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Kerry Murdoch is a character played by Helen Saggers.
She is a Dark Mage, an Adept of the College of Celestial Magics who deals in/with darkness.


Much of the time Kerry appears to be a female Human, with short black hair, dark eyes and pale skin (PB 12, 5'9", 130lbs).
While originally human she is now a Shape-shifter and as a racial talent can transform into either a panther (black leopard) or a were-panther.
Around the guild she wears dark green cotton shirts, and either a brown woollen skirt or brown leather pants and low boots.
On Adventure she wears Scale armour and carries silvered rapier and main-gauche as well as a battle axe and a short bow.


Guild Lodgings


Can cast or use a bow from horseback or while flying, climbs well and is as stealthy as... well a cat. Her swimming however is little better than being able to tread water.
Kerry is a journeyman Warrior and has mastered the use of the rapier& main gauche as well as the battle axe. She is exceptional skillful with a sheild.
Being changed into her Were form improves her combat abilities, and as she has claws and teeth for close combat she is a master at unarmed.
As a Healer she is able to cure infection, heal basic wounds, preserve dead, set bones.


Kerry is a Dark Mage, for her casting in daylight is difficult; due to the celestial lighting Modifiers once the suns up, her CC on many spells is reduced.
With the aid of a Darkness spell she should be able cast Healing, Blending, Walking Unseen or celestial counter spells during the day.
If she can get somewhere dark or shadowy Corascade/Shadow form (+32/16), Strenght of Darkness (+6),as well as 6 1/2 hours of Witchsight for those who can't see in the dark or invisable are also possibe.
Light or Dark sword (rk 7), Shadow/star wings (rk 7), Meteorite shower (rk 7), light/dark web (rk 6) and Blackfire (rk 6) are recent additions and better cast after dark.

She can talk to creatures of darkness (rk 20) at a clear and professional level.

Kerry has the talent Dark Vision (rk 20), which allows her to see up to 250ft in the dark; even in total darkness or and equal or lesser ranked Magical spell or effect she can still see.

Kerry can't DA with this vision there must still be some light for her to DA. however Kerry can Detect the Aura (rk 20) of most things as long as they are not in full sun light.

{Where there are both the light and dark versions of celestial spells Kerry is able to casts both; each rank separately.}


Kerry is a graduate of the college of Celestial Magics.... a Dark Celestial, "Because I like the hours the college keeps".
She is the youngest of 7 children; she has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
With 6 other children to buy commissions, apprentice or dower, her parents decided the best start in life they could give their tall plain looking daughter was for her to join the Seagate Adventurers Guild. There she would be able to take advantage of her aptitude with magic, become a mage and make her own way in life as an Adventurer.

  1. Spring 808 Fair-bound Ride
  2. Summer 810 Ghost Town
  3. Summer 811 Horns of the North
  4. Winter 811 Carzala Grieves
  5. Summer 812 A Beast in the Night
  6. Autumn 813 A Fox in the Hen House
  7. Summer 814 The Wood Wide Web
  8. Spring 814 Escort a caravan
  9. Winter 815 Pro Bono
  10. Winter 816 Seagate's Haunts
  11. Autumn 817 Shrooms
  12. Winter 818 Back Doors and Short Cuts
  13. Summer 820 A Darkened Mystery
  14. Summer 821 Won't you go to funky town
  15. Winter 821 Taking the Lute
  16. Winter 822 Twin Gate Colosseum A one day game.
  17. Summer 822 Visions Of Loot
  18. Winter 823 A.C.A.T stuck in a tree