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Awaiting confirmation its done/finished before linking it to Bolton Manor

This Portal links the Castle, Bolton Manor in Bolton Bay to Fireforge Farm near the city of Seagate in Carzala.
It is a private portal intended to be used almost exclusively by Lady Thorn, Flamis and Basalic to save time in their commute.

The Portal was created by a Rune mage from the plane of Khoras using the ritual of Create Rune Portal known to the college as it is practiced there.
This ritual has three phases. In the first phase the adept spent two hours at Fireforge farm ritually scribing runes around a previously constructed Archway which included the Movement and Binding runes as well as a series of runes which serve to identify this portal, its location and its destination. Then the adept travelled to Bolton Manor and perform a similar ritual on a Archway constructed for the purpose there.
In the next phase the adept performed a third hour-long ritual, which activated the Rune Portal.
Finally the Portal was made permanent by the adepts ritual of Rune Permanence.
The portal is two-way and the destination can be seen through the Rune Portal Arches.

To help protect the portal and restrict its use to only those authorised, the Portal Arches at either end are enclosed inside locked (trapped and warded) buildings, and access to the Keys restricted.

The Bolton Manor Portal House

The Portal at Bolton Manor is located in a hexagonal stone building with a domed concrete roof sited some 60 yrds from the East Gatehouse at the apex of a large triangular 'trafic island' where the road from the Gatehouse spilts to curve around and join the Ring road that circles the island halfway between the second and outer wall.
The Portal Arch itself is a 2ft square rune carved stone arch set into the paved floor against the back (eastern) wall of the 6 sided Portal building. This wall is solid stone a foot thick.
Though the opening in this arch, which is 6ft by 10ft at it highest point, (a large double door) can be seen the interior of the building containing the corresponding Portal Arch at Fireforge Farm. The other 5 walls of the hexagonal building, which is 20ft across, and a little over 11ft a side have arches similar in size to the Portal opening in them. The two either side of the solid back wall are arched willows having 3ft high 10" thick walls across them.
The arch opposite the Portal (western) has a pair of Iron grill gates that are kept locked unless the portal is in use.
The arches to either side of the gate and the arched windows have fixed iron grills in them, so the interior of the building is well lit and highly visable to those on duty at the Eastern Gatehouse.

GM only info

The area inside the building is warded and the lock is magically trapped.
The spell contained in the magical trap is Pyrotechnics (Fire S-9)
The interior of the building is covered by a Wall of Fire (Fire S-13) Ward. The Ward will trigger if Undead and Sentient Entities enter the area unless one of the Specially made Keys are present. When triggered the ward puts a Ring of Fire across the portal opening and around the edges of the inside of the building.
It's a non lethal trap as you take no damage unless you try to cross the Firey wall.

The Fireforge Farm Portal House

The other Rune Portal Arch is located in a portal house located at Fireforge Farm, owned by Flamis and Basalic, on the Sweetwater about five miles upstream from the Guild.

GM only info

The area inside the building is warded and the lock is magically trapped.
The spell contained in the magical trap is Animating Objects (Binder G-2). The target of this spell is a bell in the roof of the building which will ring for the duration of the spell once the trap is triggered.