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Tsayoi is 9' 8" with a solid build and martial bearing. Tsayoi is a polite and respectful young warrior giant from Kinlu. He is a lord of Blackshore.

Info for GMs

Male Giant
Visible Value
Party Roles
Friends and Allies
Queen Xiombarg
Significant Neutrals
8 Giant, 6 Erelheine, 4 Common
Katana, Giant Glaive, Hand & Half, Giant Club, Giant Spear, Giant Axe, Scythe
Eisenkind Armour
Main Skills
Warrior Master (8), Ranger Master (8), Sailor, Artisan - Fungi (Mushroom)Farmer
Main Spells
Fire Magic plus Earth Magic plus miscellaneous extra magics
Non-Standard magic
Other Stuff of Note


810 - 820WK

Winter 810WK

Travelled to Seagate to join the guild and fulfill his destiny

Spring 810WK - Rainbow Gates

Tsayoi joined others and adventured off plane in The Rainbow Gates mission. I accompanied such guild luminaries as Athos Ironfist the Dwarven (m) Warrior and Mil Sci, Lyric the Dwarven (f) E&E, Rahne the Human (f) Warrior E&E who was our intrepid leader, Scissors a Male Elven Wiccan, Arandor an Elven (m) Warrior Mind Mage and Imri, an Elven (f) Celestial.

Summer 811 to Spring 811

I stayed at the guild learning about the guild and assisting in the kitchens to learn humility and spending my free time training with other guild members in tactics and martial arts. I continue my study of Fire Magics to improve my performance to not bring shame upon my family name

Spring 811 - The Truth Hurts

Tsayoi went off to Oz along with Mortimer, Valentine, Lyric, Pretty Flower, Pierre and Teeanna to investigate isssues in The Truth hurts

Autumn 812 - The Lady Vanishes

I volunteered to accompany accomplished guild members one a mission called - The Lady Vanishes. The others were Thaeuss, Dellith, Serra Angelus, Roderigo and Red Ronon. We went off plane to Reich and sought to find out information which we did as well as recovering some items - and we mostly succeeded. I gained the knowledge of the lost Lava College which I have been learning since gaining the tome.

Winter 812 to Autumn 813

I have been at the guild studying hard and trying to understand the lava college along with everything else. I relax by undertaking arms training and volunteer with the The Seagate Watch's Dragon Company for some extra funds and diversion from book learning.

Winter 813wk - Just Deserts

I travelled into the Gatar Depression to assist some locals (Taghlib tribe) who had been having bad dreams in Just Deserts. It involved dealing with some travelling tower trainers (associated with the Red Mage, Savnok and The White Lady), a brief jaunt to OZ and then to Terranova. I accompanied Rahne, Lyric, Prue, Elgar, Quentin Ulysses Ash and Lila

Late Winter 813WK to Summer 814Wk

I returned to the guild for more training and interprutive assistance in my recently acquired college.

Autumn 814wk

I returned to Grymeron at the behest of Camdindel as he wished to learn more about the lands and his in-house help wasn't up to it. I accompanied Arandor, Cher, Tari, Anooke and Roderigo. We caught up with our old friend Albrecht of Grymeron on our travels as he's the only one who can work The Rainbow Gates. The mission was Shopping on Grymeron

Winter 814wk to Spring 815wk

I spent a lot of time training with the Seagate Guards after volunteering for additional duties around the Town. I also undertook further training in my newly acquired college theory shaping the magic for future use.

Summer 816wk

The_Mikado_Affair drew me back from volunteering and training as my oriental heritage called upon me to act deal with unscrupulous nefarious types. I accompany Rahne, Boris and Dellith on this mission. We did some work for Serafin, the The Lord of Patterns. Journey to New Terra, Reich & Victoria and uncover a devious plot amongst inscrutable Orientals.

Autumn 816wk

I went on War-wolves of Londinium along with Thaeuss, Mungo_Third_Son, Prudence, Keshah and Bromli. We did some work for Serafin, the The Lord of Patterns. The first snows saw me return to the guild and then once recovered move south to my new shared holding of Blackshore, near Novadom. There i explored and started work on improving the land. I travelled to the guild with 2 weeks of the season left and started learning Mechanician and some more interesting things.

Winter 816wk

Tsayoi trains at the guild over the winter and spends time down in Blackshore with the Blackshore Guards reviewing and securing the area. Tari comes down and helps build a tunnel to provide easier access as well as secured entrances at both end. Tari also helped do some earthworks to fix up some more substantial land issues.

Spring 816wk

Tsayoi joins some old friends in The Coils of Spring. Boris, Prue, Alandis, Mario, Rahne and I are doing some more work for Serafin, the The Lord of Patterns back on Reich.

Summer & Autumn 817wk

Tsayoi spends the Summer & Autumn at Blackshore, undertaking needed changes, training and tending the gardens. The 5 guards in the Blackshore Guards have been supplemented by another dozen ex-soldiers from Aladar.

Winter 817wk

Adventure once more calls and Tsayoi joins an illustrious group on the mission - Fallen Ocelotepec. His companions are old friends and companions Boris, Thaeuss and Mario. They pick up a new companion on adventure named Ophelia. Tsayoi returns home mid season to tend his plants and rest. Tsayoi seeded a cavern under Fallen Ocelotopec with Mushrooms and seeds that may bear interesting and potent spores, fruit and the like. The party returned with 7 weeks to spare in the session.

Spring 817wk

Tsayoi spent time recovering in Blackshore, ranking, sowing and planting new seeds etc.

Summer 818wk

Adventure once more rears its head and Tsayoi answers the call to action with Full Metal Breastplate along with Mario, Anooke, Rahne and others.

Autumn 818wk

Time spent on training and down at Blackshore

Winter 818wk

Tsayoi took a Night Train to Lisbon with his associates Rahne, Mario, Aloysious, Raseri, Anooke and Penni where we visited a number of interesting locations on Reich, specifically continental where we witnessed the allied invasion of Europe coming ashore in Portugal and then a nuclear accident in Varna, after which we departed expeditiously.

Spring 818wk

Time spent on training and down at Blackshore

Summer 819wk

Time spent on training and down at Blackshore

Autumn 819wk

Time spent on training and down at Blackshore

Winter 819wk

Time spent on training and down at Blackshore

Spring 819wk

Time spent on training and down at Blackshore

820 - 830Wk

Summer 820wk

Hire-A-Hubby, The Queen of Del Toro has asked for assistance doing what her constantly absent husband doesn't 'get around to' on the few occasions he's there. So on we go. Along for the jaunt are Mario, Cronose, Aloysious, Merco, Motlie and Mindi.

  • Autumn 820wk to Summer 821wk. Time at Blackshore
Spring 821Wk

The Hero's Quintet, along with Bromli, Cronose, Mario and Lyric

  • Summer 822wk to Autumn 823wk. Time at Blackshore
Winter 823Wk

The Engines of God, along with Mortimer, Mario, Mebh, Cher and Bromli

  • Spring 823wk to xxx. Time at Blackshore