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Aaron Ferret is a male Human played by HelenSaggers
He is an Enchanter or E&E.


Aaron is a Human Male in his early thirties (born 792 Ht 6'1" Wt 200lbs PB17) with short light coloured hair and grey eyes.
He wears an unbleached linen shirt, well worn brown leather pants and low boots.
For protection on adventure he wears either Chaos chainmail or Truesilver Plate and carries a Glaive, Hand & Half, Dagger, Composite Bow, and large round shield.


When not out on Adventure Aaron lives out back of a boarding house which his mother runs in New Seagate.


Aaron has accquired the basics of the warriors arts. He has mastered the use of the shield, Hand & half sword, and Glave, and has some skill in unarmed.

He uses his skill in Armourer (Rk 9) and Weaponsmith to make his own Armour and weapons. Aaron also has some training in Ranger, Courtier, Mil sci And Warrior.


Aaron is an adept of the college of Ensorcelments and Enchantments.
He still has most of the general knowledge spells and rituals of the college at or below rank 6; he has concentrated on Greater Enchantment, & Purification.
Aaron has mid ranks in the special knowledge spells Enchant Armour, Enchant Weapon, and Enhance Enchantment.
By ritually casting the Weapons and Armour spells in his magical portable forge the duration of these enchantments can be extended to 21 days.


Aaron is a boy from the Hovel in Old Seagate, and grew up learning those skills a hungry street urchin needs to survive. As a teenager during the Dark Circle War his Mother was afraid her son would get pressed into the army like so many of the older boys he ran with "on account of him being tall for his age"; so she encouraged him to join The Guild spending their tiny savings to pay part of his tution, and he worked around the guild to pay the rest.
Aaron's mother see's his adventurering as a way for him to improve both their futures, and employ his talents in a more... profitable way. This seems to be working as they now have the boarding house and are not reliant on adventuring income for day to day expences.

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