boundaries and such like. So a prtalling we will go.

Keshah starts a permenant portal in a cunning location and hides it well. While this is going on we keep watch and make potions. We then use the portal and save ourselves 5 days travel and get to the Bishop of Trondheim's fast. We pass some words with him where we discover that he'd love to get his hands on some 'Blood of Christ' wine (we could perhaps see The Comte de Versillac in Gascony Forest on Nualis or perhaps just some great wine) and pass through his Astral Gate to the Astral.

In the Astral we create another Permanent Portal to link portals. We proceed down the Abyss edge and create another quickie portal (or two) at the base of the cliff.

We travel 6 days to Damiens and set up another quickie node near there. We travel back to Alusia over the next 6 days and catch up with Serafin who is most impressed with us, so much so that he gives us all a word (or in some cases two) for completing the contract.

We resume our travel and we quickly travel to Damiens, to House Kerberoth (we create a portal beyond the gate of the house) where we meet Henry the toymaker who procures us some Potions of Pentecost (5k ea), Blank Phylactories (10k ea) and Plover stones(5k ea), to the Land of Nod, to the land of Fable, to the Certain Shore, To the Green and then we rune portal to the reactor pool quickly and we enact our plan to save the Phoenix. We send in the un-aging elves and after some issues with 2 purple 4m long Octahedrite lightning spikes, the dust of ages and other such ises the Phoenix is released and we flee the scene accompanied by the Phoenix.

Unfortunately we weren't the only ones looking for this particular phoenix and a triad of Cenobites drift onto us (2 mental nastiness and one ninja physical nastiness) which changes our plans from flying away from the expanding cloud of Dust of the Ages to landing and dealing with them before they deal with us. Combat ensues where one of the mentalists goes down in a fusilade of flames, another almost dies from Dragonflames and then retaliates by disrupting me to death and then falls to its death BUT the last one sees wisdom in retreating - however fails to resist a feeblemind spell while at the same time travelling through a 'Dust of Ages' infected area. We expect that one (40m to the north) is in most ways incapacitated.

We take stock and loot while a miracle is used to enable my 'not dead' state. We recover a lot of stuff off the 2 cenobites who perished.

We ponder where in Perfidious Albion is another Phoenix and uncover a likely location to be the 'Palace of Clocks' where one is trapped in Etheldon Metal?. Also the Firmament is a likely place to find another. I ask the Phoenix to be safe or accompany us and its likely to do as it wants. We head into Perfidious Albion.

Session 9

We divinate the phoenix and discover she has a GTN of Great Beast. We direct her where we expect her to nest in the future and she flies off but not before bequeathing each of us a Phoenix Feather. Bromli gives me a special turnip to eat and my EN loss due to death disappears. I owe the young dwarf 10,000sp.

We look to gather/harvest the aged water and aged light caused by the Dust of Ages. We look for ores and discover a new metal compound which gets called Thaeusium which has special qualities which we need to hold the water. Divination of the water is that when used in waters of vision then it will enable views into the past. We gather 3 vials of the water using the Thaeusium vials.

We go to look for Brightleaf so we can make our way across to Perfidious Albion (PA) but fails so we opt for option 2 and fly up high so we can see over the planar boundaries and move across to PA.

Once in PA we descend and establish another portal before using it to get to Basingstoke. We pick up news easily of the troubles in Londonium and we are then run out of town as we are the only ones not wearing masks. We travel by way of the waterways for the next two days and pass through verdant apple country where we source and taste lots of cider.

We get to Londonium which is now a destroyed city where there are gaps between the reality in PA and the outer Darkness, the land of corner dogs and other foul beings.

We decide to go into Londonium and penetrate the Palace of Clocks. We wait until nightfall and follow the flightpath we have noted the orno-thopters taking.

We land on a rooftop near the landing field; we then travel the rooftops of Westminster palace and onto the roof of the PoC. We take out a number of guards and petrify some Psychic Orchids. We also itemise a Ghost Narcissist plant and a Dream Jonquil plant. We continue inside the PoC and encounter a guardroom where we quickly despatch the guards but are surprised by some animated golems sets of armour which we take down after a little bit of trouble.

We continue downstaors and find another lots of troops and some senior officers and the fun continues ..

Session 10 - Once more into the brink, with unexpected consequences!

We jump down the last few stairs into what seems like a ballroom or large empty stateroom of some sort (it's about 240ft long and some 100ft wide) and using Keshahs huge globe of darkness I unload and expand my chariot of fire in behind and Bromli and I alight while Thaeuss and Prudence stay towards the rear and Mungo prepares to wreak havoc.

The enemy unload missile fire into the area to little effect and we advance half way across the room slowly which enables me to toss a grenade to decent effect in the centre of them. It's another pulse before the enemy sees us behind and then we charge in to attack. Using the chariot, I flow across the enemy crushing and lightning bolting as we go doing a good deal of damage.

2 pulses see my chariot almost to the officer who upon hearing the shout describing us turns into a particularly angular shape and change hue. Inside the room there are water spouts, people turning to stone and other such nasty events.

We next find our chariot exiting the room heading out into a courtyard with intent to turn and repeat manoeuvres; however I see around 8 heavily armoured and be-weaponed night gaunts coming on towards us followed up by a spell casting Wight and plans change.

The rest of the party come up to aid us but my mount if almost killed by the first assault from the undead and I use powerful fire magic's to attempt to kill them to little avail. I reduce my chariot to save my creature and barely alive move to dress our line of battle, beside Mungo, Keshah and Bromli.

The next assault starts and I play one of my fate cards not knowing what It can do and I use the Queen of Swords as I seek a way to help slay the enemy - especially the little corner dog evil corgis that are coming out of the angular shape.

It is then that Xiombarg appears and asks what I seek, I tell her and she starts casting magic at the enemy with little affect except we now have more to face the enemy.

I espy a greando being thrown at us from the nasty wight and having no other recourse I seek to deflect it away from us, which I luckily do and it lands far enough away that the entropy locusts don't get any of us. The corner dogs start engaging everyone and one latches onto a nightgaunt, another onto Keshah and the last upon Xiombarg - with only the nightgaunt being destroyed.

The combat continues and through luck, skilful application of magic and stubbornness we manage to kill the last of the enemy who remain standing while the wight decides that fading from view is better than standing an fighting.

We're quite damaged and not in shape for another combat of this magnitude so I dismiss my Xiombarg while we hastily loot and gather up various ashes, body parts, items, heads and other things before we head down to the catacombs where we expect the Phoenix to be.

The rooms are narrow and small but we push on, coming to a challenging door. We manage to enter into the area beyond and we find ourselves in a maze. 2 Minotaurs appear and we slay them quickly. We loot the blood, horns, hooves, eyes, hearts and weapons before we move on

Session 11 - Wandering the Maze!

We continue exploring teh maze and find dead ends which we are most suspicious of. We poke, prod, excavate, pull and push to little avail as it seems the rock is made of the same stuff that 'Boyond the veil is made of', so all round icky, nasty and most dangerous.

We manage to get through a dead end wall via ways such as a stream of water, a line of sight and 1/3rd of teh party being statues but we make it to the other side.

There's a chamber with 2 fonts of liquid and a sturdy unyeilding door. We determine that the fonts contains a blue water that was Earth transformed into water and a red water that was air transformed into water. These transformations were made by one skilled in artificing (who wasn't David) and who is associated with Bronze. We distill 8 vials of elemental water for later and then using highly ranked cooking skills to make thermite which is inexpertly placed around teh door frame with the intent of blowing the door inwards. They all brace themselves behind my and my shield which is just as well as my application was terrible and the door exploded outwards but is deflected by the shield.

We move onwards and find ourselves a seemingly deserted room. when we suspiciuosly send someone in they are attacked by at least 30ft tall Stymphalian birds with nasty attacks. We are held up a while as we figure a way across the room whereby we deny their ability to attack us to a few and we kill 3 of the creatures (looting legs, beaks, feathers (1 bronze + 1 crimson = 1pt of DR - related to size) and blood. Keshah manages to pick the lock and we progress further in.

We next come across a corridor with an alcove part way up and a large pool of bronze at the end. We rush to the alcove while avoiding the bronze bull which emerges from the pool. We best the bull and I using prodigous strength manage to throw him down to surrender as he's petrified. The bull is a mechanical bound fire creation/creature made of liquid bronze et al. We take 3 vials worth of teh liquid bronze fire.

We find a secret room and capture 6 wells, one each of water, fire, wolf, death, binding and moon.

We continue searching and find some book pages/leaves from a book of visitation. Using some leaves under the left arms enables you to see into the next dimension. Book is regarding great sapphires and has several incantations especially Spirit path and more. We also discover a summoning circle for the Duke of Thrones.

Session 12

We move onwards, pass through another tumbler locked portal and enter more danger. We get to a moon pool and encounter a well endowed water elemental who has a thing for Prue. He soon shows his true colours and we cut him down, banishing him. We recover loot from the pool. We then enter the pool and pass through 70ft of tunnel where we harvest some carnivorous weeds before we exit into a galvanic chamber full of infernal looking devices and organic water. we take samples and move on away from the lightning devices and likely nasty purposed room.

We encounter another bull in a trapped corridor, we kill it and loot its remains. We head downwards and discover teh pHoenix in its world of pain, infused with 16 chains of transuranic metal. We seek to free it and start working on it. Part way through we are attacked and nearly killed by an 11ft throne who seeks to do us harm. With difficulty we despatch it by petrification. We continue our aid to the phoenix. The nasty wight from the courtyard then returns and almost kills Mungo before being forced to insubstantialness and fleeing beofre we kill him. We decide that we can't stay here and survive the continuing attacks upon us in this fixed location. We flee the complex and get 3 more vials of now charged/re-invigorated organic water on the way.

We come out into the courtyard of the palace of clocks and quickly take flight. We are followed by an ornithopter that looks to overtake us and do much damage if it gets closer. We attempt to keep it away but fail and it closes firing munitions as it closes. I lob a cobalt genado in its general direction and it crashes - along with a number of other metallic constituted evices in the area of the palaces. We flee more while flying.

We see 6 fire angels flying towards us and Thaeuss unleashes the Ravens of Absolution upon them.

We get to north london forest and flee via rune portal further north where we seek to free the phoenix from its embedded chains. We know that everyting even the constellations of PA have been mobiled to find us and the phoenix and so we need to continue moving. We take to the see and heas to iceland where I take the phoenix into the volcano Surtsey and walk it into the lava there where the last of the evil chains melts away. We free it and it grants us each a feather.

We portal away from PA and travekl to Damiens domian where we seek to rest and perhaps sleep, the sleep of teh just/righteous.

I travel onwards to Feralie to See the King of the Mountains and learn the free sending. I meet Grant and Klang the fire giant weapon/armoursmith.

Session 13

Notes for the Times

What's Hot & What's Not
Hot Not
Nuclear Reactors Basilisks


Locations visited

Planes travelled

The Order of the Wolf Contenders on Perfidious Albion

  • Baron Kellan, who is a famously cold blooded and calculating swordsman, a skilled sorcerer and general. His personal mask is a cobra. He's the front runner
  • Count Violante, Stamp, he is a natural leader of men who leads from the front, he's a gifted tactician and sound fighter. His personal mask is a bull. He's the second runner.
  • Countess Flana, she is a woman known for her treachery and is an outsider - but one who can make favour work incredibly hard on her behalf when she plots, schemes and traitors! Her personal mask is a gilded, bejewelled cuckoo.

Entities Encountered


  • Galeb_Dur. 10ft tall 2 hex monsters which appear like Earth elementals but are living creatures and not constructs or summonables. They can blend with rock and hit very hard. Sometimes armed with club/stick like weapons used to sweep you off your feet

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ke Ts Th Br Pr Mu
Rune Shield (Ke) 20 25 def 5 Prot, absorbs 1 Spec. Griev. injury 21 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Waterproofing (P) 6 21 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (P) 6 7 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cold Resistance (P) 8 -16° -3 Cold Dmg 9 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Willow Healing (Ke) 7 3 end per pulse 14 Hrs Y Y Y
Greater Heart Rune (Ke) 18 heals 12 end 19 days Y Y Y
Smite (KE) 20 Ritually cast - good for 3 strikes 21 Hrs Y Y Y
Fire Armour (Ts) 10 44pts of Fire Protection (ablative) 11 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fireproofing (Ts) 6 7 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Modify Aura (T) 6 +/- 3 Levels 7 hrs -1 -1
Instil Flight (T) Self 10 40mph 650 lbs limit 5.5 hrs - - Y - - -
Linking Lifeforce (T) 14 Reflect health within 1500 miles Perm Th Th Ke Th Th Th

Note that we can have 5 long term potions per hour str or MD depending on how long we spend on buffs per day these can be often on

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ke Ts Th Br Pr Mu
Waters of Strength (P) 9 [D-2]+9 PS 50 Mins Y Y Y
Waters of MD (P) 10 [D-2]+10 MD 55 Mins Y
Bouyancy (P) 6 3.5 Hrs Y Y Y
Durability (T) 10 +3 AP, Unbreakable, 22lb limit 110 mins +2
Strength of Stone (Ts)) 6 +6 PS or EN 7 hrs Y
Weapon of Flame (Ts) 10 +11% SC and +5Dm (+10 vs Undead) 15 Mins

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Prue Thaeuss Tsayoi Prue
Bromli Keeshah Mungo

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Mungo Bromli
Tsayoi Prue
Keeshah Thaeuss

Double File

Mungo Bromli
Tsayoi Prue
Keeshah Thaeuss

Single File



Individual Awards

Bromli's Award
Keshah's Award
Mungo's Award
Prudence' Award
Thaeuss' Award
Tsayoi's Award
Shared Resources

Quick list;

  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 2 x Minotaur - Horns, hooves, blood, eyes (Maze dissipation with Ill Spec CS - Bromli & Thaeuss) and hearts
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) Thermite recipe?
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 3 Stymphalian birds - 3 sets of legs, beaks, a whole lot of bronze & crimson feathers (DR), vials of blood
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) Leaves of a book of Visitation. If under the left arm can see into next dimension. (Book regarding great sapphires) - Keeshah
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) other misc loot from the water elemental pool such as gems etc.
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) water skin of moderate galvanic liquid
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 3 potion bottles of heavily charged galvanic liquid.
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) parts of the bull - heart, an escapement, gems, a brass sump of clear lubricant, great ruby , horns, hooves, eyes (gems)
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 2 bars of Trans-uranic metal (toxic - allows access to mind magic)
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 2 vials of phoenix blood (1 drop each)
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 11 x Lapis Lazuli gems from the Throne
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) 6 gifted feathers from the more mature second phoenix (1 each)
  • 5 x Flesh pots from Yboracum purchased with Wyvern Copper. These need to be done
  • a fly mask (with great optics up to 5 miles away well magnified), a great 'flight suit' and his codebook. This was from the pilot whom Prue seduced.

Misc stuff re Tsayoi;

  • Fascination magic tied to Immolation rank
  • FT cap removed
  • Contingency Magic spell
  • Words of Honour and Certainty
  • feathers from the young phoenix - same for rest of party
  • feathers from the old phoenix - same for rest of party


Item Qty Effects Ke Ts Th Br Pr Mu Provenance
Wyvern Blood 6 6 Wyverns
Wyvern Venom Sac Alpha 1 1 Wyverns
Wyvern Venom Sac Beta 1 1 Wyverns
Wyvern Venom Sac Gamma 1 1 Wyverns
Heavy Wyvern Skin 12sz 10AP 3DR poison resistance (12 sizes) 1 Wyverns
Sea Hag Eyes 2 Contain Death (3pts each) Sea Hag
Heart of the Sea Hag 1 sell to Dellith Sea Hag
Bronze Bull Ichor 2 (pooled)
Horn of the Bronze Bull 4 1 1 1 1
Certain lozenges of healing 18 WoH using Certain Water 3 3 3 3 3 3
Phial of Elemental Water 8 8
Agate Amulet 1 Cure Disease 1
Actorios Intaglio 1 1
Adder Blade 1 1
Raven Spear 1 1
The Strange Fork 1 1
Trident of Fish Command 1 Dmg r+4 SC 53% A/B rank 6-8 at 3k xp .. 1
Net of Bound Sea 1 Req Bind Water. Shield. .. 1
Loyal Buckler 1 2lbs +1MD 5%/rk +2%/rk vs missile & catch 1
Shield of Phased Steel 1 5lbs 5%/rk -2 MD 2+rk MR 3+rk SA follows 1
Wyvern Sting 3 Tulwars 2lbs 50% 2r 9=>0 1 1 1
Dark Tulwar 5 (4 for sale) 1
Endurant Rod 1 1
Extendant Rod 1 1
Nightgaunt Armour 5 5
Nightgaunt Bracer 5 1 1 1 1 1
Cenobite Cloth Armour 1 1 Cenobites
Cenobite Robes 2 1 1 Cenobites
Snakeskin Shirt 1 1
Vambraces of Defence 1 3 SP 3 EnP +5% Def 3lb 4oz 1
Robe of the Tides 1 4 AP 6 SP 1 DR WF: 1 MR: -10dm ++ 1
Breastplate of Hard Water Scales 1 1
Enhanced Amulet of Jet 1 vs Demonic: +8 IV, 8/1/8.. 1
Enhanced Amulet of Diamonds 1 +2 MD 1
Enhanced Amulet of Hypericum 1 Vs Demonic: -10dm 7 ablative DR/pulse 1
Shell of the Sea 1 Spell Rack holds 12 FT 1
Efreeti Lamp 1 1
Skiff of the Waves and Wind 1 1
Half Shell Accessory 1 1
Black Stone 1 1
Grey Stone 1 1
Phials of Water of the Ages 3 3
Well of Water 1 1
Well of Fire 1 1
Well of Wolf 1 1
Well of Death 1 1
Well of Binding 1 1
Well of Moon 1
Rampant Stamen 1 1
Ghost Narcissus 1 1
Dream Jonquil 1 1
Snake Finger 1 1
Venom of Fëanor 1 1
Prue, the Bearer of Water 1 1
Maelstrom Path 1 1
The Shape of Shelter 1 1
The Shape of the Deep 1 1
Wildfyre Pool 1 1
Linking Lifeforce 1 1
Rain Cloak 1 1

Table of other items - not detailed in the Treasure list - so not official.

Item Qty Effects Ke Ts Th Br Pr Mu Provenance
Wyvern Venoms 3 13 x Claustrophobia Curse; 1 x Blood Venom; 1 x Heart Weakness; .. 1
Enhanced Amulet of Beryl 4 1 1 1 1
Enhanced Amulet of Jade 4 1 1 1 1
Rose Quartz with Certainty 1 Contains 7 certainty. 1
Bromli Dagger with Certain Edge 1 +3 Penetration 1
Mungo: Hopecrusher with Certain Edge 1 +3 Penetration 1
Creating Fog - Ink 1 Incantation Fog as Ink in the water 1
Rainstorm - Plague of Flying Fish 1 Incantation AoE Dmg + AG Toxin 1
WoH - Waters of Restoration 1 Incantation Restorative Water 1
Wave Control - Fluidity 1 Incantation of dodginess 1
Certain Watery Flakes 1 1
Wyverns and Reactant Room
Moebius Strip of Light Metal 1 1
Gems Sapphire, Emerald, ..
Bras d'Or 1 Arm that Animates and Heals => Serifan 1

Gems procured in Seagate

Aquamarine, Ruby, Sunstone, Banded Sard, Moonstone, Citrine, Bloodstone, Purple Sapphire, Pyrope (Garnet), Rose Quartz, Intaglio, Black Opal, Banded Jacinth, Amber, Chalcedony, Jet, Fire Opal and Jade.
These were purchased with 60,000sp of party funds and through Bromli's contact and application of skill.

Body Parts
  • Wyvern Head (itemised - Mungo)
  • Cenobite body parts, eyes, heads etc
  • (Inside the Maze and Subsequent Set of Secret rooms) Carnivorous weeds - 2 plants and 12 seed pods - Tsayoi and Thaeuss
  • (From the Green - near the Necromancers / White Tower) Cherry Bombs (all used) 5rD damage
  • (From the Green - near the Necromancers / White Tower) Pineapple Grenadoes (3 left) 20dmg/10dmg 2 Thaeuss and 1 Tsayoi
  • (From the Green - near the Necromancers / White Tower) Eggplants (4) consume, transform into egg. 2 each to Thaeuss and Tsayoi
  • (From the Green - near the Necromancers / White Tower) Sweetpeas (4 pods) consume, transform into urine. 2 each to Thaeuss and Tsayoi
Alterations and afflictions
  • Bromli: Snake Head Finger (Wyvern Heart), Tusks in Battle form (charged Galvanic water)
  • Keeshah: Crimson Eyes and Iridescent blue scales instead of hair (charged Galvanic water)
  • Mungo: Werewolf is Scaled +3NA (Wyvern Heart), Werewolf spinal spines (charged Galvanic water)
  • Prudence: Blood has become more 'discrete' (Certain Water)
  • Thaeuss: Poison Bite (Wyvern Heart), 3' tail (charged Galvanic water)
  • Tsayoi: +1 NA (Wyvern Heart)
  • Bromli: Word - Charm, ?
  • Keeshah: Word - Clean, Double Quarterstaff; ?
  • Mungo: Word - Feeblemind; Double Spear; Rampage Charge
  • Prudence: Word - Youth?
  • Thaeuss: Word - Comprehend; Damage Banding; ?
  • Thaeuss: Thaesium - moulding elements to create alloy of Gold/Tin - malleable, non-reactive, low melting point.
  • Tsayoi: Words - Honour and Certainty, Contingency, Ft Cap, Fascinating Immolation; ?
  • Thaeuss
  • Prue
  • Tsayoi
Scroll of life?
  • Mungo
  • Bromli
  • one to be allocated - but remain as a pooled resource.

Loot from the Cenobites

  • Ninja Linen armour , potions, rods with handles (unarmed parry), stones from their foreheads, spell racks with mindblast-warpgate-a healing spell, Incantations of phantasms which create polyps (3xTMR) cost 10FT, 9 small soluble crystal glasslike darts, dust of disappearance in a bag.


Autumn 816wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 Meet Patterns 29 Waiting for Alchemist.. Astrology. Rituals.
Autumn 816wk: Harvest (5)
5 6 7 Patterns, Astral 8 Abyss 13 days
12 .. Abyss .. 15 Equinox 16 ..
19 Harvest Moon .. 20 to Kerberoth. 21 Fable 22 Certain Shore: Sea Hag 23 Green: Wyverns, Reactor 24 White Tower 25 Gr: Tracking
26 Gr: Tracking 27 Gr: Brightleaf 28 P.Albion: Forest, walking to Yboracum 1 Yboracum 2 Fetching..
Autumn 816wk: Vintage (6)
3 ..copper from Wyvern Hoard 6 South 160miles to near Basingstoke 7 South 120miles to Londinium 8 Londinium...
10 .. spying, plotting, rumour-mongering, pointed diplomacy ..
17 Blood Moon .. 18 .. apparent attempted military coup. Storm, Destruction!
24 Inns 25 Londinium => London, Mycroft's 26 Sail/Fly south then east to Venice and Vitri. 30 Beerfest Abyss..
Autumn 816wk: Fruit (4)
Lugnasad .. 1 Abyss to Damien's 5 Abyss ..
7 .. to Kerberoth 11 Kerberoth 13 LoC: Scarlet Spires
14 LoC: Loch.. 15 LoC: Emerald Jungle, Heights of Chaos 16 Jiroth -> Sura 17 Sura -> Karthri 18 Karthri 19 Abyss..
21 .. to Damien's 25 Abyss ..
28 .. to Trondheim, Nualis 1 Cart and Carpet south to ..
Autumn 816wk: Harvest (5)
5 .. Transylvania 6 mill & inn. 7 Portals to Trondheim. 8 Astral Portal. Abyss to Damien's
12 ..Damien's, Portal. 14 Abyss to Alusia, Portal.


19 Harvest Moon..Alusia 20 Patterns 21 Portals to Damien's 22 Abyss to Kerberoth
26 ..Kerberoth 28 Fable, Certain Shore 29 Green, Reactor, Phoenix, Cenobites 30 Green to P.Albion, Londinium 2 Palace of Clocks
Autumn 816wk: Vintage (6)
3 Portals north, rest. 4 Portals to Damien's 5 Portals to Alusia 6 Return to Seagate. 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest