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Qui Vigles Viglent Written by Callas Verdicini on Candlemansa, 797 WK

Guild Members

Party scribe.
Ugly henchman of Engalton.
Adam Vychan Jones, henchgiant of Engalton.
Count Blitzkrieg, party leader.
Baron Logan of Newhaven.
Baron Engalton.
Baron Saydar of Ereworn.


I didn't know it was going to do that! Saydar.

Logan can locate every one of those pennies.

I can feed myself! Saydar.

We're not taking the fucking cow! Blitzkrieg.

Do we need air on the moon? Blitzkrieg. No, the bomb will work fine without air! Alchemist.

Engalton needs a giant around just to carry his ego. Callas.

What you put in your room is your own business Blitzkrieg to Logan.

Don't hold a torch under a cow's arse, you'll get a dirty hand. Logan.

We're going to attack vampires from outer space, and we're taking a cat to get there, and its costing us half a ton of sorbet for the priviledge. The party.

Except Engalton over there, who is a bit of a tight arse. Saydar.

You can all go to sleep, me and the two ghouls will keep watch. Saydar.

Items of note

  • Word of Recall.
  • Gold amulet of the Inquistion.
  • Box from Maleius.
  • Rank 20 Enchantment for Callas and Saydar.
  • Shrived potion of Rank 6 Darkness (*2).
  • Shrived potion of Rank 6 Shadow wings (*2).
  • Pouch of 50 acorns from the Oak of Ages.
  • Rank 10 Shadow wings (7 * 6 charges each).
  • Avoid death enchantment.

Diary of events

Frost 1, 797 WK

Meet Inquisitor Malleus of the Lunar Empire and talk about the Empire and its history.

Last meeting of the senate. Followed by 82 years of war.
First emperor crowned.
Titus Flavous Valentius Stabilius, called Valentius, emperor since 1893 and 160 years old, removes edict restricting foreign trade.

The Emperor is Commander in Chief of the army and the full support of the military. The head of the armed forces normally the first son of the youngest wife.

There are 10-12 High Guilds, lead by the Guild of Transport and Travel.

The Inquistion, known locally as Vigilentiviri, has four branches. They are the Inquisitors, the secret police, the Justicars, the red tape paper pushers, the Pusuiants, who track down known threats, and the Retributors, who deal out punishment and enforce edicts.

Frost 7, 797 WK

Leave Mittelmarch Hauptstadt, with Blitzkrieg taking 12 knights, each a squire, Saydar with ten orcish guards and Engalton with 11 staff.

The flying ship, about 120 feet in length, has a full compliment of 250. Onboard, meet Richard of Foxcourt with three King's Rapiers. Richard belived to have been Whitefired during the war in Drakenburg.

Frost 8, 797 WK

Spend day on ship and are presented to the Emperator during the evening.

Frost 9, 797 WK

Have private dinner with Emperator.

Frost 10, 797 WK

Arrive in Tycho in the evening. Go into Tycho and pick up Justin and Spike from the gladiator's ring. Spend night at the Pink Orchid.

Frost 11, 797 WK

Arrive at Lunar City. Proceed to the palace and are greeted by the Emperor giving a stiring speach of welcome.

We are lead away to seperate buildings, one for Blitzkrieg, one for Saydar and Co, and one for the rest of us. Later we meet Malieus at the head quarters of the Inquisition. There we each get a Word of Recall and any blessings or chaos features are removed. We also get a gold amulet each, indicating we are members of the Inquistion.

Malieus tells us the following facts:

Ortos family
As of two years ago, there were three left.
Dark Lords
Still at large as far as he knows.
The city is a good place to cast magic and has colleges teaching the thurmaturgies.
Makes flying ships.
Maker of the blood letting swords and lives at the head of the River Sanguis. Not human, and known to create vampires of sorts, as well as blood constructs.
Elven earth mage and keeper of the Great Heart.
Closed city with lots of bad stuff still in the crypts. Guarded by the Retributors.
Has an the best library in the Empire.
Emerald Seer
Lives near the Great Heart.
Widow in the web
A seer of note and unfavourable reputation.
A powerful air mage, lives on Fairwind Island.
Igni Rutillius
A shaper of Fire.
Leader of the Heron clan, govern of Orientale and noted Namer.
Mind mage in the middle of the Discantus mountains.
101 of them around.
12 of them in the mountains.
Noted friendly dragon. Have location to the nearest 100 miles.
Has the best gladiators.
Lots in the Taurus mountains.
Flacus the Enchanter
Emperor's personal mage.

Frost 13, 797 WK

During evening have banquet with the Emperor. During the proceedings the moon rises, but is blood red. Engalton decides to leap into action, declaring that the party shall go forth and investigate, and that all is in hand. The party leaves the banquet and rides forth into the night.

Frost 15, 797 WK

Arrive at Somnia. Rich, pretentious and all very nice.

Talk to Maleius, and are told that the astrologers can see a silvery white on the rim of the moon. They believe it could be structures of some kind, possibly a city of sorts, or a circle. They also think the moon's course has been altered.

Recent astrological readings indicate that The Inquisition will wane with the moon.

Frost 17, 797 WK

Reach Nectaris, which is build at the base of a cliff with lots of vines growing up the cliff. Head south and at edge of forest talk to a farmer. Told to buy milk and fairy cakes.

Frost 20, 797 WK

Reach the Emerald Seer and talk to him.

  • Inquisition (or the empire as a whole) trapped between the gold and the darkness.
  • Darkness projects from the moon.
  • Fate of the empire could well depend on the party.
  • Gold too bright to look into.
  • Seek other seers for knowledge and advice.
  • Do not turn down any offered help.
  • Haven't met advisary.
  • Party still outside gold and darkness.
  • Points of darkness already here.
  • Travel empire end to end. Through our dreams and back. Beneath the ground further than the ground goes.
  • Moon affected by the darkness.
  • Parthais will be important.
  • Next fullmoon important.
  • Widow in the web knows a lot of small pieces of knowledge.
  • Head of the High Guild of Astrologers etc. is a seer and astrologer.
  • Six-eyed Seer has most knowledge. Now exerting influence again after 1000 years. His tunnels not part of Alusia. Probably not dark.

Leave and enter forest. Have a deer call Syrene who arrives at dusk. She has blond hair and green eyes. She tells us:

  • Some undead still in the crypts of Parthais.
  • Widow in the web controls spiders and is possibly hospitable.
  • Green dragon called Silanas in the Mercator mountains (directly east of the Great Heart). Mercator a general and cartographer during the republican times. Dragon not friendly but part of the council (12 members).

Frost 21, 797 WK

Syrene turns up at dawn. Gives us a pouch of acorns. Travel to set of standing stones in the forest which is a place of power. Get Shoka and some earth elementals to right the stones.

Frost 23, 797 WK

Arrive in Roris, a flat and boring place with 30,000 ~ 50,000 people which is near the river. Talk to Maleius. He says the astrologers had found out the shift in the moon will cause a lunar eclipse to center over Lunar City at the next full moon.

Frost 24, 797 WK

Travel to Nectaris through the Guild of Transport and Travel. Then travel towards the mountains. Help a farmer during the afternoon and evening.

Frost 25, 797 WK

I collect Justin and Spike from Nectaris. Travel up the river into the mountains. Engalton flies off and finds the entrance to the six-eyed seer's tunnels. Travel down the tunnels for a long while.

We reach the six-eyed seer and he tells us the following:

  • Seven control the Guild of Transport and Travel.
  • We can get to the moon via the Dreamlands.
  • The darkness is a group of powerful offplaner creatures trying to invade. Creatures interplaner parasites.
  • Should find out what the emperors are named after.
  • We should recruit Redfern, who is currently residing at the temple of death.
  • Wants half a ton of Sorbet.

We head out to the Sirgalis mountains. Come out up a mountain and it is freezing cold.

Frost 26, 797 WK

Travel back down the tunnel and up to Orientale. The tunnel terminates about 50 miles north of Orientale. Spend night outside Orientale.

Frost 27, 797 WK

Meet Logan and go to meet Leone (daughter of Maynan).

Leone tells us the following.

  • Cat or Rat clan have are Celestial mages.
  • Dark lords still operating in the vicinity.
  • Week after we dispeared (last time here) the Titan was seen wondering about the city.

The following clans have the following colleges.

Controls the mintaur slave trade.

Talk to the Rat clan and organise the purchase of invested items. Logan buys 400sp worth of sorbet flavouring.

Frost 28, 797 WK

Travel for the day.

Frost 29, 797 WK

Travel up to the Temple of Death. Talk to Redfern. Travel on to the Temple of War. The Temple of War is a large training ground. People there don't normally die or age, but spend all their time training. Those at the temple are mostly insane and rat-bitingly mad. The keeper of the temple, Bellum, said that should a war come about then he was willing to release people to fight, but otherwise it would be a very bad idea to let them loose.

There we fight ourselves in mortal combat. Those that did gained one rank in any one weapon.

Afterwards we fly on to the Temple of the Fates. The temple was in a ravine with big columnates, and we enter into a large atrium. Fate is served by three women of different ages.

Inside is a large loom with many threads hanging from the ceiling. There we have able to change our past history in some way, and some choose a slightly different fate.

We are told that a golden dragon called Homopholous, who aided the first emperor, has been around at least 1000 years, and lives in the Derook mountains.

Later we fly on the Temple of Luck. The Temple is a small shrine in a beautiful mountain glade. The glade was wooded and full of small animals, like it was summer there. From the fount in the shrine each takes a bottle of liquid.

Frost 30, 797 WK

We leave the Temple of Luck and fly south, also leaving Redfern. Redfern gives us Death's blessing, enabling us to avoid our first death. Reach Orientale in evening. Get large block of ice and put it in Logan's room.

Snow 1, 797 WK

Portal back to Lunar and then on to Imbrium. Imbrium is a beatiful place with lots of tall spires and magnificent buildings.

We buy shadowwings from the College of Celestial magics and fly around the coast and up the river. Close to the head of the river we land. After walking a short distance up the river a ferry arrives, polled up a greater undead blood construct. After paying two coppers each we cross the river and head up this really wield mountain.

After traveling into the mountain a little way, enter a room with one end covered by a curtain. Hyperion says he is willing to help, providing later we hunt down some renegate vampires living in the area.

Hyperion can replace your blood if you want. We get some blood charms from him. The charms do the following things.

A counterspell can be invested into the charm. This can be triggered at anytime as if it were a normal invested counterspell. The duration of the effect is 15 minutes.
Magic resistance
When triggered, adds +20 to the wearer's magic resistance for two pulses, made of golden

and silver ying-yang and bound earth.

Might blow
When triggered, adds +20 to strike chances and any blow will do maximum damage, lasting for two pulses, made from steel and quartz.
Spell boost
When triggered, adds +20 to cast chances and any spell will do maximum damage, lasting for two pulses, made from silver and a small pearl.
Protection from fear
When triggered, adds +40 to any willpower check again fear, for two pulses.
Protection from poison
If worn, will completely negate the first poison.
Black eye
Hyperion can replace an eye with a piece of obsidion, enabling the wearer to see invisible.

We fly back down to Imbrium over the mountains, and then portal back to Lunar. When we get there we are met by an official of the Emperor, who asks us to see the emperor.

We talk to the emperor, who asks us what we are about to do. We had heard from Malieus earlier that the Guild of Artifices had formed a plan to strap two large methane boosters onto a flying ship, and were planning a direct assault on the moon.

The emperor also tells us the Guild has developed a doomsday weapon, and that we can use on (of two that they have). We are also offered assistance.

From the Emperor (direct and otherwise) are the following items.

Giant sized heavy plate
Rank 8 (Vycharn).
Normal heavy plate
Rank 8 (Shoka).
Gladiator plate
Lots sharp pointy bits and razor edges (Shoka).
Silver plate
Wearer does not take damage from normal weapons (Callas).
Paper armour
Amour very light and almost indestructable. Wearer has large protection from piercing weapons, some from slashing weapons and very little from crushing weapons (Logan).
Boots of Fear
Causes people in close vicinity fear (Saydar).
Gloves of Lightning
Wearer can rain lightning from their fingertips (Blitzkrieg).
Boots of death
If the wearer stands on somebody, then they may instantly die (Engalton).
Giant spear
Rank 10 (Vycharn).
Vapour Breathing
Rank 1, 7 * 10 charges.
Weapon of Flame
Rank 16, 4 * 6 charges.
Self Immolation
Rank 10, 10 potions.
Gaseous Form
Rank 10, 5 potions.
Resist Pain
Rank 6, 10 potions.
Protection from Magical Fire
Rank 14, 10 potions.
Protection from Normal Fire
Rank 10, 3 * 6 charges.
Waters of Strength
Rank 16, 20 potions.
Shadow Walking
Rank 10, 5 potions.
Rank 10, 2 * 6 charges.
Rank 10, 2 * 6 charges.

We then talk to the head of the Guild of Astrologers, who tells us the following.

Beware the darkest of powers,
Beware the darkest of mages,
Beware the darkness of powers,
Don't trend in the shadows.

Do not go to Z'ha'dum, for will never return.

He also tells us the following.

  • In the dreamlands, you must go there for a reason.
  • All dragons between 500--2000 years old.

From Maleius we get the following.

  • Shrived potion of Rank 16 Light.
  • Shrived potion of Rank 6 Light.

From the Guild of Alchemists and Artificers we get the following.

  • Rank 8 poison antidote ($\times$ 10).
  • One doomsday weapon.

Snow 2, 797 WK

Travel to Six-eyed Seer. Made sorbet. Travel onward, having been told not to spend more than 13 weeks in the dreamlands and we should meet him in Selaphais.

The Dreamlands

Day 1

Reach large room with two guards who check us out, then travel down 777 stairs to come out of a huge oak tree in a forest.

Day 3

Reach the river and make a raft. Sail down the river to Thran. Thran has 100' high alabaster walls, with 100 gates and 200 towers. At the gate each of us have to tell three stories of unbelievable strangeness.

Day 6

Reach Hlanath by boat from Thran. Hlanath is a huge seaport, with granite walls and steeply roofed houses with plastered gables. Visit the Tower of Sorceries.

Day 15

Reach Celephais, one of the greatest trading cities of the Dreamlands. City made of blue marble with lots of bronze status and silver minirettes at the top of the buildings.

Go to the Palace of Seventy Delights were we are met by the Six-eyed Seer, who teachs us to Temperal Fugue. He also tells us that we have to find a tunnel from the Dreamland moon to the real moon, and that the ghouls in the Underworld should know. Three enterances to the Underworld he knows about are the following.

  • A stone slab in the Enchanted wood.
  • Passways in Mount Naganak (to the south).
  • The ruins of Sakumand (in the north).

Day 16

Take a boat to Baharna on Orieb in the south seas.

Day 37

Reach Baharna, a huge city made of porphyry, with a large canel through it from lake Yack. We are told not to go high up on Mount Nagranak, or on the southern side, or stay in the ruins as its base.

Day 41

Climb mountain after traveling four days. After talking to brave lava gather, told ruins are cursed and all who go there do not return.

Near the top of the mountain on the southern side is a huge face carved into a cliff. We enter a tunnel above the face where we a jumped by Dreamlands nightguants, long lived animals which are human-like in shape except they have wings. They are rubbery in body and have a slimey touch and tickled their victims into incapacity.

All the party except Shoka are overcome and are flown down the tunnel, over a vast rocky plane and dropped of in vast plane of bones. Shoka follows the party by wind walking. We camp on the bones by are disturbed by huge worm, called a Doul, so we flee to the north on wings. About three hours of flying (120 miles) we reach a mountain range where we land and are met by two ghouls. There we camp for eight hours.

Day 43

After travelling for two days, meet a ghoul called Scribbler who had been to the moon. On the moon are big pale toad like creatures with tenticles. Scribbler called them moon beasts. They can change size, according to Scribbler.

The moon beasts fly black galleons to and from the moon and have a base in the ruins of Sakumand.

To exit to the surface the party has to travel to the Tower of Koth which is between the Gug city and the Vaults of Zin (occupied to Zhonsts).

Day 44

Travel to the Tower of Koth. Attacked by Gugs and escape up the tower. At top of tower is a stone trapdoor withthe glyph of Koth on it. The Gugs are afraid of the glyth.

Exit to the Enchanted Forest and travel south for three days.

Day 48

Reach Ulthur, and archtypical feudal city with cobbled streets and a high hill in the centre. On top of the temple is a temple with a granite tower covered with ivy. Everywhere are cats.

That evening the cats talk to us and they agree to take us to the moon in return for helping them with their war with the Zooks.

The cats then take us to the Keeper of Dreams who offers us an item of our dreams.

Day 49

Spend six weeks here training. The last evening here, the cats pick us up (about 100 per person). They then run and run and run and finally run up a mountain and jump off it.

Dreamlands moon

The cats drop us of near close to where the light and dark sides meet. Nearby is a large crater, about 10 miles across, and at the bottom is a city, itself five miles across.

We scout out the city and while there are attacked by five moon beasts and their minions. We kill three of them while two flee into inky black pools of oil. In centre of city is a black plinth with the names of the 72 named demons written on it. Just reading a name from the plinth would summon the demon. The whole city looks like some summoning area.

Decide to head to the tunnels of the moon beasts, who have ruby mines on the Dark side of the Moon. While travelling party accidentily calls Murmur. Murmur says the bad guys are the Power of Darkness and are Darkness Incarnate.

Head back to the city and poke about for a while. Decide to set the doomsday weapon. Saydar thoughtfully protects the bomb with a bone construction.

The party then sets the bomb's timer and then flees the area on Shadow wings. A dark Titan (here after refered to a Laughing Boy) turns up and starts carving away the bone construction with a couple of Dark Spheres. Saydar calls down some sunlight from our bunker at the rim of the crater. The titan teleports out of the center and the party flees the bunker on wings.

The titan re-appears half a minute later at the rim while the party are fleeing and then the bomb goes off. The explosion completely destroys the city and reaches just beyond the rim of the crater. Laughing Boy persumed to have escaped.

We land and banish ourselves back to the real moon.

The real moon

Snow 2, 797 WK

Rest for three days while earth elements dig tunnel from hideout in canyon to under the city.

Snow 5, 797 WK

Reach city and look around. Identical to city in Dreamlands except in central piazza the central dome now has doors. Party spends two days debating.

Snow 7, 797 WK

Party finally decides to poke around and sends an earth element into the dome. Inside is a vast orrery, which the party starts to dismantle. The sun of the orrery is a light sphere, which we need to destroy the plinth here on the real moon.

With the orrery stopped, the shadows cast by the planets thicken and lots of bad guys are turning up. A quick and brutal combat ensues, with Laughing Boy making an appearance. The bad guys are finally put down and Laughing Boy, swearing the a titan, disappears off.

Shoka, Blitzkrieg, Saydar and Vychan put into Logan's room with Callas, Engalton, Logan and an earth elemental staying to destroy the orrery.

After an one and a half Laughing Boy turns up with with two dark spheres. Logan recalls himself, Callas distracts the titan for an action, then recalls herself, and Engalton throws the light sphere into one of the dark sphere before he himself spoke his word of recall.

Back in Lunar

We spend the rest of winter in Lunar, first in Lunar City and then in Tycho. Much wining and dining was done, and may deals made. The party eventually portalled back to Seagate for the Guild Meeting.