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Calliope Mercer (Cally) is a character played by Helen Saggers.
She is a Bard, an Adept of the College of Bardic Magics.


Female Human; medium length Dark hair, brown skin, brown eyes, height 5'8", weight 120lbs.


Guild Lodgings


Journeyman; Troubadour.
Apprentice; Merchant, Ranger & Milsci (plus thief).
Basic Courtier for the Bureaucracy

Cally also can load and drive a cart or wagon and do the leather work to repair tack and harness.
As the road is dangerous she had some training in the weapons Saber and Shield plus Dagger, Javlin and a little unarmed.


Practioner of the College of Bardic Magics.


The 9th child (of 11), from a travelling merchant family (social status goodman)

  1. Autumn 821 The Autumn Wolves
  2. Summer 822 The Hunt for Three Claw
  3. Spring 822 A Herbal Experiment
  4. Summer 823 Seirs Sunday Soiree (A one day game)
  5. Autumn 823 Cave of Deception